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  1. Maratron makes a lot of NMEA2K stuff. Might want to start there. What engines do you have? Usually, you need a Gateway to get the data from the engine. That Gateway is supplied by the engine manufacture.
  2. FishUSA made a telescopic inline planer board rod that was great. Unfortunately, they don't offer them anymore. I'm currently running the telescopic Daiwa Great Lakes rod, and in happy with them. I have 4 set up with 10lb mono and 4 set up with 20lb braid. Sometimes I wish I spent the money on the Denali's because I've heard great things about them. As for reels I like the Daiwa 27LC. If you want to spend the money the Daiwa Saltist 20 is nice. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. A buddy was up from New Jersey to work on his boat, so I said "while you're here let's take advantage of this great weather and go grab a limit of Walleye on Oneida." He didn't even question it. So, off to Oneida Lake we went. We blasted off around 7:15am and made a few drifts from 15-30' in and around the areas we've been fishing over the last couple months. Didn't really see the thick schools we got used to on our Hummingbird Helix's. Knowing the area we've done good in usually loads up better in the early afternoon we made the decision to troll for a few passes. We tossed out some Bay Rat Short Deep stickbaits behind Offshore OR-12 inline boards and trolled around looking for a possible school. We grabbed 6 eyes trolling with 'Can't afford it' and 'Purple Rain' taking all the fish. 140' back on mono and 60' back on braid. Around 11am we went back to drifting and finished our limit out. Jigging raps in size 7 were good in Glow Perch and Hot Steel. i1Baits gold perch took a few as well. My buddy Nick from Soco baits was out and text us to let us know what he was talking fish on and what depth his bites were coming. 15' ended up being our best depth on the drift. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. The link isn't working, but I can get you that unit if you're looking.
  5. $575 + Tax BTW....I work and sell through Krenzer Marine, so I have to collect tax.
  6. Shallow water highlight allows you to shade an area you deem shallow red. Depth highlight allows you shade a depth range you want the boat to stay in Green. Maybe it's a range you think the fish are hanging in. You can see it on the picture I'm attaching.
  7. My recommendation would be a Humminbird HELIX 7. If you stick with the CHIRP/GPS model they're sub $500. I could have it shipped to your door for $474.99. For another $100 you can have the Lakemaster Chart card added which will give you a great map for Lake Ontario and its surrounding lakes. It will also allow you to do things like Shallow water highlight and depth highlight.
  8. Thanks for all the recommendations guys. It means a lot! ReelDeal - I have May 1st and 23rd available. May 1st with a harsh winter and cold water temps could be 70% Lake Trout/30% Salmon, but we wont know that until we see the severity of our Winter up here. The last few seasons that weekend has been great for Salmon due to our mild winters. We fish from the Wilson Boat House. You can click on the link in my signature to head over to our website or Facebook page. Both outlets are kept up with fishing reports after every outing with pictures.
  9. This trolling motor is brand new in the box. Pick up in Rochester or Sodus, otherwise buyer pays shipping. Retailers cannot sell this for under $3000 anywhere on the internet. I'm selling it for $2700. https://minnkotamotors.johnsonoutdoors.com/featured-products/ulterra?id=26326
  10. Another manufacturer did a video showing breaking strength between 30lb wires, and yes AFW broke before the others. You are correct when you say it comes down to care and maintenance of your wire. I've fished with a lot of people over the years and cringe when I see how they handle their wire. Some of those people being captains. I may regret saying this, and I'm knocking on wood as I type, we don't crack off divers but once every couple of seasons. We also routinely pull a $250 Smart Troll probe on them as well. Just like everything else in life it's great that we have choices, and one product isn't for everyone.
  11. Frank Campbell is one of the best. Other great choices are Matt Yablonski and Vince Pierlioni.
  12. John made some great points, but 19 strands biggest downside is its dive curve. The reason you go to wire (over mono like we started using when divers came out) is to go deeper. I see you don't like the pigtail from your current wire, so it sounds like 19 strand might be what fits YOU. However, if you want your divers to get deep fast (important on the East end where temps can be deep) we've found American Fishing Wire's (AFW) 30lb to get the job done, but it's not the most user friendly. You really have to watch this wire and not let it get any slack. Malin, Mason, and Torpedo Wire 7 strand are all around .015" in diameter, and good wires that are widely used. AFW is .012", and our Smart Troll has shown us in testing we need less wire out to achieve the depths we want with it. I have no affiliation with this company, but we run their wire exclusively. The reason being is we want our divers to get there with the least amount of line out, and at better angle into the water so green fish at the back of the boat don't get into it as easily.
  13. They're looking to do a couple next season. If you're on Facebook follow the Oneida Lake Diehards page. Bernie and Mike will post info on there.
  14. Trust me I'd rather be in BOQ this time of year, but with the boarder closed Oneida will do. I do enjoy that you can target them however you want on Oneida. If you want a price on a 15" HELIX let me know. The view on my HELIX's is one I've been trying for Oneida. Other types of fishing I'll set it up differently. For example when I'm trolling BOQ I'll split screen Sonar/DI to help decipher targets. There's still nothing like a nice arch when you're looking for fish.
  15. I love a good multi-species event. We've done well chasing Salmon/Trout in these type of events, but today it was all about the warm water species. We had to catch a Smallmouth, Largemouth, Walleye, and a Perch. We failed to find a Largemouth [emoji3525], and that pretty much cost us the event. That was partially because we found a really good Walleye bite on Jigging Raps. Even though we had 3+ hours to go looking for a Largemouth my buddy TJ was enjoying catching Walleyes. It was high sun today, and they were chewing black/silver & blue/silver raps really good! We found them on a 22' flat next to a drop off. The screen was loaded, and at times it was every other cast. We ended up taking The Lunker Walleye prize with a 3lb+ fish. We had two more in the livewell that weren't far behind it. Huge thanks goes out to Burnie and Mike for coming up with this format. A little surprised only 10 boats showed up to fish it, but it was fun none the less. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. I have Humminbird's Lakemaster Northeast v2 cards at Krenzer Marina. It's all I use now in my Humminbirds. I think they retail for $129. Using a Lakemaster card gives you functionality like shallow water highlight and depth highlight. Both features I use regularly.
  17. I've got a Riptide Ulterra the boss used on his boat in FL about 6 times. He sold the boat the following Spring, new customer didn't want it, and it's been sitting in the showroom (Krenzer Marine) since. I used it for a weekend up on BOQ last Fall when I broke my Terrova. Works great, but I'm a Terrova guy. $2400 if you're interested. This is the trolling motor: https://minnkotamotors.johnsonoutdoors.com/saltwater-trolling-motors/riptide-ulterra?id=13551
  18. Saltist 30's are a great wire reel. We've run them for 12 years now, and haven't had many issues with them, and we put them through the ringer.
  19. If anyone's looking I will beat any internet price if you choose to have us, at Krenzer Marine, install it.
  20. I don't have an 18 Starcraft in stock now, but have one coming before Christmas. It's an 18' Delta Pro, which is a new model. I wish at Krenzer Marine in Sodus Point NY. If Starcraft is one of your choices let me know. Currently, I have a 210 Fishmaster and 2050 STX. The two 196 Fishmasters I have on order are being built right now as well. The one 18 we did have sold, but I have it in storage and can show it to you so you can get a feel for that layout. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. Mother nature was brutal this morning! 3' waves out of the West rolling down Oneida Lake with wind driven rain for the first hour or two. Launched mid lake and realized that was as mistake. We were unable to get to the water we fished last weekend. Gave it an honest try near the launch but all we could muster up were short Walleye, a Smallmouth Bass, and some smallish Perch. At 10am I made the decision to put her on the trailer and tow the boat to the West end even though I haven't fished there all year. Started in 12' and worked around until we finally settled in on a 19-20' flat. That's where we pulled our boat limit of a walleye over the next couple hours. We also took a few more Smallmouth Bass, and a couple nice Perch. Top bait for us today was a size 7 jigging rap in Hot Steal, and an i1baits Bad Boy blade bait in the iTiger color pattern. Gotta give it to my crew today. They were hardcore dealing with that wind/rain, and patient while we figured out what we had to do to get bit. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  22. It's a Gen1 unit that is only Sonar/GPS. I do believe if hooked into a network with SI or DI it can share that ducer data.
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