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  1. Well that's unfortunate. We've been running the 27lb Stealthcore for a long time and I've never had it break. I don't know anyone running the 18lb though.
  2. On my Offshore OR12 in-lines I just double wrap the braid on the release. Works just fine.
  3. A good bet is to cruise out slowly and watch your fish finder. Once you see bait pinned to the bottom you've found the thermocline. Start there, and work deeper targeting the lake bottom.
  4. I went looking for new hooks this season. I bought some Owners and some Trokar trebles for my meat rigs. The Trokar that I have linked has been really good to me. The #2 is what we used all Spring on meat rigs, but the #1's will be taking over as these fish start to get bigger. As HB2 said above the lighter wire penetrates much nicer, but you can't run these hooks with a super tight drag. Let the fish run and we've taken multiple fish on a hook with a fantastic landing percentage. They call them a 3x, but I'd fell better calling them more of a 2x. Again, plenty strong if you play the drag right.
  5. That's what I was told as well.
  6. FishUSA has the Morgan's Tackle copper in receiving, and it should be live next week. I hope this link works once it goes live ---> Morgan's Tackle 45lb test is the way to go and that is what most guys are running.
  7. I'll be at iCast or else I'd be attending. I applaud them on the great fishing we're all experiencing, although my assumption is a strong wild class. I do feel they need to step up and start studying how to get these fish to 4yrs old, and not maturing at 2yrs old. Is it genetics, pen rearing, or something else? I don't feel like they care at this point but hopefully once everyone catches their 3,479th Salmon this season (and they haven't cleared 25lbs) people will start asking this question.
  8. Dave and his gang from PA joined us this morning to experience the phenomenal Salmon fishing Lake Ontario is putting out this season. They also did a BT trip back in April. They just can't get enough! Lake Ontario didn't disappoint. We knew there was wind on the way, so the goal was to finish early. Goal accomplished! We were cleaning a 5 man limit by 8am, and that was after being selective of the fish that went in the Grizzly's.
  9. Our last charter was Friday May 17th, so it's been a while. We're very appreciative of the Lake Ontario Salmon fishery that made us look good! What rust? 😁 Floyd and his crew drove in from South Western PA to fish with us today. It was touch and go yesterday afternoon because they thought they may melt in the rain that was expected during their trip, but we assured them everything would be just fine. The fishing was complete mayhem, as expected, but these Walleye anglers did quite well. We caught a lot, we lost a lot, and we selectively harvested some nice fish. Pics below.
  10. We filmed a ton of content with the crew from FishUSA today, and I'm really looking forward to that footage! We haven't fished the Oak in three weeks, but it's like time stood still. Excellent bite, and some dandy fish. Check out this Steelie we successfully released that tipped the scale at 13lbs. Pics below.
  11. What are your thoughts on the DEC milking jacks "because their sperm is more potent?" I understand that on low water years you take what you get, but we haven't experienced that scenario in quite a while.
  12. Modern time means if they brought the 70's, 80's, and early 90's numbers back todays numbers are a fraction. That being said some of best big fish seasons were at the tail end of the 90's and early 2000's.
  13. Only a dozen years ago teams averaged 25.5lb Salmon to win a North shore event. I remember tossing back 22/23lb fish that day becasue they wouldn't help our box. 10th place had a 23.5lb average! Fast forward to today and it's taking 15-18lb averages to win Salmon tourneys. According to everyone's social media the fishing we're experiencing is awesome. Me, however, I'd just like the opportunity to get spooled again. Oh ya, check out that margin of victory from 1st-3rd, and check out the all-star team we brought over. We were .22 ounces away from a $25,000 check!
  14. Handhelds don't seem to get the distance that a fixed mount with an antenna get. When I cross the lake I now bring my ACR personal locator beacon. They are small and use satellites no notify rescue.
  15. 1st update the software like you're doing. Next, do a factory restart.
  16. Gold SS - Item #: 232748 Silver SS - Item #: 214177 White SS - Item #: 232746 SS ='s Super Slim
  17. Remember those EXCLUSIVE one-time run of DW UV Alewife spoons from FishUSA over the Winter? Well, they had such an insane amount of calls to bring them back they re-loaded, and they are live on the site RIGHT NOW at this link ----> https://alnk.to/7qk44E5
  18. Most likely it was weighted steel. Much more user friendly than traditional copper, but it does not have the dive curve you get with copper. You should also look into the tinned coppers like Morgan's Tackle offers, which is a little bit more user friendly. FishUSA will soon have this in stock.
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