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  1. I have a 2001 4.5kw Westerbeke generator on the boat. Generator has less than 100 hours on it. The generator starts and runs fine but does not put out any voltage. The closest Westerbeke dealer is in Massachusetts. So my options right now are to order a new backend and install it myself or pull the whole generator out of the boat and crate and ship it to Massachusetts to have them go through it and install the new backend, go through the whole unit and ship it back up here. Before I go through this, does anyone know of any mechanics that will work on these generators around here? I've gone through a bunch of diagnostics myself, I'm pretty sure the windings are shorted to ground. But I'm not a marine mechanic and would like someone to look at it and make sure I didn't overlook something like a set of diodes that are bad which could be a $50 fix. If anyone knows someone that will work on these generators please let me know. The boat is a 2001 290 sea ray amberjack.
  2. Thanks for the replies, I'm going to pull the thermostat and replace it.
  3. Trying to get the video posted but having trouble getting it to upload.
  4. While trolling the other day I noticed that when trolling with my port motor my temp gauge will fluctuate considerably. On the ride out both temps will be rock solid at 170 degrees. When I start to troll, you will see the temp gauge go down to 100 degrees, stay there for about 10-15 seconds and then rise back up to about 165, then slowly make it back to 170. The engine never goes above 170 degrees. Just took the boat on a 10 day vacation and never had any swings in the temps of either motor, didn't do any trolling though. This gauge is also brand new, installed last season. Took a video to show you guys. Think it could be a thermostat sticking open and cooling the engine too much? Maybe a bad ground? Motors are merc 5.7 efi with bravo 3 out drives, 2001.
  5. Looking to re spool some wire divers, anywhere in Rochester carry the blood run 30lb stainless wire?
  6. Got on the water today at 7, motored out to 200 and set up on a northeast troll. Down temp was 47 degrees down 90ft. Worked our way out to 500 fow, picked up at 10. Blank screen, didn't have a release. Set up in 200 fow and worked our way back in, started marking fish and a few small pods of bait east of I bay, started to pick up some lakers. Ended the day 6 for 9, all lakers. Best area was 110-130 fow, down 100-110. Didn't have a scale on the boat, the lake trout in the picture measured 35" inches. Should have got a girth on it but wanted to get it back in the water ASAP. What would you guys estimate the fish at? Largest laker I've caught in the past was just under 20lbs and this was much bigger. Needless to say the scale is in the boat now.
  7. Thanks for the replies, I've done some research on the octopus drives. I'm going to call them and try to get some more information and what autopilot controller they recommend with their unit. I just got this boat last year and I am still setting it up, I am only running two downriggers currently, but will be adding another two shortly. With the back hatch there really isn't a way to run a rigger right down the center. I am going to mount one just outside the back hatch on each side and if I want to only run three I will swing it to the center on the boat.
  8. That was me out there, fished 530-830pm, started in 200 and worked out way out to 350, picked up 2 lakers, one was about 12lbs. Moved back into 180 and started picking away at the Kings. Kings were in 50-52 degree water. Ended the night 7 for 10. One nice king around 23lbs. Most of the hits came on a mag NK NBK.
  9. Looking to install an autopilot on the boat over the winter, looking for some suggestions on which auto pilot would work best. I have a 290 amberjack with twin Bravo 3 outdrives and power assisted steering. On my last boat i had a raymarine sportpilot but really didn't like having it mounted to the wheel. It made the steering difficult and pushed the wheel too far out. Anyone have a similar setup with an autopilot that works good for them? I've just started searching the Internet, looks like lots of options and configurations out there.
  10. Set up in 275 on a north troll, took 1 7lb steelhead 30ft down on a orange/yellow nk 28 in 315 fow. Next fish was a 10lb king on a wonder bread spinny out 90ft on the wire diver 400 fow. Turned back and headed south, trolled south to 80fow, nothing more. Screen was blank the whole trip
  11. Weather permitting, the boat will be coming out of Storage April 12th.
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