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  1. We installed an 87" Minn Kota Terrova on a 24' Robalo this past winter, that we used down in the Gulf, and it worked great. Our boat for this Winter is a 30' Robalo. We have a 96" Rhodan sitting here that will be installed on it soon. There are options out there. Best thing to do is take a measurement from the top of your bow down to the water line.
  2. Memorial Day was amazing. My wife and I did well on jigging raps, and had next to no short fish. We left with an impressive haul for 6 fish - 18", 19" 19" 20" 21" 22"
  3. Yup, definitely quite a few shorts out there. Good to see.
  4. Took the wife and kid out for some scouting as our Oneida Lake charters will start up this weekend. Trolled a few places, but the weeds made it hard to keep the baits clean. Regardless, it still produced. We trolled Bay Rat Short Deeps and some Rapala Husky Jerk 10's. Can't Afford It in the Bay Rat and Purpledecent in the Rapala pulled our fish. Made a move to do some jigging and got into them good with Jigging raps in size 7. The Glow Perch pattern seemed to be the best for us in 16-20' of water.
  5. Some setting, yes. Others, no. As far as sensitivity goes, no.
  6. No problem. Let me know if you have any other Humminbird questions.
  7. I run 3 Humminbird SOLIX + Humminbird Radar on the Trojan, and 3 Humminbird HELIX + Minn Kota Terrova on my Lund. Each bot is fully networked with Ethernet cables and Ethernet boxes (used when there are more than 2 Ethernet unit to connect). If you run clean power from the battery for your electronics (don't share power with other electronic items on the boat) there shouldn't be any interference.
  8. I have 4 on order for stock at the marina, and 6 on order for the Niagara Outdoor Expo. Distributor says they'll be in stock mid October.
  9. The Oak is a straight up fishing port. You'll enjoy it, and the more consistent fishing. I try to post reports after every weekend on here, and immediately to our Facebook page after every trip. Bob Songin also keeps you up to date on where he's fishing and what he's using.
  10. When it comes to electronics all the major brands do great with traditional sonar. That technology has been around for a long time. The key is buying the right transducer and proper installation. I can help with both. We probably sell and install more electronics at Krenzer Marine than any other marina on Lake Ontario. I have one tech that installs electronics M-F all year long. The other thing to consider is do you plan to network electronics down the road, but more importantly do you want to add radar at some point? Some models do these things better than others. Being a fly bridge boat networking a fish finder is a great idea. The guy in the back of the boat can't see what's going on below. A simple network cable and you can share your transducer data to other units. As for the Raymarine AP. The difference between the 150 and 200 comes down to the hydraulic steering cylinder size. You need to see how much fluid the cylinder in your boat pushes. If I had to guess you will need to go EV-200. Give me a call at the marina, or shoot me a message on Facebook and I can help steer ya. I don't push one brand. I deal in them all, so whatever you're comfortable, or familiar with, I can sell ya.
  11. We fished 28-31N lines at the Oak. We were over 400'+ the whole time.
  12. Morning - We had a gang from PA join us today for some offshore action. This was Jerry's retirement gift to himself. It wasn't easy to find a spot out there when you're all alone, but we fished up a program and had a nice catch by end of day. Our catch consisted of mostly Steelhead, but a couple nice 2yr old Salmon also made it to the box. The amount of bait offshore is the most I've ever seen this time of year. At no time was the screen void of a school. The Humminbird side imaging was peaking out 400' on either side of the boat and the amount of schools on that was impressive. 5-10 schools on it at all times. It was mostly a spoon program for us on our Cannon Optimum downriggers. We fished them from 70-110' down. Carbon 14 was the man for us, but other spoons that took fish were Rodfather, Glow Roy Boy, and Glow Green Alewife. A DW Spin Doctor in Marv's Fatty pulling an A-TOM-MIK Glow Blue Hammer was good for a few fish on a diver as well. Afternoon - Tonight we had some local people joined by relatives from North Carolina. There was a lot of fishing talk going on between bites! We checked the inside waters on the way out, but the screen didn't impress us. We quickly decided to head offshore, even though it was a short trip, and played in the piles of bait. It was a steady pick of fish this evening. We kept two nice Steelhead, and quickly released everything else back. We're looking forward to changing up gears and transitioning into Fall Walleye fishing. Keep an eye on this page for some Oneida Lake reports soon.
  13. We run 3 on the Trojan and 2 on the Lund. On the Lund we get extra board lines or divers in the water to make up for a missing DR.
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