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  1. Going out after work this afternoon, haven't been out since the Fair Haven Challenge. Looking for some info, what's the latest with the kings today? Will post while fishing to let you guys see what's happening
  2. Price is too good to be true, explain your pricing for the integrity of the boat
  3. based on the webcam and a few reports from a few charters looks like hte lake ois gunna be coming down pretyy well this afternoon
  4. Hey everyone, I was thinking about bringing a few green horns out this afternoon, but if the water is too rough than I'm not gunna risk it. Anyone out there now or is going out today that may have some insight on current conditions and potential future conditions for this afternoon? (Wave size to be specific) LOOKING FOR POTENTIAL CONDITIONS AROUND 3PM PS: I'm at work right now otherwise Id be driving down to Brietbeck every few hours to see for myself
  5. That class of rods is perfect for Oswego. If he wants to fish for lake-run trout or salmon in the Oswego River, he'll need a 9ft-10.5ft lightweight to medium-lightweight rod, a noodle rod. or a fly fishing outfit or a centerpin
  6. when setting riggers that deep, is there anything out of the ordinary I should keep in mind in terms of the actually rigging?
  7. Reel addiction where are you fishing? east,west,, or right out the front door? and you getting fish as of today?
  8. Been hearing that people are find temp down 140 out of Oswego, not sure of anymore details but im looking for someone to tell me that isn't true haha. Because if so, gunna be impossible getting down to these fish......WHERE ARE YOU FINDING TEMP???
  9. Went to salmon river yesterday afternoon, hooked up at the staircase bottom bouncing a green chartreuse Estaz fly, with the minimal amount of weight. 3ft 6lb fluorocarbon leader. Saw about a 6 fish from there to the town pool. Didn't go anywhere. I'd start up higher like the ball park and work your way low, dawn and dusk obviously are the best times when the fish are moving. You gotta hunt for Em, these fish are basically in bathtub water
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