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  1. June 6th @ the Irondequoit Bay Game and Fish club Steve Hurst and the manager for lake Ontario will be there to answer our questions on the fishery. Meeting starts at 7pm.
  2. We're a big fan of Black's downrigger releases. We use them almost exclusively. However, when fishing Lake Trout and Brown Trout we'll utilize the loop on the top of the Black's release and put a tethered release through it. Something similar to this, but in a Scotty.
  3. You have to keep the rod tip pointed down, and it gets even more important the closer the board gets to the boat. I tell my customers if the Stbd board fires point it low and towards the Port boards. You can sweep sideways to gain line if you need to.
  4. This bloater experiment has been going on for a few years now. Has anyone ever seen one in stomach contents? You can't make fish eat these when they've been conditioned to hunt down what's been there. These do not help the Salmon fishery in any way. Which I'll say again, draws the most money/attention to this fishery. You want to experiment with a species? Figure out how to make the Coho fishery better/more consistent. I haven't met an angler who doesn't love that fishery when we have good years of it.
  5. What a giant waste of time and money IMHO. The food that our Trout and Salmon eat in Lake Ontario are Alewife, Smelt, Emeralds, and Gobies. Gobies need no management at this time. The others could all use help, but we get excuses when we bring up trying experiments to help those species. Typical government BS. Let's put money and effort towards something no ones probably gonna ever see in the stomach of a Lake Trout, which by the way is the least attractive fish people come to Lake Ontario to fish for.
  6. In cased you didn't know you'll want to block off the days of Jun 9-11th for our event. We should have more info out about the event very soon. We're also working on some really cool sponsorship prizes. Stay tuned!
  7. Hey John I will use your services. I don't know what events have observers anymore, but the ones that do I would hire you for that.
  8. Was it copied and pasted to a Facebook group or on some ones personal page? There's a page on Facebook that steals/shares my stuff all the time. If they "share" it then it helps my posts get more reach. If they copy and paste it then that isn't helping me at all and it's pretty much stealing.
  9. Downrigger cable is 150lb. Your braid can be 150lb as well. If you go to 200 or 250lb braid then you gain nothing over the cable as far as line diameter is concerned. As for running a probe on braid just be careful with it. Strip off 25' every Spring. The sun will deteriorate braid over time.
  10. I see no problem fishing this solo, but I've been at this since I was 6yrs old. Everyone's skill level is different. There are plenty of videos out there to show you how to run this set-up.
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