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  1. You the guy that started making the original SS 2nd keels a few years ago?
  2. Heres my cell # 519-3019. You can pm me yours if you want Glen ( Reel Adventure Charters ) Mikes east which is off the road down to the state launch.
  3. I should be but if not I can leave them with a friend at Mikes marina for you.
  4. Excellent condition. See the pictures just taken today.
  5. Both have 4 ft extendable handles, both quality nets with 21" hoops. The frabil capture is a light weight net easily manipulated with one hand while the rod is in the other hand. $35.00 The Power catch is built like a tank and will lift any fish you can fit in the hoop. $65.00 Will ship on your dime but would rather not. Will be in Mexico starting next week.
  6. The cost is why I didn't buy them until I needed them. I checked online and they are about 80.00 a piece. I did learn they have been redesigned since I bought mine probably 15 or so yrs ago. Note: Big Jon has made some improvements to the Otter Boat's Half Keel. They are now made out of Stainless Steel instead of Aluminum. The half keel no longer needs a weight attached to it. It will look just like the picture. Anybody here run the old style and the new redesign? How do they compare?
  7. Definitely try them with the single keel for a 300 and 400 ft copper, one per side. if I remember correctly I added the 2nd keel when I started running 500 and 600 ft coppers and multiple lines per side.
  8. You don't need the 2nd keel for one copper per side. If in heavy boat traffic run them close to the boat (30/40 ft) or not at all. All by yourself or few boats around run them way out to cover more water. (60 ft plus) Most important thing is to be courteous with your coppers and boards according to boat traffic.
  9. All depends on what the fish want that day. Black, clear and light green is a good place to start.
  10. If it's not related to a rigger problem it has to be cables crossing while fishing. The above post explains it pretty well except for the dipsy thing. Never seen a dipsy wire tear up coated cable but I guess it could happen. I run torpedo shaped weights and dislike pancake weights. Slow turns and watch whats going on during your turn.
  11. You turning too sharp and hitting the cable with another cable while you fishing? Running pancake weights? If not it has to be related to your rigger.
  12. I got single masts mounted just behind my soft top and still use pulleys towards the front of the boat to keep the tow lines out of the other rods with my otter boats. If I had a hardtop I would go with pulleys as far forward and high as possible and cranks where they are convenient to get to.
  13. Yes. We did it Jan 2nd and it wasn't that difficult in my buddys 21 ft Bayliner. Looked harder than it was.
  14. Yes that time is good for the area you want to fish no matter what the winter temps are. For lodging you have J&J camp-ground that rents RVs by the day, Salmon river corner cabins or styks lodging, bar and grill.
  15. This is best. Keep the lower unit in the water in temps around or below freezing and out of the water the rest of the season.
  16. Spoon has been cleaned, polished, painted with nail polish, run and it slammed my local trout. it is exactly how I want it and I do not want to scuff up the existing finish.
  17. I recently came across a hand made spoon my father made over 50 yrs ago. Solid copper blank and a design painted with womens nail polish. I have buffed out and shined up the copper and repainted the design with nail polish. Now I want to clear coat it to maintain the shine and keep it for tarnishing. Keep in mind I have to go to a hardware store and buy a spray can. Any suggestions on what I should use? Thanks.
  18. I replaced my happy troller plate with one that was hinged and spring loaded in the middle. It was made by dyco marine but that was 20 or so years ago. It worked excellent. The bottom of the plate would be pushed up so no damage and you knew right away what happened just by the lack of acceleration.
  19. That sucks. Freaken thieves. Was the add bogus and they hacked the owners account or did they contact you about the reels using a text about a legit add? Thanks for the heads up and sorry to hear this.
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