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  1. CHIRP is not the best for trolling. Cone angles are half of what you get with traditional sonar.
  2. Hey buddy, go into settings and turn CHIRP off. You don't have a CHIRP transducer, and I'd hate to see you do damage to that transducer. CHIRP transducers typically have a cooling element in them. I found out the hard way. Also, make sure you turn Switchfire to max in the sonar settings and the transducer selected are either Humminbird 50/200 or Generic 50/200.
  3. > Weigh ins for all 3 days will be held at the Black North Point Breeze. Pro and Am teams need to be in line when the clock strikes 3pm each day. No exceptions to this rule. They have graciously donated to the event. Please enjoy some refreshing drinks during weigh in and feast on their tasty menu for dinner. > The captains meeting will take place about 3:30pm on Friday directly following the King of the Oak (KOTO) weigh in. Please have at least 1 member of your team there. > King of the Oak (KOTO) registrations can be found at Ernst's Lake Breeze Marina. They are collecting your entries. If you are in need of a dock, boat parts, or fuel they are there for you!
  4. Ya, I'm getting there too UNREEL.....
  5. The Wife and I gottum pretty good on Oneida this morning. Launched around 7am on the west end and started on a 20' flat without a nibble. Spot 2 was in 15' on a grass edge and it was GAME ON! Wife struck first with the biggest about 22" on a Perch blade bait. Then it was all about the size 7 jigging rap in Glow Perch. Smallest we took home was 19". Back to Lake Ontario until October when we'll start up our Oneida Lake Walleye charters. We can cast or troll for them. If you're interested please call to book now. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. I'd say they'll be fine, but tossing them in some fire brine wouldn't hurt.
  7. Bruce - He's "Chirpin" on high frequency, and that's why he has to have the gain so high. High Frequency isn't very powerful, nor does it have a great cone angle. The best transducers for what we do are still the traditional 50/200 Airmars. 200khz for when you're on plane, and 50khz for fishing. GillT - There are always fish down there no matter the time of year. Most of the time people only look at the top 100-150'. Salmon don't mind being down there while they are digesting. Deepest king we've caught this Spring was 250' down with a 20lb Shark weight.
  8. Registration deadline for this years event is Monday June 7th at midnight. This event is part of the US lake cup, so if you are fishing the Niagara Pro Am and Sodus Pro Am this is the third event in the series. You can register here: http://greatlakesspecialevents.com/orleansopen.html
  9. Appreciate the plug buddy. We're booked for the season at this point unless we run into any cancelations.
  10. Thrillseeker, Wet Net Charters, and Vision Quest would be some of the boats I'd shoot for.
  11. We're finding out that SI is a great tool for locating baitfish schools offshore. It can help you find productive water quicker when you're scanning 300-400' out on each side.
  12. That's not atypical, but we haven't seen much of that in recent years. According to the biologist that year class of small alewife is so big it's off the charts. We'll find out more at Tuesdays Lake Ontario Charter Boat Association meeting. It's open to the public and will be a Q & A session with the guy who leads our baitfish study. Meeting will start 7pm sharp.
  13. It's never gonna happen with our current bait fish problem. We don't have the biomass of adult alewife to warrant those numbers anymore. I'll take tough fishing vs no fishing if they overstock and crash the lake. If you want to catch fish consistently you may have to travel a little bit now. We go through these cycles all the time of great fishing and slow fishing. It's the way mother nature works. I am for doing something with these damn cormorants and releasing of hatchery fish. Between them and the Turin's those fish take a beating. All that hard work by the hatchery and they go down into a stupid birds gullet.
  14. Saturday morning: Steve and his buddies came up from Pittsburgh, PA to fish with us today. We heard all week how tough the bite got, but ya can't catch them from the couch! We had our bites today. They just never stayed buttoned up. [emoji19] At one point we dropped six in a row. We started in 70' of water, but reports of some fish in 250-300' pulled us out there. We fished over some great screens on our Humminbird's. The bait is already moving offshore, which might be a little early. Nothing was "the man" today. We took a few shots on meat 180' out on a diver, couple bites on 5 colors, copper from 150' to 400', and our best presentations were various spoons on our Cannon Downriggers. Spoons that fired today were Rosta Goose, Rodfather, Midnight Special, UV NBK, and Salmon Viagra. Saturday afternoon: Jerry and his gang from Eastern PA joined us Saturday afternoon for some Niagara county Spring Salmon. They saw the morning report about tough fishing, but they were pumped to hit the water. We started in 250' of water West of port and worked out to 315'. Screens came and went. 30 minutes into the trip and the 400' copper pulling Familiar Bite Pacific Herring takes a hit. We fight it for 15 seconds before it's gone. That's when we went dead for over an hour. We told the guys the last hour would be our window of opportunity, and it did not disappoint. It all started with 10 colors of FishUSA Stealthcore pulling a custom Moonshine that we found in some Lake Ontario tackle shop. After that we took a few fish on a DW glow Roy Boy, which is a FishUSA custom, down 90' on our Cannon Downrigger. We had a DW Midnight Special go down 75' on a Cannon Downrigger, and lastly 140' diver pulling familiar bite Pacific herring took a fish. It wasn't fast and furious, but we took what was given to us. These guys had a great time, and made some fantastic memories. Sunday morning: Max and crew joined us from Williamsport, PA today. We left the dock around 5:30am and headed to where we have been fishing the last few days out in 250-300'. Bite was tough again, but we landed almost everything. We also found some bigs! Sea Sick Waddler was the man today. The DW Mag was good on an A-TOM-MIK 300' copper, and then we had the UV version going on 10 colors of FishUSA Stealthcore. Familiar Bite Pacific Herring was good for our last Salmon that came 150' down on our Cannon Downrigger. Observation of the day: the larger Salmon didn't have small bait in their stomachs. Everything in there was mature. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. I'd say anything less than 5 colors. Could be 1, 2, 3, or , 4 colors of leadcore.
  16. I'm trying to find a pic of them.
  17. Set of rod trees. There are 3 rod holders going up plus the top is open as a 4th. They swivel at the base and are made to go into a track system. $250 for the pair. Pick up, or ship at buyers expense.
  18. FishUSA Stealthcore has been great for us for many years. You can find it here - fishusa.rv5k.net/7go7r
  19. Saturday morning May 8th - Karen, and her family joined us from Ohio this morning with LOC derby tickets in hand. Unfortunately, we didn't put anything on the leaderboard, but we smashed her other goal of limiting out on Salmon. We had to quickly get anything a Coho would eat out of the water this morning before they boxed out on them. 2 colors of FishUSA Stealthcore pulling Bay Rat Lures Fat Rats in orange, and 5 colors of FishUSA Stealthcore pulling 6" DW Spindoctors/A-TOM-MIK Coho flies did most of that damage. After a few hours without many King bites we made a few phone calls and we were West bound. Set up half way to the bar and the screen was amazing. The fish had turned off though. For the rest of the day we picked away at them. Most fish took A-TOM-MIK flies, or Familiar Bite Atlantic Herring strips. Fly colors that took fish were Glow Blue Hammer, Big Fin Glow, and Glow Stud. Divers fired from 150-250', downriggers from 50-150' down, and 300/400' coppers. Saturday afternoon May 8th - Dave and Bryan from PA are back AGAIN! They just can't get enough of this Lake Ontario fishery, any I don't blame them one bit. Our Saturday afternoon charter started out fairly slow. Three hours in and we had two bites. By 8pm we had all the action we could handle in an hour. It all started with a double on wire divers. One fish took an A-TOM-MIK Glow Stud behind a Green dot DW Spindoctor out 225', and the other took a chrome/dew paddle pulling an A-TOM-MIK Pro Am fly out 150'. The green dot would fire again while we were cleaning fish. Our deep downrigger fired pulling Familiar Bite Atlantic Herring down 100', and we had a DW Raspberry Dolphin go a few times on a 65' rigger with a Firecracker SS slider. Lastly, the 300' A-TOM-MIK copper pulling a new DW UV Rodfather took a Nice Salmon. Sunday morning - Easily our best Salmon day of the season! 40+ bite day all while looking for that LOC derby fish with these guys from PA. Left the dock at sunrise and headed to the West where we would fish the 6 mile creek area to the red can in 65-170' of water. Early morning it was all spoons with the DW UV Rodfather being "the man." This pattern was developed by Warrior spoons and we've ran it for years. We ultimately wanted it in a DW Mag version because we LOVE the action and size of this spoon. We've had it for about three weeks now, and it's killed a lot of Salmon. Other spoons that went were DW Sea Sick Waddler, and Raspberry Dolphin. Once the sun came up we started to take more bites on Familiar Bite meat. 100-150' down on our Cannon Optimum downriggers is where we had it parked. We also had it on a 300' A-TOM-MIK copper that went a few times. We started with Atlantic Herring, but ended the day with Ballyhoo. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. http://www.coastwatch.msu.edu/twoontarios.html https://www.glerl.noaa.gov/res/glcfs/glcfs.php?lake=o&ext=swt&type=N&hr=00 https://www.glerl.noaa.gov/res/glcfs/glcfs.php?lake=o&ext=vwt&type=N&hr=00 https://www.glerl.noaa.gov/res/glcfs/currents/glcfs-currents-surf.html
  21. The 2021 Orleans County Open will be held on June 12th and 13th, 2021 in Oak Orchard, NY. Registration is up and running - http://greatlakesspecialevents.com/orleansopen.html No rule changes from last years event. There will be a Pro and Am division. Hit me up if you have any questions.
  22. I also run 15-18" leads for the Coho flies. You can run a little faster for Coho, but we typically just toss them in our Salmon spread and they do fine when the Coho are around. Some days they want the 6" spinny (Chartreuse-Orange Crush has been our best as of late) - 6" Spin Doctors and some days they like Thinfish (Fluorescent Red-Yellow and Red-Black Squiggles (UV) are our best) - Thinfish
  23. I don't believe it's out of their hands. They have a better chance at getting something done before any club. Use the stocking of Lake Trout and Atlantics (federal money) to get the feds to allow something whether it's a hunting season or more control of their nesting sites.
  24. You hear these stories up and down the lake. It's sad the DEC hasn't stepped up and done something to combat this. All that hard work, time, and money put into these fish and they just toss them in.
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