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  1. Been tying these forever. Great way to use old bait. We freeze what comes back from trips and these rigs are just the ticket for getting new life out of dead sawbellies. I will add that we run a small Colorado spinner blade up at the top of the stack of beads. Adds almost nothing to the cost and I think it make s difference in attraction. Either way, yes, they work great. Our stinger is not in the tail of the bait BTW. It is trailing about a half inch behind the bait. I think we grab a few nippers this way.
  2. Grady95

    Honeoye Lake

    There are a few, very few people on this board who's opinion I would be willing to risk life and limb on. Jim (Pequod1) happens to be one of those people. Thanks Jim for the plain language common sense approach you take to posting reports. I will not be heading toward Honeoye Lake until I hear from Jim, Mark (The Shark) or Norm that there is ice down there that I am willing to bet my Grandchildren's future on! Grady
  3. Grady95

    Fingerlakes Perch

    They are on every body of water but for some reason, there is an abundance of them on Canandaigua Lake! Grady
  4. Normally I don't comment on here, but this is so egregious that I felt someone needed to call you on it. On what basis are you making these claims? You have posted twice. There is virtually no one who agrees with you yet you seem to persist. If you have some unique perspective as to the health of the fish in this lake, perhaps you would be good enough to site your sources so we could all benefit from the information. If you do not have such, maybe you should consider refraining from making unsubstantiated, inflammatory comments? Respectfully, Grady
  5. Grady95

    Record perch ?

    That's the biggest perch I have ever seen! Good for you young lady. Hope you get another one! Grady
  6. I have a 1965 Starcraft Holiday 14' aluminum boat that was pretty dry for it's age. Last year, we stayed at Wellesley Island State Park and instead of paying for a slip, we kept the boat dragged onto the shore. After a week of doing this, about 16 rivets started leaking pretty bad. Knowing about how many people have found that welding on an old hull like this actually heat stresses the other rivets and causes more trouble than it solved, I also was looking for an aluminum boat solution. Stuff like caulk or JB really doesn't work. I hit on some videos and articles about G-Flex from West Systems on the internet and decided that would be the best solution. We followed the manufacturers instructions carefully and so far, I have to tell you, I have a bone dry boat again. It sat in the water for 10 days this year (in a slip!) and took not a drop of water on. Last year, it would have sunk to the bottom. Your hull may be damaged in a different way, but I suggest you do a little search on Aluminum boat repair and find the article from West Systems called "Patch holes in aluminum boats with G/flex Epoxy." I don't think we're allowed to post links on here, but find that article and give it a look. Restoring old boats is a hobby of mine. Has been for many years. Aluminum boats have always been a PITA and I have shied away from doing them because once they start leaking through rivets, it's always been so hard to stop it. We've tried the Alumaweld rods, TIG welding, JB Quick Weld, various surface preps with glass matt and resin. They all fail! So far, knock on aluminum, this stuff has not failed. At least give it a look. It's the best solution I have found to date. Hope this helps! Good Luck, Grady
  7. Grady95

    Ibay Perch

    Larry and Ros used to carry them at Roy's Marina bait shop. Don't know if they still do. The motor oil colored ones always worked well. Grady
  8. Grady95


    Not knowing anyone with a cottage or lakefront access, I am a little hesitant to ask this but here goes. I don't know where to go to get access to shoreline casting! I know this sounds like one of those, "you gotta' be kidding me buddy" questions, but I have not ever tried to fish Oneida from shore and have no idea where to go. I fish the lake fairly often, but from a boat Only place I have ever heard of for public access shore casting is somewhere near or under the Brewerton Bridge. So, if anyone wants to maybe give me a little help I'd appreciate it! You can send me a message if you don't want to make it public. Also, if anyone is heading out and wants someone to fish with let me know. I'm not a rookie! I just don't have any knowledge of where to go without trespassing. Thanks, Grady
  9. Grady95


    Good ole' Ling Cod, Lawyers, Burbot or whatever you want to call them. They're delicious! Hell, if you don't want them, let me know, I'll pick them up!! Grady
  10. Grady95

    Ibay Perch

    Just enough to get you to the bottom. Lots of us tie on two hooks on dropper loops but you can use one if you want. I usually put a fathead on one hook and something else on the other, be it a wax worm, a bunch of spikes, a piece of crawler, a slider, a gulp, whatever. You can skip this and just use a small jig which catches a ton of fish if you find an actively feeding school. Look, we can't come on here and promise you results, but just like any other year, the perch DO come into the bay and if you're in the right place at the right time, you're gonna' crush them. They're coming in now. "Dropshotting" is so ridiculously simple, I don't know what all the hype is about! For God sakes, it's how you tie lines so your kids can fish off the dock! Much ado about nothing......... Grady
  11. Can't tell who's got a bigger smile, you or your grandson! Either way, you both come out a winner. Looking forward to grandchildren!! I'd love to get out with you sometime if fate allows Kevin. I'm usually found somewhere between The 1000 Islands Bridge and The Ganonoque Narrows on the weekends. At least that's what I tell the people at the other end of the phone when I call for Ontario clearance! Good stuff! I envy you. Grady
  12. Why "Not Vanish Though?" Is there something unique about Vanish that is likely to reduce a catch? This seemed a very emphatic statement and I'm curious about the reason. In my years of fishing, that product has not done better or worse than most of the other fluorocarbons, and I have used them all at one time or another. Not to challenge you, just curious. I have seen and heard this statement from others in the past and there must be some basis for it. Grady
  13. We played around with a few presentations last week. We were also marking trout all over the column, just like everyone else says they are doing. We did not catch any trout. We saw guys pulling copper catching trout. I don't pull copper right now, so all I could do was try to send white leadheads with white crystal tubes down. They got there but the fish didn't seem to care! We needed some protein for a fish fry that night so we changed over to bass and pan fishing. Keuka never disappoints there. We got our fish fry quota and went in to help with the barley and hopps. At least Keuka never lets you down if you just need fish for the frying pan. I did however, get my small trolling boat out so I can drag some copper next time I go down. If you're doing that, the fish are there, but I have had no luck so far with other presentations. And, yes the fleas are thick as pea soup right now. You even get them in jigging rods. Maybe you could try taking some frozen sawbellies and cutting them in half and sending them down on a big lead head. Sometimes, that triggers a trout strike. Once you hit a pattern, Keuka gives up her fish, but just like Seneca, finding that pattern is always an elusive task. Good luck. Let us know if you find the magic! Grady
  14. Was up at Wellesley Island all last week. Caught smallmouth every trip on drop offs along shorelines, sunken humps out in the water and current breaks between islands. Also hit lots of largemouths along sides of islands and again, in between small islands where there are current breaks. We all had Province of Ontario fishing licenses so we spent most of our time in Canadian water. I almost always find the best bass fishing to be there. All week I had two rods working. One rod was rigged with wacky rigged Senkos in almost any color and the other had a 1/8 oz brown haired bucktail jig that I tipped with a very small piece of worm. Originally, this was supposed to be a perch rig but the bass were just killing the thing so I just left it on all week and caught tons of bass! I usually boxed out very quickly every day, so if you are looking to fill the freezer, get up there now! This is a great year for bass on the river. I bet even my brother could catch fish this year!
  15. Suggest you bring your chest or at least hip waders. You will be surprised how fast you run out of ramp when you are backing in now. Assume you are going to be fine. Have a spotter watch your axle carefully. You may need to get out and shove the longer boats in and also may need to get in and help guide the bow up and on to your trailer when hauling out. You'll be OK if you are prepared and resourceful. Just don't come expecting for sure that you are going to just slide your boat in. These conditions are managable, but they are tricky. Stay Sharp, Be Safe Grady
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