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  1. Nice fish!! A heavy coat of sunscreen on your ankles works as well!
  2. i have a 93 26 foot baha weekender that is on blocks, might be able to modify the top somehow if interested. i need the boat gone, it has alot of good parts on it!
  3. Perfect, I have to get my boat in this weekend and was wondering if i should launch oswego and run it down but i will go for it at the park! Thank you for the reply.
  4. did you launch at the state park? Just trying to figure out water level there. Thanks!
  5. From what I’m seeing the canal is not open.
  6. Looking to move a 310 sea ray Sundancer from Cayuga lake to fairhaven. Just wondering if anyone would have any recommendations. Thank you!
  7. We run it from 390 to state park, that is where it gets bad. Get off there and take 18 from there. It's a good trip
  8. definitely stay out of Oswego on Saturday, no parking and it will be a mess. Yeah harborfest!!
  9. correct me if I am wrong but if the cone angle on an 83khz transducer is only 35 degrees than at 100 feet the most you could be off is 5 feet in depth. if you have more blow back than that then you wouldn't even see the cannon balls because they would be out of sight of the transducer. that is if the transducer is truly level with the water line? I am not taking into account an arc in the downrigger cable which does occur. and this isn't based on cable let out on the line counter because I know that is never accurate depending on an assortment of variables.
  10. bring lead core if you have it, 5 and 10 color cores worked well for us last weekend out there and don't be afraid to put some orange mag spoons out. 100 to 150 fow was very good to us.
  11. I noticed a lot of bait below 120 feet over 300 fow but I never have my graph set to look below 150 feet, maybe they are down below 200?? We had a few nice kings streaking the rigging last weekend but couldn't get them to hit. Caught a nice alwive through the head in one bait all though!
  12. that's comforting, looks like I might have just donated 110 dollars lol. they emailed me back when I placed the order and said that the order has been received and they took the money out of my pay pal account. nothing since though.......
  13. has anyone on here had a problem getting NK spoons, I ordered 110 dollars worth of spoons three weeks ago and I have not received them and cannot get in touch with anyone at there number, I have left voicemails and emails with no replies yet. Just wondering if anyone else has ordered from them and dealt with similar things?
  14. www.lakevision.com check this link, there is a pretty good webcam for Oswego harbor, if the waves are spraying over the breakwall or you see a lot of white caps out there it is a pretty good sign to stay home!!
  15. stoneyxc

    Oneida 6/8

    We fished Sunday morning, couldn't find a shoal on the lake that didn't have 10 boats so we trolled the buoy line, got two eyes, biggest about 20 inches and he came on an orange fire tiger jr thunderstick down 25 on the rigger in 40 fow.
  16. Finally got back to take boat out after fixing it. Ended up being the oil tank that is on the motor, I unplugged oil sensor and jumpered it, it shut alarm off so I bought the new tank assembly and she runs like a top. Thanks for the info!
  17. I am having trouble finding a mechanic in the Syracuse area that isn't 4 weeks out on service, I was just trying to figure out the basics before I take it somewhere. I will check the air filter, I haven't done that yet. thanks for the info.
  18. it is a 2004 optimax 225. I ran a shakedown cruise 2 weekends ago out of Oswego and another trip sunday on Oneida lake with no problems. last weekend we headed to olcott for our annual fishing weekend and the I got a 3 beep alarm right as soon as I launched the boat, the boat would run fine up to 4000 rpm then it would shut down anything over that. I have a 9.9 pro kicker that I just had installed so we trolled with that and just ran the opti in and out to fishing spot. Saturday morning I started the boat, alarm still doing 3 beeps, ran out about a mile and it shut down to 1000 rpms and the alarm goes solid. it is stuck there now, it idles fine, starts fine and will only run up to 1000 rpm and the gaurdien system kicks in. I checked the oil tank on the motor and that is full as well as the reserve tank has about 2 and a half gallons of oil in it. the water pump is working fine and I have a very good stream of water coming out. the motor is not overheating and it is getting oil so I am thinking it is either an oil sensor or one of the temperature sensors. thank god I bought the pro kicker this year, that kept us fishing for the weekend! any ideas on the alarms?
  19. last Saturday we were out in 200 fow in front of Wilson and I ran a orange uv stinger 60 foot back down 14 feet on the rigger and we caught 5 steelhead pretty much as fast as you could put the spoon in the water. then they stopped biting it and after about 20 minutes I pulled the rod and the spoon was gone, I couldn't get anything to bite any other spoon at that depth besides that one and I didn't have another and couldn't find one.
  20. Hey guys, I have an issue with an alarm going off on my optimax, was thinking it would be a good idea to invest in a smart craft unit for it, just wondering if anyone on here has any experience with them. Any info would be appreciated!
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