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  1. Hey guys, I will be in the Krenzer Marine Electronics booth with all types of marine electronics and trolling equipment that will be FOR SALE. I will have a few hundred thousand dollars in inventory there. I will have special show pricing on some items that I cannot advertise. Here is a list of items, by manufacturer, that I will have FOR SALE at the show. Cannon Tracks (all sizes) Rod Holders (Dual Axis and Downrigger Mount Dual Axis) Cannon Downriggers (Mag 5, Mag 10, and Optimum) Digi-Troll/Optimum Transducer Minn Kota trolling motors Terrova (24 & 36v trolling motors from 45-72" shafts) Power Drive w/ iPilot (24v 52 & 60" shafts) Battery Chargers Humminbird HELIX units from 5-10" 10" SOLIX units NEW Humminbird Lakemaster VX map cards Humminbird Lakemaster map cards Airmar Transducers P66 (transom mount) B60 (Thru-hull) Rhodan Trolling Motors (72 & 96" shafts) Garmin PS30 Panoptix transducers ECHOMAP UHD 73 & 93SV ECHOMAP 106sv GPSMAP 743xsv/943xsv/1243xsv Airmar Transducers P66 (Transom mount) B60 (Thru-hull mount) Fish Hawk X4D & X4 models Spare probes Smooth Move Suspension System Rod Trees from: Rodtrees.com Great Lakes Planers Electronics Mounts BalzOut Cisco Power Pole Charge battery chargers I'm hoping to add more things as we get closer. If there is something you want and don't see here please feel free to reach out to me.
  2. What a sad day. He always had a smile on his face. I'll miss seeing him on the Oak Orchard River and in the Black North Inn. RIP buddy. Thoughts and prayers going out to his family.
  3. Very sorry to hear of you and your family's loss.
  4. I'd set-up two wire rods (they can be used for #3 & #4 divers at times). Buy a set (or two) of Torpedo Divers. With their chart you should be able to get close to the depths you want. Pair it with a Smart Troll and know exactly where they are. Use an Offshore OR-16 clip to attach them to your wire.
  5. The question comes down to if you EVER want to put radar to the unit/system? If that answer is "No" then you can get away with an ECHOMAP model (7, 9, 10, & 12" screens). If you want that option then you'll want to look into the GPSMAP series (7, 9, &12" screens) I can help you determine the right transducer for your boat as well. I just need to know what kind of boat you have. I work at Krenzer Marine and stock most of this. I will also have a large booth at the Niagara EXPO selling electronics and fishing equipment.
  6. Today we're thankful for another chance to fish Lake Ontario in the middle of Winter! We had two local guys looking to get out and experience this fishery we've been posting about. We met at the launch around 7am and headed out. I guess we should have paid attention to yesterday's wind direction. When we set down the water was very dirty. We gave it 30 minutes before we picked and ran looking for the water color we wanted to fish. That didn't take long. As soon as the rods went in at spot #2 they were firing! 10-15' of water was our best Brown Trout water. At one point in the late morning we slid out to 50' hoping to swing on a Late Trout. We marked a few, but never turned a bite. As soon as we slid back into Brownie water we started moving rods again. Bay Rat SS's took most of our fish flatlined behind Offshore OR12 inline boards. Stairway to Heaven, Firetail Secret, and Citrus Shad were our best stickbait colors. On our Chinook Divers and Cannon Downriggers we pulled Dreamweaver SS Glow Frog patterns early in the trip. Towards the end of the trip we tossed in some Bay Rat 3.5's in My Secret, Black Flash, and Chicken Wing. All took fish. Last pic.......Brown or Atlantic?
  7. December 29th: Well, we ended 2022 with a BANG! Thanks to Dave and crew for taking us up on today's charter. They had all the action they could handle the first few hours. Lots of small fish with medium and bigs sprinkled in made for a great catch. We launched at the Genesee River around 7am and dodged ice bergs in the river headed out to the lake. We set up over 25' of water and had fish going on the setup, so we stayed in that 15-25' the rest of the day. Sneaking into 10-12 didn't get us much and the Hummingbird side imaging showed schools of fish in that 15-20' range. We ran a typical spring spread with two Cannon downriggers, two Chinook divers, and six inline Offshore OR12 boards flat lining stickbaits. Our best colors today were Bay Rat Jailbird and Ayu. January 2nd: Some local guys jumped on the open date we had today due to this unseasonably warm weather. They weren't disappointed! We launched around 7am and had lines going in shortly thereafter. Again, our best water depth was 15'. We snuck into 9' at times and that didn't really work for us. We also slid out to 30' at times and did some fish in that 20-25' range. We ran six inline Offshore OR12 boards with flat lined Bay Rat SS & LS. Two Cannon downriggers and two Chinook divers. Both of those pulling spoons. Best Bay Rat's today were Citric Shad, Stairway to Heaven, and Ayu. Spoons that took fish were Dreamweaver SS's in Rod Father, Rosta Goose, and Wonderbread. We caught lots, and I mean lots, of small fish today in that 12-15" range. Nonetheless, it felt great to start the New Year off doing what we love! Hoping to get out this weekend if the winds let us. Let us know if you're interested.
  8. I grabbed LOC derby results to compare Salmon size over the years. I didn't care about the winning fish becasue there are years you'll get a freak. I thought I'd look at the middle of the pack (spot 10) and compare. Orange highlights are 2lbs or more from the average on the low side, and green highlights are 2lbs or more from the average on the high side. Overall in the last ten years average size hasn't changed much. Maybe data from the 90's might show something different, but I have no clue how to obtain it. BTW....I did e-mail the LOC for the missing info I asked about above back in October/November with no response. Fall Summer Spring 2022 27.15 27.00 22.10 2021 29.03 28.04 24.10 2020 28.04 28.06 COVID 2019 29.12 27.15 21.01 2018 25.12 2017 30.08 27.09 21.11 2016 32.01 28.11 21.11 2015 29.02 25.15 20.12 2014 30.04 27.04 21.04 2013 33.04 32.01 26.00 2012 32.09 31.07 27.04 2011 32.04 29.00 23.14 2010 34.06 2009 31.15 26.02 2005 30.01 Average 30.49 27.76 22.68
  9. I thought that was 1999 Fall where the top 10 on the leaderboard were all 40's?
  10. Thanks Brian, don't understand why some of this is missing. I'm just doing some analysis on fish size over the years for the South shore.
  11. @whaler1 I don't see the following in your screen shots? Salmon only division for: 2018 Spring & Fall 2011 Summer 2010 Spring & Summer
  12. I know where the results are, but the derby's I listed above are not in those results from what I can see?
  13. Thanks Whaler1, but the missing info I'm looking for is not on their website from what I can see?
  14. I'm looking for the following LOC results for Salmon only: 2018 Spring & Fall 2011 Summer 2010 Spring & Summer
  15. I don't want to steal any of Fish Hawks thunder. We had it on the boat this May testing it out and doing a photo shoot. There will be an unveil sometime in Q1 from my understanding.
  16. I have not used the paddle wheel on the Smart Troll What questions do you have about Fish Hawk? We've run the Fish Hawk X4D for a few years now.
  17. I've had the system since the first version. The owner and I have had a lot of conversations about it's reliability in the past. This year I had the new system, and from April-September it ran flawless. That being said it's still not a totally "user friendly" system, and here's why. The probes can't be left on the charger. Once they are charged they have to be pulled off. I used to put them on charge when I was done with them and leave them on the charger all week long. This actually ended up draining them. What I do now is put them on charge when I get to the boat Friday night. Once they read charged I take them off the charger. The data you get from this system in very valuable and once you have it you wont want to fish without it.
  18. It should, but sometimes those 5" units are very basic. If it were a 7 I'd say absolutely.
  19. I was the service manager at Krenzer Marine the last few years. Still at the marina, but in a new role. The boats/motors are delivered by the manufacturer. It's part of the dealers prep to put the batteries and fuel in the boat. Sounds to me like there is an electrical draw coming from somewhere. A capable service department should be able to test for that draw and diagnose where it's coming from. It could be an aftermarket part added by the dealer or customer causing this draw, and that isn't a warrantied item by the manufacturer. However, if there is a draw from something installed at the manufacturer it's a warranty issue the dealer needs to pursue. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
  20. I have two Humminbirds HELIX 10 SI G2N for sale with low hours. They see about 20 days a season worth of use over the last 4 years. One has a transducer that has never been used. Brand new replacements are twice the cost of these. I will include Lakemaster NorthEast map cards with these. I can also sell you an Airmar P66 or B60 if you want to use this unit for Lake Ontario trolling applications. I have the original boxes for these as well. They are currently updated to the latest software version. HELIX w/ used transducer - $1100 HELIX w/ new transducer - $1200
  21. For sale are the three Cannon Optimum BT downriggers we ran during the 2022 season. They have 50 charter days and three-four tournaments on them. These downriggers are currently tough to get your hands on, and mine will be available as soon as the new ones show up. Many of our used downriggers are in the field with happy fisherman. Buying a downrigger from us means the boom, spool, cable, base, releases, hardware, and swivel bases have never been used. I have the original boxes as well. $1000ea and can be picked up in the Rochester/Sodus area. Would rather not have to deal with shipping or splitting them up.
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