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  1. There isn't a tougher format than the Orleans County Open. It's an event where you have to catch different species to complete your box.
  2. I love this! This is what I wanted to see when guys were complaining about wacky winds this season. That southernly direction would explain the cold water we saw on the South shore during Summer. This wind data paired with the DEC's angler survey would make for a nice set of data over the years to see how wind direction effected catch rates.
  3. Never done the night casting thing. I bet it's fun!
  4. Well, after three cancellations, two of which were weather related, we finally got back out on Oneida lake and ran a charter. Paul fished with us this Spring for Salmon on the Niagara Bar. Today, his brother tagged along. The goal today was to learn how to troll for Walleye. We started the morning casting. There was a nice breeze to give us a good drift, so I couldn't let these guys not experience that. We tossed 1/2oz i1baits blades and size 7 jigging raps at eyes in 17-14' of water. Perch or Firetiger patterns were our best. After an hour or two drifting and catching a few eyes everyone's hands were cold and we made the decision to troll. We went upwind from where we had been catching the fish drifting and casting and set out a trolling spread. We ran Bay Rat Lures short shallow sticks 145' back on 10lb braid on the outside Off Shore Tackle Company inline boards. The two inside of those were deep divers 50' back on mono. Our best Bay Rat colors today were Can't Afford It and Jailbird. Other colors that took fish were silver blue, pink lemonade, perch, and fire tiger. On the troll we targeted 20-17' at 1.5mph GPS. If anyone's interested we have next weekend available (weather permitting). Let us know if you want to target some tasty meals!
  5. Not to make excuses, but he's just a small business. He makes a living between that and his charter business. It's hard to find help in our recent times. He's a good dude. He took care of mine this Spring.
  6. Screwy Louies if you're on the East end of Lake Ontario and Tony's rod and reel repair if you're near the Buffalo region.
  7. There's weather every year. I still have no data from anyone to back up the theory about the weather this Summer being different from the last few where fishing was good.
  8. Yup, going off the racks of zombies I see all over Facebook. I've silenced those trib pages on social media. Watching that crowd of people disrespect our tribs, as well as those Salmon, makes me sick. The stream guys beyotch about something and get protection for the fish that's slated for them. However, the fish slated for the Lake guys get's no protection from the trib guys. Our best specimens get ripped out of the system before their genes can get harvested. They're un-ethically caught most of the time. I can go on and on, but it falls on deaf ears so one county's business isn't effected.
  9. If you're looking to go in April St. Cathy is where to go. Maybe even up until the first week of May. After that the US side is plenty consistent.
  10. Kind of over this statement unless someone can line up data to back it? Whenever there's tough fishing I hear this excuse. I only fish weekends, but I didn't have to cancel a charter becasue of weather until mid September, and I started in late March. Currently, the East end rivers and streams are loaded, so we can't use the stocking cuts as an excuse either. I'm at a loss for why it was tougher for some areas of the lake.
  11. Here's my take, which don't mean dilly! I'd say if you were a West end fisherman it was good and consistent. Not lights out like we've experienced in the last few years, but consistent. I feel for the East end guys this year. They had more of a typical season out there, and maybe even a little tougher. They did get spoiled the last few seasons. The newer guys down there would say the fishery was off.
  12. All the major manufacturers will network well and will run radar. We run Humminbird on our boats and have no issues. If you went Humminbird I'd recommend the HELIX series and an Airmar transducer. I sell a lot of Garmin at the marina. This brand also networks well with each other. If you want to get radar eventually you have to use the GPSMAP series (743/943/1243). No need to go 86xx series. If you want to chat further about this you can reach me at Krenzer Marine M-F 8am-5pm. I'm in service. I sell a ton of electronics out of here. I also have one Tech here who installs electronics 40hrs+ a week 52 weeks a year. That's all he does, so we are very knowledgeable when it comes to these things.
  13. I've never ran autochart live becasue the maps I needed were on Lakemaster chart cards. I don't see why you couldn't run them together though.
  14. We installed an 87" Minn Kota Terrova on a 24' Robalo this past winter, that we used down in the Gulf, and it worked great. Our boat for this Winter is a 30' Robalo. We have a 96" Rhodan sitting here that will be installed on it soon. There are options out there. Best thing to do is take a measurement from the top of your bow down to the water line.
  15. Memorial Day was amazing. My wife and I did well on jigging raps, and had next to no short fish. We left with an impressive haul for 6 fish - 18", 19" 19" 20" 21" 22"
  16. Yup, definitely quite a few shorts out there. Good to see.
  17. Took the wife and kid out for some scouting as our Oneida Lake charters will start up this weekend. Trolled a few places, but the weeds made it hard to keep the baits clean. Regardless, it still produced. We trolled Bay Rat Short Deeps and some Rapala Husky Jerk 10's. Can't Afford It in the Bay Rat and Purpledecent in the Rapala pulled our fish. Made a move to do some jigging and got into them good with Jigging raps in size 7. The Glow Perch pattern seemed to be the best for us in 16-20' of water.
  18. Some setting, yes. Others, no. As far as sensitivity goes, no.
  19. No problem. Let me know if you have any other Humminbird questions.
  20. I run 3 Humminbird SOLIX + Humminbird Radar on the Trojan, and 3 Humminbird HELIX + Minn Kota Terrova on my Lund. Each bot is fully networked with Ethernet cables and Ethernet boxes (used when there are more than 2 Ethernet unit to connect). If you run clean power from the battery for your electronics (don't share power with other electronic items on the boat) there shouldn't be any interference.
  21. I have 4 on order for stock at the marina, and 6 on order for the Niagara Outdoor Expo. Distributor says they'll be in stock mid October.
  22. The Oak is a straight up fishing port. You'll enjoy it, and the more consistent fishing. I try to post reports after every weekend on here, and immediately to our Facebook page after every trip. Bob Songin also keeps you up to date on where he's fishing and what he's using.
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