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  1. I've got a very lightly used Canadian Fishing Reels 2:1 Mooching Reel and a custom built rod by Mike Rumig. We don't use it very often, so I would part with it. $900 picked up. Reel is blue and silver.
  2. We'll be out poking holes in fish. Dirty water isn't a reason to sit dockside.
  3. These slide into a track. I have Cannon 18" tracks mounted to them, but you can remove those and attach your downrigger. $200 picked up, or buyer pays shipping
  4. These are practically brand new. We took them off the new boat. $750 picked up locally, or buyer pays shipping
  5. The rod is a 9' ML action rod that Fat Nancy's sells made by Riverside (I think). Reel is a Daiwa Saltist 20 loaded with 10lb test McCoy Mean Green and a 10lb McCoy fluorocarbon leader. Fighting a Salmon on that rod is asking a lot, especially with customers. Toss in the smallish trebles found on most stickbaits and landing Salmon is a chore!
  6. Watch our guest battle with a Spring King Salmon on our light action Brown Trout rod/reel setup. For such a young angler he had great patience and focus, which eventually landed him a beautiful fish.
  7. We had another great day on Lake Ontario chasing Spring Brown Trout. Today, we had a new group onboard that live near Philadelphia, PA. They were skeptical of fishing this time of year. We assured them they made the right decision after a day on the water! We had a great chew that was consistent all day. We never poked anything really big, but two great classes of fish that will certainly benefit us in the future. Enjoy the pics from today, and stay tuned to our page later this week for the launch of the big boat!
  8. Yes, and there are a couple guys on the North shore using the XR on a turret system. They can see divers with it
  9. If you're gonna put one on a turret I'd 100% recommend the "saltwater" version which has greater distance
  10. It's cool technology, but I think it's overhyped for what we do. Unless you put these transducers on a turret system you will only be monitoring a few downriggers. Lets say a typical spread is 2 riggers, 2 divers, and 2 junk lines. You're spending a lot of money to see what fish are doing in 33% of your spread. When you go to a boat who is running 3 riggers, 4 divers, and 3 junk lines now you're looking at 30% of your spread. My honest opinion is if you have the money to spend it may help you understand fish behavior day to day. Other than that it's a novelty item. However, I have heard what chowder mentioned above where it will show fish in your spread the traditional transducer isn't showing. That being said, if you want to splurge the PS30 is the way to go on the transom. I sell a lot of them, so reach out if you want one.
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