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  1. I'm running the stock ones, but we are experimenting with the Sam's Pro Release.
  2. 15lb Torpedos that are found at Fat Nancy's, or 20lb Sharks.
  3. Down to 125' I will run a 15lb weight, anything deeper I go to a 20lb weight.
  4. It's that time of year when things are slow and you're thinking about fishing Lake Ontario, so while you're in your car or hanging at home check out the podcast I did with Great Lakes Fishing Podcast about fishing the Oak.
  5. Typically, Spring is when sticks work best for Salmon. Once they get out past that 40' range they seem to not be as productive. They can shine again when the stagers show back up in the skinny water. Generally in both of those times gawdy colors are best. Bay Rat Lures makes a LD and a LXD that work great and don't get busted up by the mighty King Salmon. You can find those sticks at FishUSA - Bay Rats Pics for proof: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHa1VgeAK-U/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link https://www.instagram.com/p/B_IF7vVgvsH/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  6. I'm with the marina owner the next few days in FL. I will run it past him. As for gear I'd suggest looking at FishUSA. They work with LOTSA and they are located on the Great Lakes. If you use that link I get credit for the sale.
  7. Early in the season Shumway should have slips if you're looking for a dock. Otherwise, there is a nice launch on the West side of the river by Charlotte Beach. Places to stay I'd look at AirBnB or find a hotel in Greece or Webster.
  8. We have a lot to store your boat at Krenzer Marine when not in use. PM me if you want details.
  9. No, but I have a Riptide Ulterra 72"/112lb slightly used if you're interested
  10. Seagate 60: 500 copper with 150yds of 50lb braid backing 400 copper with 300yds of 50lb braid backing Seagate 50 - I have a pair, but I'm not sure what they hold for capacity. I know I have 10 colors of lead on them, but not sure of the backing?.
  11. So, if your HELIX is a 'N' unit, which means it's "Networkable" then as long as the TM has Link all you need is a Lakemaster NorthEast card for everything in NYS except Lake Erie. I see you're from Buffalo. If you want Lake Erie you will need the Great Lakes Lakemaster card. You will need an Ethernet Dongle to connect the ethernet cord that comes with the TM to the HELIX. The links above are all safe. This is my new Marine Electronics e-commerce site. If you haven't bought the trolling motor yet let me know if I can win your business. I work out of a full service marina in Sodus Point, NY. These products ship directly from my distributor.
  12. There's not much help, and the cold water doesn't give you much time. In my opinion fishing the shoreline you have a chance, but offshore cell service is spotty and if anything happens it's over.
  13. So Sad. Always enjoyed our chats. He was always smiling. Great guy who will truly be missed.
  14. I was offshore on a customers boat Monday showing him how to run his Electronics package I sold him. We marked them out in 250-300' with bait.
  15. Looking at the wind forecast we really thought today would be the day to get offshore and try for a Winter Salmon. Actual conditions, however, kept us near shore. We did grab a Lake Trout in 100', but that's the deepest we were comfortable going. Our first fish was a little unexpected. It fought about as good as a stick, but ended up being a beautiful 8-10lb Steelhead that ate a Bay Rat Lures S3 Green Frog behind an Offshore OR-12 inline board. After that we picked away at Brown Trout. It was a close split between Chinook diver bites and flat lined sticks. The color of the day was definitely chartreuse. Bay Rat's in Jail Bird, Green Frog, and Lemon Lime all took fish. . . Sent from my Pixel 5 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. If you guys can fit 31 series interstates in the boat I'd start there. I have had the same 3 in my Lund for 4yrs now. When I'm not fishing they are plugged into an on board charger that maintains their charge. With my 36v TM I can troll 8-9hrs on 30-40%. I can spot lock in a current on 70-100% for 4hrs.
  17. I'd stick with what works, and you have a good one there. A few others - 10" Spin Doctors UV Chrome-Two Face White-Hammer Time Seneca Special
  18. Some days that's the way it goes, so don't beat yourself up over it right away. We use Scotty pinch pad releases when trolling coppers off big boards. We clip the release about 6" up from the copper knot on the copper line itself. It works for us. Some guys are afraid to clip onto the copper and half hitch a rubber band to the copper and clip into this. I've never tried it, so I can't offer an opinion.
  19. When fishing Salmon on Downriggers we like to run a Medium action rod and 20lb test for pulling spoons. This will also work for running flasher/flies or flasher/meat, but I'd recommend bumping your line size up to 25-30lb. If you can afford it a Medium Heavy action rod would be better for pulling the flasher rigs especially as you fish deeper. A rod we run a lot of is the Daiwa Great Lakes 8' M (GL802MF). Again this will work for most of your downrigging needs. Fishing divers we run the same brand, but a different model. For divers we run a MH rod. We have 9' and 9'6" rods on board, but on smaller boats you may want a longer rod to create a better spread and avoid tangles at the back of the boat when fish are coming to the net. You can find them to 10'6" below at FishUSA. Daiwa Great Lakes Rods
  20. Yes, John is still doing canvas. He does all of our work here at Krenzer's. Let me know if you need help getting in contact with him.
  21. For a 300 copper I'd suggest a Daiwa Saltist 50. You can get 150yds of 50lb power pro on there for a backer. Trust me it's enough. We've never been spooled and we've run this set-up for many years. From 350-500 I'd suggest a Shimano Tekota 800. Honestly, if you're looking for a really good reel those are the choices I'd stick with. You can save a little coin too and forgo the line counter. It's not needed for copper reels. Saltist Tekota
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