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  1. Minn Kota Ulterra iPilot Link with built in MEGA imaging - New in box. $2500 No shipping. Buyer to pick up between Rochester and Sodus.
  2. Did the guy making them increase the size of the tails on the 16's? They look great. I remember the older ones had a small tail though?
  3. I have someone interested in 2, so you may be in luck. Give me a little time.
  4. For sale is a set of lightly used Cannon Optimum Downriggers. They've been used for one season, which was shortened and saw many tournaments canceled. We typically turn our downriggers over each season, so this is a great way for someone to save a few hundred bucks on a downrigger. Information on what these downriggers are capable of can be found here - Cannon Optiumum Downriggers $3000 firm for all three and I'm not looking to separate. If they need to be shipped I have the original boxes and buyer will pay shipping. The only thing we used on these downriggers was the body itself. We have our own booms, spools (filled with braid), boat side electrical connection, base, and swivel base.
  5. This coming Saturday Fish Hawk electronics is putting together a virtual show to take the place of all the Sport shows around the Great Lakes that were canceled due to Covid. Below is a list of the 20 minute presentations. Presenters will take questions, but be mindful we only have 20 minutes. I will be speaking/taking questions for Cannon Downriggers, Humminbird Electronics, and Daiwa. I hope to see some LOU members tuning in!
  6. We put a Raymarine EV-200 on a Commander last Summer. If you're interested in Krenzer Marine doing the install I can get you a quote.
  7. Sounds like you have it rigged right. Use the the smallest snap you can get away with. For cranks when fishing BT I like these VMC snaps in size 00 - VMC Crankbait Snaps
  8. Download Humminbird's FishSmart app on your phone and then download the Onieda Lake map. It's wicked detailed.
  9. Nice job, and it's great your son is getting involved as well. On that lake it really helps to have a machine of some sort to get around unless it's glare ice. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Sure, this upcoming week I'm out of the office, but I'll be in the car all day on either Tuesday or Wednesday. Trying to dodge a snow storm. I'll PM you my number. Either day I'm honestly free and we can chat.
  11. I can only give you my opinion. Do with it as you wish. I personally don't care about pretty, I want to see as much as possible below me. I sold a quarter of a million dollars in electronics last year, and had one of my installers working 40hr+ weeks for 5 months. I charter/tournament fish Lake Ontario. With my Humminbirds and Airmar 600w traditional sonar transducer I can mark my cannonballs down past 300', and I even have a screen shot of that combo marking my flasher down 225'. I've been running a NSS EVO3s in FL the last few weeks on a brand new Robalo. Nice MFD. I put a side scan ducer on it to compare the tech to my Humminbirds. I'll never make that mistake with Navico ever again. Compared to my Humminbirds side imaging it's horrible. Probably the worst I've seen between Humminbird, Garmin, and SIMRAD.
  12. If your sole purpose is trolling the great lakes CHIRP is not for you. The new 600w transom mount CHIRP ducer from AIRMAR gives you about a 30* cone, but most are less than 25*. Traditional sonar ducers on 50khz are giving you 40-45* cones. So, with CHIRP ducers you lose some of the cone angle. CHIRP ducers are typically more expensive, and for trolling purposes only give you a prettier picture. If you bottom fish, or jig for fish CHIRP really shines. For trolling your wasting your money and knocking down your viewable area. I recommend thru-hull ducers on fiberglass boats. B60 and B744v are staples on the Great Lakes. If you have to go with a transom mount on aluminum boats the P66 is the way to go. I can drop ship most ducers, so let me know what you want to go with.
  13. The problem with the 200khz is the cone angle is very narrow. You'll have a hard time marking your cannonballs, and you'll see less fish. I never point guys in the direction of the DI units. Your best bet might be to purchase and AIRMAR P66 transom transducer.
  14. Do you know what traditional sonar frequencies you have with that? If you just have 200khz you're not going to be happy with that for trolling. If you can get 83khz you're golden. Sometimes 200 is called high chirp and 83 is called medium chirp. Sometimes I've seen with the DI they don't give you 83khz. I run with the chart speed turned all the way up. If I'm 40' or less I'm running switchfire on clear. Over 40' I have it turned to max. For sensitivity you want it just high enough to see your Cannonball. I don't mess with the contrast setting.
  15. What transducer are you running? Sent from my Pixel 5 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. Nope! Sea Trial and (if it's big enough) survey are a must. I'd also like to see a leak down or compression check on the engine(s). Sent from my Pixel 5 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. I've had Rochester Reel Repair do some work for me as well. Very pleased with his service.
  18. Been happy with the Aftco Hydronaut suit I got from FishUSA. I think I'm going on season 3 with it now. It's not the insulated one, but I may buy that one soon for those colder days.
  19. We use the SS version 75% of the time. If we have to get in skinny water to chase the colored water (<6-8') then we switch over to the S3's. We've had really good success, after the morning bite, sliding out to 10-25' of water and pulling the larger LS. In my head I feel the fish can pick out the bait easier in the deeper water. We also tend to use the LS in dirty water. Again, in my head I feel the fish can feel the larger profile pushing more water. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. We don't have much for staff right now. I'd wait until Spring. We start to ramp up staffing 4/1.
  21. $175 for summer storage at Krenzer's. It's 1/2 mile from the launch on RT14 Sent from my Pixel 5 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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