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  1. The sandy creek you are reading about is out west, not the one north of Pulaski. Don't want to see you book a charter and have a longer drive than you bargained for!
  2. Look at the Herbie cam videos on this site an you can see it looks exactly like the salmon behind the flasher trying to hit the fly, it's pretty amazing! Check any video of a camera at the ball.
  3. Hds 5 is a great unit, my uncle runs that and I run a lms 520c, they both work great.
  4. Put free sliders out and you can get kings and steelies, best of both worlds!!!!
  5. How far off the ball do you run the small spoon on that rig?
  6. Flash a laser pointer in an aquarium and the fish go crazy after it, I hope one doesn't eat my probe!!
  7. Chicken wings fall apart on me and I bought 3 nbks last weekend and the tape fell off them in a couple hours. Not worth 6 bucks each
  8. We made it out to 300 it was worth it good picture and lots of strikes until the wind switched direction.
  9. ok, thanks guys, sounds like i should just hook the camper and go and leave the boat at home for the first trip until i figure stuff out. maybe i will book a charter if i feel the need to put some fish in the box!!! i appreciate the replies.
  10. I have never been so looking for a recommendation. I am up for anything! Thanks again
  11. Wondering if any of you guys ever go to the cape fishing and may have some input on places to stay or if it is worth me towing the boat there? I am trying to get my anniversary plans in place for August with the wife and dog, wanted to maybe get some me time in!! Thanks for any info.
  12. We have gone the past two years mid may and had a great time. We rent a house in olcott and depending on the lake we either trailer to Wilson or launch at olcott. Definitely worth the trip but go prepared. First year we were hammering kings in 100 fow and last year our program was cohoes and steelies in 300 fow off boards with stick baits!
  13. shakelton shoals is a hot spot for them in the summer if you are after smallies. i hammer them while i am walleye fishing, it is north west out of the south shore state boat launch, right about middle of the lake. you will see boats on it.
  14. lake forcast has changed 3 times since last night, doesnt look too bad now!! going to call my crew and tell them to pack their bags and get down here for sat. morning......
  15. if you have a bow rail buy a good set of rail mounted rod holders and put your dipsys up front, that is the way i have mine set up and run them pretty much horizontal with the water. they run great with 2 riggers off the back and 2 on the sides with 4 foot booms. i have a 22 foot cc with a 8' beam.
  16. oswego and mexico area channel 5 is good to monitor.
  17. ok, thanks, i will mess with them tonight, i will let you know how i make out.
  18. i cant remember the exact gauge of wire but i know it was heavier than what was originally on them. the breakers that are on them are 5 amp, i wonder if i can go with a heavier trip. they both trip out, the one with the longer wire trips more frequently. they run up for the first 30 to 40 feet with no problem then the one does 5 foot increments and the other will run about 10 foot increments. sounds like i might need to mess with my boat connections.
  19. i just picked up a set of big jon electric riggers for my boat and i am having a problem with them both tripping the resets on the untis. i am running 13 pound torpedos and these are captains pack riggers, i think the will handle the load. anyone have any ideas, can i put a heavier trip in them? the motor isnt getting hot or anything. I redid the wires on them hoping that would solve the problem but it didnt. thanks in advance.
  20. mercury has a pretty good online manual for the optimax, just go to there website and you can find it and print it out, basic outline of mantainence.
  21. not to jinx myself but i bought my boat 4 years ago, been trolling with a 225 optimax the the whole time, no problems yet. the only thing i find is that i have to change the very expensive plugs every year but thats it. i have ran it over 12 hours at a time with no problems.
  22. out of oswego this morning, 61 degrees down 90 feet in 150 to 300 fow. took a few shots down 95 and 300 on the wire. only landed one teenager. temp seemed to be coming up when we left around noon
  23. i use shower curtain clip, wrap picture hanging wire around that and put a peice of icemaker tube over the cable, about 6 inches long and then wrap the other end around an aligator clip with the same tube put on them. take a couple minutes each to make but better than paying gander mountain!!
  24. appx 1 to 3 ratio is about what mine run, same wire same setting at 2.2 mph sorry that wasnt a mag dypsy just a normal one
  25. hey yankee, do you still have these riggers? its todd from fremacs with the blue angler.
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