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  1. There is no evidence of electronic, boat, or bait advancement hurting any southern bass lakes. Mainly, it's the older generation putting up a stink becasue they don't want to spend the money to purchase the new tech, or they simply don't want to move away from their ways of how to catch a fish. If anything, electronics are allowing people to take pressure off the "normal" fishing spots and target fish that were never targeted before. It's teaching people facts about fish behavior rather than the opinions of a few that were written about in various publications. Crappie guys for many years have been spider rigging southern and mid west lakes and I haven't seen anyone complain about that. I'd assume becasue there is a respect for the fish and a limit in place for the fisherman on how many they can keep. In todays world with so much competition in "other things" to grab peoples free time why not allow people to go out and be more successful on the water? Other than your opinion, which I respect and I'm willing to debate with you on, you have provided no real reason for having a rod limit in place.
  2. Rod limits make no sense to me. If you have a creel limits set in place for what reason does a rod limit exist? Anglers got the state to go from 2 to 3 many years ago, but it should have been 2 to infinity in my opinion.
  3. It's up to you. I copied this from Humminbird's website: LakeMaster maps with VX Technology deliver an exact understanding of the bottom terrain, and powerful features to eliminate unproductive water, including SmartStrike technology, Depth Highlight, Shallow Water Highlight, and Water Level Offset. And for an added advantage, upgrade to LakeMaster Premium, with all the features on LakeMaster, plus Aerial Imagery and 2D Shaded Relief layers.
  4. I'm there Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. Shoot me a message when nail down a date and I'll confirm that I'll be there.
  5. Nobody will be there from my marina. We will all be in Syracuse at the boat show. They moved in Niagara show last year back a few weeks and ended up putting it right on top of the central New York boat show as well as a Toronto outdoor show making people have to choose which show to go to. Call me at the marina. I can drop ship a lot of stuff as well right to your house.
  6. No the NE card will do inland and Lake O. If you want Lake Erie you need the Great Lakes card.
  7. They just started shipping in the last month or two. They certainly beefed up a lot of things on these new trolling motors. Most of which came from professional anglers, but more importantly the warranty claims on the older ones.
  8. With an older Minn Kota you needed an iPilot LINK, but all the new Quest trolling motors in the Terrova, Ulterra, and Ultrex will do it now. For a Humminbird you will need a "N" unit, which is an Networking unit. Add a Lakemaster mapping card and you're all set. Reach out to me with any questions about this set-up. I have it on my Lund and sell them at the marina. We have professional installers as well.
  9. I'll be stuck at the NYS boat show all weekend becasue the Niagara outdoor EXPO changed their dates last year. They moved right on top the of NYS boat show. It'll be a miserable weekend for me.
  10. It's been a year in the making, but we partnered with the team at FishUSA to release some fresh trolling baits for Brown Trout. The Smithwick Rogue isn't anything new, but these colors have never been painted on these baits. Proven colors on proven baits. You can't go wrong!
  11. Pay attention to my YouTube page Sunday night. I've collaborated with FishUSA to bring out some good Brown Trout colors in a proven bait. That being said Bay Rats and Smithwick Rattlin Rogues (floaters) are my two go to's.
  12. I sell both brands mentioned. We sell them on package deals (with boats), and loose. I've been in this business since the Summer of 2018 and I don't think I can fill up a hand with fingers on the warranty claims against these engines combined. To be honest the warranty claims I can remember were from I/O boat engines. Clayton Marine sells a lot of Yamaha's. I believe you're in good hands. If anyone else is in the market for a re-power we have financing options if needed.
  13. I think everything except the the 20lb Willie T Weights are spoken for. Thanks for the interest everybody.
  14. You can always reach out to me at Krenzer Marine. I wish I was going to Niagara as well, becasue I'd be around a lot more of "my kind of people," but the day job comes first.
  15. You are way over thinking running meat. We'll run meat daily with whatever brand spoon we want. Sometimes we have flasher/fly's out there and sometimes plugs while running meat. The nice thing about the fake meat I posted about is you can tailor the roll to whatever speed you're trolling. So don't tailor your spread to the meat. Tailor your meat to your spread.
  16. I should be at the NYS Fairgrounds Around that time. If you can make that work I'll bring them with me.
  17. Unfortunately, I will not be at the Niagara show. Last year the Niagara show promoters moved their show back a few weeks which put it on top of the Central NY Boat Show. I was able to sneak away last year, but this year I have to be at the boat show.
  18. I have (5) 15lb Titan downrigger weights and (2) Willie T's pancake style downrigger weights I'd like to sell. Some have never seen water. When I emptied my boat out after it sold I found all of these in there. I clearly don't need this many. I would rather not ship. I work in Sodus and live in Rochester. However, I will ship at the buyers expense. 15lb Titan - $75ea (Normally retail for $100) 20lb WIllie T's - $75ea
  19. Carolina - https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1047485550021259/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A6aa1d25c-d646-42f7-8401-cdaeb1c789a2 Albemarle - https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/725340252703235/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A6aa1d25c-d646-42f7-8401-cdaeb1c789a2
  20. They are currently spoken for. If something falls through I'll let ya know.
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