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    yeah i was looking at the stryker top, does anyone on here have any experience with them? I am wondering if a 5 foot wide top is going to be wide enough. any input would be great. i have to get something to help with the sun out there, it gets pretty hot midday.
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    i am in syracuse but anywhere around the lake will be fine, better than traveling south to get one.
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    Does anyone know of someone who fabricates T-tops for a center console locally? any info would be great.
  4. chrome with blue edge chip/mirage fly glow green chip/hammer fly white spinny/little boy blue white chip green dots/hammer fly chrome spinny/mirage
  5. bought the x4 last year, love it, but it is the first one i have had so dont really have anything to compare it to.
  6. we went for the first time last year, middle of may, hammered the kings. I am booking my trip for this year same time.
  7. they are 12.99 for 25 of them, i think they are worth it, i hooked up with some pretty active steelies this year and they all hit the deck of the boat, on the couple spoons with those hooks anyway, the regular trebles were a different story though.
  8. not sure if you guys are running them or not but i got a few luhr jensen spoons with these hooks and i just went to cableas in pa and bought more hooks to rig up on 25 more spoons, they are incredible, haven lost a fish on them yet....... knock on wood.
  9. the motorola type radios do not need to be licensed however the ones that only have channel one and two like the police and emergency people us do have to be.
  10. went out to 600 fow sunday, temps were good 90 down but no fish. a couple weekends beore had good luck in 200 to 400 fow, kings and steelies. i will be back out this weekend, hopefully things will get better.
  11. if you check ebay they have fish hawk handhelds on them once in a while, pretty good prices on them, around 50 bucks. I myself took the plunge this year and bought an X4 fishhawk, i must say that i put some fish in the boat i would never have without it. before i relied on my graph to show me fish and bait, only problem is i didnt mark a lot of fish below 100 fow, now i know the temps and put the riggers in that water, took a few nice kings so far. as far as the down speed, i still look at my rigger cables more than the fish hawk for some reason, guess old habits are hard to break.
  12. spoonfeds method works best for me, as long as they arent huge i release them off the back of the boat, use needle nose pliers and just grab the hook and roll it out. I caught a 24 inch atlantic this past weekend, beautiful fish, unfortunately he did not release my rigger, i had a bad release and i didnt notice him until i checked the rigger, i hate throwing back a fish that isnt going to make it but I dont want a ticket either.
  13. I guess i got some opinions as i asked for....... I guess the point i was trying to make is that i think there definately needs to be law enforcement out there but i was under the impression that the coast gaurd has obviously done a very good job handling things on lake ontario seeing how we have had no major issues. I just dont understand why one agency cant handle it, i dont think we need 5 different agencies checking 10 different things. The coast gaurd men and women have been very courtious to me out there, and they have always given me a paper showing that they checked me and when i see them again i show them the paper and they send me on my way. I gues i will just leave earlier in the morning. Good luck out there this weekend, i hope the kings are still hungry!!
  14. I hear you there, see my border patrol post, it is getting rediculous. you should be checked one time by the coast gaurd and get your paper so you can just hold it up and be done with it. every time i leave or pull into port there is some type of law enforcement waiting to check you out. they should just be in the parking lot and check us before we even hit the water!!!!!!!!
  15. heard a good story from a fishing buddy of mine today and it makes me wonder if anyone feels the way i feel about this. He went out with his girlfriend for an afternoon fish this evening after work and was approached by the border patrol. (he has a 22 foot center console which he has the name of his chater on the side and the town in which he charters) the officers asked him for some identification, so they gave it to them, then they pulled away and then came back and started questioning them. They asked what their relationship was too each other, which i think is bs, what port the lauched from and what the are doing out there. they told them everything they asked and then they asked if they could board the boat. they boarded the boat and went thru every compartment on the boat. they asked if he had any knifes on board and he told them he had his fillet knife and then one of the officers piped up and said there is a "box cutter over here" like he was lying about it. Call me crazy but does anyone else think this is a waste of our tax money, they are running a 30 foot raft with tripple outboards on it, plus we are paying for 3 or 4 guys to be on it. I cant understand why every time i go fishing i have to worry about wasting an hour getting boarded by some form of law enforcement. I can see being boarded by the dec to check fish or the coast gaurd to be out checking for life safety issues but i dont think you are going to find many people running drugs in a 22 foot boat with downriggers and a 115 horse mercury motor.
  16. if you need any info on the walleye fishing on oneida lake let me know, I have been fishing lake ontario mostly this year but i can give you some info if you need it. I think i would have spoken with that guys manager at dicks and told him the deal. I had a guy last weekend ask me at gander mountain where the worm harnesses were because there was no employees anywhere around the fishing department. I went in there one day and asked a guy if they sold speed and temp sensors there and he had no clue what i was talking about!! I went in last fall and asked for a duck stamp and the guy had no idea, called a manager for me and then told me they had no duck stamps, just migratory game bird stamps............. makes you really want to go there to buy stuff doesnt it?????????
  17. kingsalmon hit that one on the head, ignore everything you have down, the more you stare at your gear the longer it takes to get a hit. Best thing i do is go up front and make a sandwich, a rod fires 90% of the time!!
  18. thanks for the input, now i am more confused than ever!! was leaning towards the x4, guess the x4's win.
  19. Looking for some input, never owned or fished with a speed and temp sensor. I am going to bite the bullet and buy one this year, any input on pros and cons of each would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  20. great, thanks for the info guys, looking forward to getting out there, usually have to wait to end of july to get into the kings, will be my first trip out that way.
  21. I am trying to put together a trip with some buddies for the end of may in this area, can anyone recomend any good campsites around, power would be nice. I fish oswego quite frequently but want to make the trip west for spring some king action. Thanks for any info.
  22. fished between the two ports last friday and saturday, michigan stinger "chicken wing" took 13 out of 16 fish. running in 8 to 20 fow, off the boards as well as on the riggers down 3 to 5 feet. The other 3 came on a green tape nk28. The sticks were going off once in while but couldnt hook them. Good luck.
  23. you dont have to mention who that is, that same guy took out one of my planer boards brown fishing this spring, we were the only 2 boats out there and i had been working the west shorline out front of the bluffs for about 6 hours alone, it was april 12th, 50 degrees out and like i said, we were the only 2 boats on the lake. I had the inside line and he cut right at me, 90 degrees and wham, what a mess. he almost got me again last saturday right where you were.
  24. if it makes you guys feel any better you can have the same fun out between mexico and oswego, i had a guy play tag with me for an hour yesterday, he was trolling in front of me so i made a turn, he turned, i sped up, he sped up, thankfully we didnt hook up becuse the fish would have been kissing the bow of his boat. i finaly just turned the boat and headed to 150 fow to get the heck away from him. No respect at all!!!!!!!!!
  25. definately go with the wire dipsy's, they were the only thing that would fire for me this weekend, 3 riggers and 2 dipsy's riggers didnt move and dipsys went 5 times, mountain dew spinny's and chrome spinny's worked the best for me.
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