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  1. Nice fish!! A heavy coat of sunscreen on your ankles works as well!
  2. i have a 93 26 foot baha weekender that is on blocks, might be able to modify the top somehow if interested. i need the boat gone, it has alot of good parts on it!
  3. Perfect, I have to get my boat in this weekend and was wondering if i should launch oswego and run it down but i will go for it at the park! Thank you for the reply.
  4. did you launch at the state park? Just trying to figure out water level there. Thanks!
  5. From what I’m seeing the canal is not open.
  6. Looking to move a 310 sea ray Sundancer from Cayuga lake to fairhaven. Just wondering if anyone would have any recommendations. Thank you!
  7. We run it from 390 to state park, that is where it gets bad. Get off there and take 18 from there. It's a good trip
  8. definitely stay out of Oswego on Saturday, no parking and it will be a mess. Yeah harborfest!!
  9. correct me if I am wrong but if the cone angle on an 83khz transducer is only 35 degrees than at 100 feet the most you could be off is 5 feet in depth. if you have more blow back than that then you wouldn't even see the cannon balls because they would be out of sight of the transducer. that is if the transducer is truly level with the water line? I am not taking into account an arc in the downrigger cable which does occur. and this isn't based on cable let out on the line counter because I know that is never accurate depending on an assortment of variables.
  10. bring lead core if you have it, 5 and 10 color cores worked well for us last weekend out there and don't be afraid to put some orange mag spoons out. 100 to 150 fow was very good to us.
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