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  1. Thanks guys. I use white grease on a lot of stuff. Because of the limited time I have in the parking lot I will give the wd-40 specialist spray a shot that J.D. posted and see what happens. If I have to do it a few times a season thats OK. Otherwise I'll bite the bullet, jack the boat up off the trailer and take everything apart. Any other ideas are welcome.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Am I to assume you have used this before and how did you get it into the rollers without taking them apart? As I said this will be done in a parking lot after I drop the boat in the lake.
  3. I have an old EZ loader roller trailer for my small 16 ft aluminum boat. Question I have is what to use for lubrication between the rubber rollers and shafts. Something that will last awhile and not eat at the rubber rollers. Ideally something I can get in there without pulling each roller and shaft apart as this will be done in a parking lot after I dump the boat in at a launch ramp. Thanks for any ideas.
  4. I've marked salmon many times while laker fishing. I run laker gear that works at 1.8 2.1 mph and when I mark salmon I drop down a couple meat rigs on diver rods. Works for me.
  5. Early last winter I installed a new garmin combo FF/chartplotter on my little boat. It has a housing or deck that stays on the boat and the unit snaps into the housing for use. The power and sonar cables are left connected. Both cables have o rings and the many pinned connection that fits into the unit when I snap it in has a rubber cap. I tow this boat uncovered in all kinds of weather so my question is should I coat all these connections with dielectric grease? Good idea or bad idea?
  6. Rapalas when fishing slow and Smithwicks when I kick the speed up.
  7. Yup. Got to be careful. One or two posts by someone is not a good sign. I been selling a lot of stuff since I retired from my charter business last fall and had nothing but good transactions from good people. One or two posts is a red flag.
  8. I was thinking about a trip on Cayuga for LL"s in the next week or so. Haven't heard anything out of Sodus but a couple of charters are chirping about slamming Browns out of Mexico. Most are small 3lb last falls stocking but every once and a while they hit a decent fish and post it all over the internet.
  9. LOL. 17 yrs is pretty good. Maybe think about going with original equipment? Good luck whatever you decide.
  10. Basically you get what you pay for when it comes to comfort and longevity. Lund is pretty good quality stuff. Were you not happy with the original seats?
  11. L&M marine in Port Bay. Maybe 1/2 hr ride from west side of Oswego. Hank is a straight up guy, knows his s__t and depending on the make and year of the motor he won't BS you. If it's not something he wants to or has time do he will steer you in the right direction. He's a moderator here so maybe you can PM him.
  12. Years ago I asked a fisheries biologist that worked for the DEC. I was told biologically they are the same fish. Difference was the strain they stocked in the lake relative to the strain they stocked in tributaries and inland ponds and streams. Just what I was told when I took this nice steely out of the lake and took this nice domestic rainbow a short time later also out of the lake. I was told that domestic rainbow was NOT stocked in the lake. True definition of a steelhead is an ocean run rainbow that spends the year in salt water and returns to fresh water rivers to spawn.
  13. I've launched a 17 ft deep V from the south end marina for many years in the very late fall and early spring without an issue. I know the area you are talking about from the water but can't tell you how to get there by the roads, It was near a creek if memory serves me. Like someone mentioned you can launch at the marina any time of the morning as they have a drop box for the money. Good fishing.
  14. I got some old cards in great shape with some well known people on them. No REASONABLE offer refused.
  15. Just recently got a Garmin 93sv combo sonar/chartplotter from Cabelas on sale for 699.99. Very happy with it but I haven't tried the side scan yet. Inland lake charts preloaded on it are surprisingly accurate.
  16. If it's a glass boat cut the hole. If it's done right you will never have a problem.
  17. USPS says shipping is 14 bucks priority mail Roy. 2 bucks more than standard ground. Sent you a pm. My buddy Hank says hello.
  18. Sounds good Roy. I'll try and get to the post office tomorrow for shipping cost and I'll send you a PM. Thanks
  19. No. 150.00 is about 1/2 price and lowest I will go. Thanks
  20. Not for Browns but for 2 yr old salmon and matures that don't want to bite on occasion they will produce fish. Also have taken some big steelhead with them but ran them before for Browns and not good.
  21. This pump is still for sale. Thanks
  22. Sure. You pay shipping. Send me a PM if your interested. Thanks Glen
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