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  1. My name is Casey, I have 20 years of Great Lakes fishing experience (Lake Huron and Lake Michigan). I currently fish out of Lake Michigan, but the salmon and steelhead fishing has been pretty tough. It feels like the Lake Huron crash in early 2000's. I have a 290 Amberjack setup for big lake fishing and I am moving her to West Lake Ontario. From what I hear Lake Ontario is still healthy. Any suggestions for good ports on West Lake Ontario will be appreciated. I am looking to lease a slip for the 2016 season. I will also be in need of some fishing partners. Tight Lines Casey
  2. I have a 290 Amberjack with the Bravos. I originally installed the intellisteer wireless steering system and octopus steering system. The intellisteer failed miserably while trolling. The lag time from the steering correction combined with the large correction of the intellisteer system just is not compatible with salmon fishing. I went with a Si-Tex SP 1-110, due to this units compatibility with the octopus steering system. So far so good... Question, for 290 Amberjack have you found a good way to run a shoot rigger?
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