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  1. I've seen it a lot on Cayuga tribs. The oak used to get a laker push, as well as Oswego.
  2. Please don't report on xxxxx on the web. Glad you had a good trip.
  3. First thing I thought too. I'm more if a dead head, but I dig that tune!
  4. Pulled this outta the mouth of a nice hen the other day, along with my skein hook! Never seen one before, not being a boat guy, but I figured out what it was!
  5. If you're gonna be float fishing, and you're familiar with one, try a baitcaster. I used a spinning reel for steel this week for the first time in 12 years or so. It's a LOT of work to float with a spinning reel. Way tougher than I rember. If you're bottom bouncing, the other guys nailed it. The Fish Eagle will serve you well and won't break the bank.
  6. Black mouth (trout have white mouths) color of fish (just dark with no coloring if either brown or rainbow trout), spots over entire tail mean it's not a coho, therefore it's a king. Head shape is the easiest way to determine male or female. No real "kype", small bullet shaped head. Keep cropping the pics/not mentioning locations! I'd crop even more, but that's just me!
  7. 100% king. Female too, by the looks.
  8. Its the same with the bank guys. I never mind sharing the water with good guys who know what they are doing. But post about specific locales, and ya end up with a bunch of guys who couldn't catch a fish if their life depended on it trying to rip through the runs and putting the bite down. or anchoring their bait to the bottom and tying up the run while waiting for a salmon to swim into their line....it sucks! Collisions and tangles are NO fun! That should NEVER happen on the lake. Even a small lake..
  9. Rock stacking!!!!! That's s great plan! You seldom have an opportunity like this, especially on a lake. Take full advantage of it! I'm a salmon and trout trib guy. I know ALL about burning your own spots. I share techniques, rigging, baits, etc... But I don't spot burn anymore sad that the lakes are going this way too....
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