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  1. Nice job Andy. Looks like the waves will be a bit lower this weekend. Let's go get some..
  2. I live in Penfield and I'm heading to Wolcott in the next hour to hour and a half. I could pick up on my way bye. Send me an email with phone # to [email protected] gmail.com [ Post made via iPhone ]
  3. I'm interested. Guess I can't figure out this PM thing. Where do you live? Perhaps I could pick up. If shipping is fine. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  4. Alright I'm sort of posting off "Bear's" post from the other day. I just purchase a new 958c & I'm reading a lot of people saying you should go buy a better transducer. So what thru hull AIRMAR should I be looking at?
  5. Well my question is pretty simple and I'm looking for a little guidance. I've been Savin my penny's and I'm about to pull the trigger on a combo humminbird 958c. My question is when buying a navionics card what is my best choice? I fish Lake Ontario for trout & salmon primarily, with some smallies as well.. I had heard that they had a card called Fish & Chips, but I don't see it on Navionics web site. I only see two styles. Hot maps Premium, & Hot maps platinum. What would you recommend?
  6. I ran just like that and had know problems. You can spend more on a reel, but it works great from newbies.
  7. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:Reel'laxin ============== TRIP OVERVIEW My wife and I went out Friday night. Set down in 90fow and jumped right into a screamer on the wire set at 225' green spin doctor with green hammer fly. Brought that fish in and it was 22lbs nice king. Saturday went out for about 4 hrs managed to go 2-4 caught two browns and lost a steelie about 10lbs 40 ft from the back of the boat. Sunday got a late start. Took my dad out in the hope's of catching him his first Salmon in about 12 years. Lake wasn't half bad when we got out there. Set down in 70 fow and trolled out to 105. Good temp from 63-72 fow down. Worked our way back to 90 fow and took our first shot off our rigger set at 68 ft. My dad got his wish this fish ripped enough mono that we new this was a good fish, at 485ft of mono out the fish quit ripping and my dad started making up the difference. Now we got one fish in the boat and the waves have made it known that mother nature was a coming. We set back up and bang same rigger same depth and another screamer. This time we could tell not quite the same size, but still a good one. All said and done this one was around 19 lbs. We had two really nice fish in the boat and the waves had built to a respectable 3.5-4 ft. We were both happy with a few hours and decided to head in and not take he pounding any more. I will have to post pictures tomorrow. ============== Date(s):9/2-9/4 Time on Water:Friday night 6:00-8:00pm / Sunday 7:30-10:30am Weather/Temp:overcast high 70's Wind Speed/Direction:1 footer Friday / Sunday 1ft building to 3.5-4 ft Waves: Surface Temp:72 Location: Portbay just west. LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: Total Boated: Species Breakdown: Hot Lure: Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: Lure Depth: ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ====================
  8. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:Reel'laxin ============== TRIP OVERVIEW I spent the weekend taking customers out on a charter out of Sodus. That time was well spent . Good times with customers along with the charter. If anyone is looking,Billy V does a really nice job. I can't say enough good thing about how professional both Bill and Jay were. After spending the morning on the Billy V, I took my dad and younger son out. I was hearing the king bite was back on full steam ahead. About 7:00 we got the good rip we were looking for and after about 20 min we finally got the fish in the boat. My 13 year old was smiling from ear to ear. Sunday morning I met another group of customers out with Billy V sport fishing. We weather the brief storm and when the rain stopped the fish turned on . One of my customers bounced a nice salmon. Scale on the boat said 30lbs. We put a few others on the boat, but as the morning went things slowed. End of the day we weighed the fish and we were at 29.08lbs. Not a bad fish and placed 9th place ( for now ? ) I'll post pic's later ============== Date(s):8/20-8/21 Time on Water:6:00 8:30 Weather/Temp:70's Wind Speed/Direction: light s/e Waves: 1st or less Surface Temp: 74 Location:Portbay right out the chute LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 14 Total Boated: 9 Species Breakdown: mixed bag Hot Lure: flies and spoons Trolling Speed: 3.0 Down Speed: 2.3-2.7 Boat Depth: 90-140 Lure Depth: 80-120 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ====================
  9. It works at my house and cottage, but it just can't find me out on the lake. I use a Verizon mifi. My cell service is Verizon and I have know problems. [ Post made via Android ]
  10. I bought this app earlier this spring and it has never worked out on lake Ontario. Any suggestions? [ Post made via Android ]
  11. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:Reel'Laxin ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):7/15 & 7/16 Time on Water:7/15 6pm - 9pm, 7/16 8am-11am Weather/Temp:mid 80's Wind Speed/Direction:7/15 NE, E - 7/16 SE, S Waves: Calm to 1' Surface Temp: 72 Location: Portbay to Eastbay LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 7/15 (1) 7/16 (3) Total Boated:7/15 (1), 7/16 (1) Species Breakdown:Both days (KINGS) Hot Lure: Green Spin Doctor w/ A-TOM-MIK Mirage Fly 7/15. White & Green spotted Spin Doctor w/ White A-TOM-MIK Fly 7/16 Trolling Speed: 2.8-3.5 Down Speed: 2.4-2.7 Boat Depth: 150-300FOW Lure Depth: 80-135 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS 7/15 after a quick bite to eat with my dad & son we headed out for a quick evening troll. Around 8:15 the Dispsy rod started pullin wire out. I pulled the rod and got my Son on it. The fish had a quick run pullin about and extra 150' off that rod. We had that set at a #2 setting out 280'. 10 minutes later my Son had pulled his first king in . This fish weight a nice 8lbs perfect for a starter for him 7/16 We headed out a little late dropped in at 200FOW and set up. about 45 minutes later I had a rip on my Port side dipsey set. I pulled the rod and hung on. this was set at 300' out and by the time I looked down I was out to 600' the next time I looked I was around 980 and he finally stopped. 25 minutes later we netted the biggest fish I've ever caught. This was a nice 18lb king. We just started fishing last year and struggled alot last year. This was great for all of us. I just need to get my wife and Dad on one and the year will be a success. BTW; I've learned alot through this site and it has made me a better fisherman. My biggest part of the puzzle came on Fathers dad when my wife surprized me with a FISH HAWK 4X. This made a huge difference. ====================
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