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  1. I specifically said it must be picked up. I grew up on forced heat/air. we lived with the boiler for one winter, but we weren't going another summer without central air. Especially, the prego wife!
  2. We just switched over to forced air. The boiler was in good working conditioned and recently professionally serviced. We recently replaced the water pump, and it could use a new exhaust fan. We switched to forced air becasue we wanted central air. $400 and buyer picks this up.
  3. If anyone is looking for a spare set of rims/tires for their F150: https://rochester.craigslist.org/pts/d/webster-ford-f150-sport-18-rims-tires/6924774930.html
  4. Saturday: Morning trip started off super slow for these guys from Albany, NY. When we did get bit they weren't hooking up well. We got on them between 200-300' with wire divers out 225' pulling Familiar Bite meat. That picture died and we found them again in 325-375'. Out there 275' divers pulling FB meat was the ticket. Had a couple bites on the A-Tom-Mik Mfg. 400' copper. One took a Wonderbread Smartfish pulling a Glow Blue Hammer, and the other took a Green glow SmartFish pulling a Green Crinkle. Only two Downrigger bites this morning. Both came on a Team Dreamweaver Midnight Special down 60'. Something cool happened today. We had a hot 2 hour period mid day. After it stopped I checked out the feeding periods for the day. The major feeding time for the day correlated perfectly with our hot 2 hour period! Sunday: Yesterday afternoon, as well as this morning, we made some great memories with the Masters family from NJ. For both boys we broke their personal best fish a few times throughout their time onboard. Familiar Bite meat was definitely our best producer on divers anywhere from 200-275' depending on the time of day/North line. We ran Ballyhoo on one side and Atlantic Herring on the other. We're really liking their Ballyhoo strips!!! We also took a few spoon bites. Salmon Candy, UV Glow Green Alewife, Blue Lagoon, UV Two Face, and Rodfather took fish off our Cannon Downriggers, FishUSA Stealthcore (10 color), and A-Tom-Mik Mfg. coppers (300'). Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Fish marks on your FF first and worry about temperature later. Salmon will chew in 39*-70* water.
  6. Good point. I did some testing on weights a few weeks ago. Torpedo style weights and Shark weights seem to leave a better sound signature on your FF than pancake weights. Balls leave a good signature, but their blunt face makes them vulnerable to more blow back.
  7. That's most likely your problem. CHIRP frequencies are about half the cone angle of traditional sonar.
  8. It's been slow out there as of late, but you wouldn't know that if you fished on the Yankee Troller today! We started inside in 25-35' and had a heck of a morning fishing Brown Trout. Cannon Downriggers tracking bottom, divers out 50-60 on a 3 setting, 5 color cores behind Off Shore Tackle Company OR12 in-lines, and a 150' copper. We easily had our box in there, but this crew choose to toss all but 2 Brown Trout back. Hot BT spoons today were Wonderbread, Yellow Tail, Circus Freak, and Sea Sick Waddler. Even though the Salmon bite seemed slow talking with a handful of boats our clients made the decision to try for a Salmon around 10am. Off a tip from my buddy Jonathan Forder we ran out to 250-325' in front of Johnson's Creek. We didn't have a great picture on our Humminbird, but rods started to fly. A FishUSA Stealthcore 10 color pulling a Wonderbread took a few nice Salmon. A Warrior Spearmint took a nice Steelie on a 200' copper. Our Downriggers were firing with a Glow Watermelon, UV Beefeater, Spearmint, and Real Melon with Salmon and Steelhead. We also had a bite on a Familiar Bite Herring strip out 150' on a 2 setting, and an A-Tom-Mik Mfg. UV 190 behind a Team Dreamweaver paddle on the 300' copper. These two father and son teams left with a TON of smiles and great memories as well as a pile of Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Today was not a numbers day, but it was a day filled with quality. We started looking for Salmon this morning, but the Steelhead kept taking a spoon called Spearmint off our A-Tom-Mik Mfg. 200' copper. One of those Steelhead was 13lbs. We finally hit a teenage Salmon on our deepest Cannon Downrigger pulling a Familiar Bite Atlantic Herring strip, but we'd only muster up one Salmon bite this morning. The bite wasn't great for us, so we decided to head in and try for Brown Trout. We were rewarded with some great specimens! One tipped the scale at 14lbs, and another over 12lbs. They both took a Sea Sick Waddler spoons off our Cannon Downriggers. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Find a charter from Rochester to the West and tell them you don't want darkies. Tell them to take you offshore for Kings and Steel. At the Oak we have the shortest run to that water. We're booked out for the season, but I can offer some referrals if you want to fish out of there.
  11. I can assure you he's not. I will forward this info to him.
  12. Tony's rod and reel repair fixed mine a few years back. My board went in my Terrova.
  13. What does a Canadian marina having to pull my boat out so I could switch out props have anything to do with an American supporting American products? You reaching here?
  14. CHIRP would be nice if they offered the same cone angles as traditional. CHIRP basically gives you a "prettier picture." I don't recommend it to anyone who is trolling.
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