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  1. Hopefully end of the week after the heat wave.
  2. Might be the .heic. Try saving them as a .jpg and you shouldn't have a problem
  3. I might have one. Need to get it in the water and make sure it works. I bought a used unit and it came with the probe and I haven't run it yet
  4. Thanks guys. I don't need stealth and I don't need micro just quality. looks like I'll give the Stealthcore a shot. Thanks again for all your suggestions. Water is getting piss warm here and I got to set up a 4 and 5 color to reach the fish.
  5. A drop of jb weld metal epoxy in between the 3 hooks will eliminate that problem. I haven't sent down a treble hook on a fly in 20 yrs without it. Mix it up and put it in with a toothpick.
  6. Why is it called "micro", thinner dia. than standard?
  7. Been a long time since I bought any leadcore. Just rigged up a three color for my local ponds and I had some old Mason I used. Not impressed at all with the sheathing. Looking for standard 27 lb core. Any suggestions on the best brand for short cores? Thanks
  8. I found that probe and have the wheel and shaft if you still need it.
  9. Ya those clips they used are junk. They rust and slip off the shaft. Been there done that. I looked for some SS clips that size but couldn't find them so I used steel and just replaced them every couple years. These are what I got on amazon if you need them. Also not sure if your aware of this but while the paddle wheel is off there is a metal contact point that sticks up in the paddle wheel pocket. There will be corrosion on it so I took a piece of fine sandpaper and cleaned it up before I reassembled it. I'll look around for that old probe when I get home later.
  10. I'm pretty sure I have an old probe but I got to find it. Let me look around later this afternoon and I'll get back to you in case you haven't found one by then. You still got the shaft?
  11. I bought a Li time 12v 100 ah Lithium this spring with the battery case on special for $349.00 for both. 5 yr warranty. Dekotas were about double the price just for the battery. Dekotas had an 11 yr warranty but pro rated after 7. All the research I did indicates with the technology out there today they are all basically the same.. I could have spent another 100 bucks on the battery and got the battery warmer and bluetooth features but didn't figure I needed them. The size of the battery is equal to a 24 series lead acid and much lighter. I'm running a 50 lb thrust minn kota V2 power drive moving a 16 1/2 ft Aluminum loaded with riggers and all the gear to fish either trout or bass and I'm very happy so far. I trolled on a windy day with the bow mounted minn kota for 5 hrs straight, motor running about 80 to 90% and then bass fished for an hour before the battery died. When it died it died though. LOL. No warning it went from full power to dead in a few seconds. I charge it with a a noco genius10amp charger and so far I couldn't be happier.
  12. Before down speed and temp units we would run a thumper rod. Old style dodger and fly with a three way swivel and a 16 oz ball dropped from the three way swivel. More wire you let out the deeper it would run. Watched the action of the rod tip and it was not only very accurate the rig itself took many Kings when you found the right depth.
  13. Try writing the policy through BoatUS and see what happens
  14. X3. Hanks the guy. Get the stuff fixed and add the cost to the selling price. You won't lose anything and it will sell faster.
  15. Same with my Penn Yan. It was an 89 and it was insured through last fall when I retired. My policy was written by BoatUS.
  16. Interesting. I had a million with them. Maybe I was grandfathered in or something.
  17. X2. Boat US policies are insured by Geico, Best rates and coverage I was able to find was through Boat US.
  18. I believe most mounting plates are 3/8 thick with about .020 to .030 clearance to slide into the track both thickness and width.. I don't see why you couldn't get away with 1/2" thick but I can't guess on the width. Going by memory here as a tool maker but I never really measured one.
  19. Originally when I started started big water fishing about 30 yrs ago I started with magdas. Thats what I could afford at the time. They worked fine on the Finger Lakes and when I moved up to the big lake and started chasing 20+ lb Kings the drags were sticky but worked except for wire rods. I was in a position at that point to get better reels and I upgraded to Shimano Tekotas and never looked back. You need better quality gear for chasing Kings than you need on the Fingers. That said the Magdas will work and have resulted in the death of many salmon on my boat during the first couple years. You have a great idea with upgrading the drags on your own as you really don't have much to lose. There are videos on this on youtube to give you some guidance. Best of luck.
  20. Thats a big ole laker for Cayuga. Congrats.
  21. I've been running scotty releases since about 1994 and haven't experienced any line damage from the release. Mono on the rigger rods but I run 65 lb braid for backer on my copper rods and clamp on the braid with scotty releases off the big boards and no damage.
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