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  1. First Walleye charter on Oneida Lake since Memorial Day. We were met with temps hovering around the freezing mark and a lake expelling her energy. The steam show and sunrise were pretty spectacular! We found a nice school of fish in 17-19' fow on the South shore. First we hit them with silver blade baits, and then the slaughter started on size 7 jigging raps. The glow perch pattern started out on fire, but when the [emoji274] popped out black/silver size 7 was easily the top bait of the morning. Clients called it at 11:30am with sore arms. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. I'd love to know how you can tell the difference since the fin clipping project is over? We all know from that project there is natural reproduction, but you specifically stated this year.
  3. These are units I had on display at Krenzer Marine over the Summer of 2020. They have never been bolted to a boat. These are available at Krenzer Marine, or I can ship them (at the buyers expense). We will also have to add tax to these prices upon checkout. Cannon Optimum TS - $1,350 Humminbird SOLIX 10 Sonar/GPS - $1330 SIMRAD GO9 XSE w/ Total Scan - $975 Garmin ECHOMAP UHD 93sv - $900 Garmin GPSMAP 942 Plus - $1175
  4. I run the newer Daiwa Great Lakes ML Downrigger rods for Brown Trout. They have a nice action, and should be great for the purpose you want them for. They're also inexpensive. I have them set-up with 15lb mono to a 10lb leader. You can find them at FishUSA at this link - http://fishusa.rv5k.net/knnaL The rod I'm talking about is model GL802MLF
  5. Yea, technology has made it so the VHF is less popular. We still use it a bit up at the Oak, and I know the Rochester boys use it.
  6. It's not horrible, and typically it's only a few weeks that it's an issue.
  7. There's not too much bait out there. There was bait higher in the water column sitting in colder water a few miles to the inside of where we fished, but these fish wanted deep bait on the thermocline offshore where the more stable water was.
  8. Nope, On the new Optimums there is a braid algorithm. On the old DT's you could adjust amount of line on spool to dial them in.
  9. I don't fish walleye enough to have an opinion, and when I do I generally don't run Downriggers. 2/3. One has coated cable for my Mood. That might go away soon as I get used to the Fish Hawk.
  10. We've kicked a lot of boats a**es fishing right next to us with braid. I hope you don't buy into it as much as it sounds like you do.
  11. I will admit, I had to order some parts I would deem "wear parts" from Cannon this week. I found their customer service great, and very knowledge. Unfortunately, I feel like sometimes you get the bad apple when you call into customer service.
  12. You guys aren't known to travel much past 200', but I'd bet if you took it to the boarder you'd find plenty of steel and 2yr old Salmon to play with.
  13. Yup, fleas can be a problem, but it's manageable. Thinner diameter allows my presentations to be more efficient with less blowback. Also, it eliminates cable hummm.
  14. Late August I'd recommend 300 at the shortest going up to 500' if you really want to reel that much line in.
  15. Tell me what area of the lake you fish and when you spend most of your time there. I can help you answer that question with that info.
  16. I texted with a Cannon engineer this morning. It's not a problem he's heard of. His first question was "is the cable spooling up on the side of the spool creating loose cable?" I told him that was my first question to the OP. They understand that's an on-going issue, and it's on the table to be resolved. Hopefully in the near future. My suggestion to the OP is to keep an eye on how the cable lays on the spool when coming up. I personally run 150lb braid on my out-n-downs, and I run it through the hook that I store my cannonballs on. I also sometimes guide the cable on the way up (when fishing deep) so it lays flat on the spool and doesn't throw off my counter if it bunches in the center. This is a braid issue IMO due to the thinner diameter.
  17. "Auto-Up" is always speed 5. The speeds you change in the settings are for manual up/down. It very well could be a bad cable. I'm guessing its more likely the cable is spooling up on the side of the spool and it's causing cable wear and loose cable. Are the run off the sides of the boat, or directly back?
  18. What exactly is your issue? Is your line spooling up to one side of the spool and the cable is jumping? I have had great customer service through them, and I have some great contacts there. Let me know what is happening exactly and I can try to help.
  19. Saturday - Second to last offshore trip of the season. Tough part about this time of year is the lack of info all week. Took us 2/3 of the day to find them, and then it was chaos in spurts. Today we found them out on the 32-33N line. Find the good bait and the fish aren't far behind. Highlight of today was a 15lb 2yr old. That fish hit a diver out 300' pulling a Team Dreamweaver Spin Doctor/ A-Tom-Mik Mfg. Glow Stud fly. Good spoons today were UV Mongoose, Frost Bite, and Glow Green Alwife. Hot flies today were Glow Stud, BAM, and Glow B fly. The program today was 150 & 200 A-TOM-MIK copper on one side. 10 color FishUSA Stealthcore & 300 copper on the other. 400 copper down the chute. We parked our three Cannon Downriggers at 45-100', and divers from 250-300'. You have to cover as much of the water column as you can this time of year. Surface was 64* and the thermocline was at 80'. Sunday - Taking her to the barn! Today we fished our last day on the Yankee for the 2020 season. Wind forecast wasn't good for the offshore area we've been fishing, so we were forced to do the stager thing. We grabbed a couple on the wall first thing, and then we slid out a little and grabbed another in about 45' of water. We've got a lot of work planned for the ol girl this off-season so stay tuned for updates on that. This also means Oneida Lake Walleye charters will start up. Looking forward to that change of pace. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. Kind of a lazy post to encompass last weekend. One more weekend to go and the Yankee will head to the barn for some much needed winter projects. In the meantime we are gonna keep doing what we do, and that's putting fish in the cooler! This weekend we played offshore and caught mostly Steelhead, but did tangle with a couple immature Salmon. Seems the Salmon are out a little further than the Steelhead. Yesterday we fished 30-33N, and today we fished 27-30N. Great class of Steelhead out there! A-TOM-MIK coppers in 150-300' took most of the Steelhead with a variety of spoons. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. No, what I'm saying is the rest of the lake and the small towns that touch every inch of it get the big FU all so one town doesn't suffer. So screw the charter boats, tackle shops, hotel/motel, restaurants, and marinas all around the lake. Lets not forget the trickle down effect outside of the business mentioned.
  22. I've never fished Canadian rivers, but I am told they get closed to fishing at some point. Maybe it's sections of the river that get closed to protect the fish in it. As far as fishing stagers in the lake goes the fish is still in the lake and has to actually "bite" your presentation. Fishing for them in a ditch with very little flow is not ethical given a large percentage are taken illegally. I disagree Dave. There are more stakeholders on the entire lake than in the Salmon River. I had to pull off the Steelhead this weekend becasue I couldn't box anymore and go look for Salmon. The stupid regulation you and your buddies put on the lake anglers is ridiculous. First it went from 18" to 21". Now we can't keep 3 Steelhead in the Lake. What's next? Oh, and let me mention the lake guys have gotten nothing in return. We just keep getting things rammed down our throats. It's time we get something.
  23. I'm still blown away that one river get so much attention for 2mos of the season. The bigger picture is all the small towns around Lake Ontario (US & Canada) who benefit from Salmon 6mos of the year. Since the DEC put fourth more regulations on the lake for Trout, and mentioned that Salmon are managed for the lake, we need to protect our Salmon as Lake anglers all around Lake Ontario. Canada closes their tribs. I'm not asking for a full closure. I'm asking for a closure until after egg take every year. The Salmon River is where a 90% of the stocked Salmon in Lake Ontario come from. Our best Salmon genes never make it to the hatchery. Some of our best Trout get ripped out by the slobs that Salmon season attracts. Low water years, like we have now, and the stocking cuts are not going to be good for the lake in the future. I've been fishing offshore for a month now. I do it every fall. Next years class isn't looking good. Our 3yr olds this year were the first 20% cut, and we saw how the mature fishery was this August/September. Next years matures are the 40% cut, and we're not seeing many offshore where they should be.
  24. Why does everyone focus on 1 town when it comes to the Salmon fishery? Salmon are managed for the Lake. Not 1 town. There are a lot of small towns all over the lake that benefit from people trailering in and charter boat clients April-September. Let's not forget another country. The big picture here is the lake. Not Pulaski. It may never happen, but if we can rally the troops we will have a chance. Be thankful you can fish tribs on the south shore. They close them on the North shore and that may be why our Salmon fishery is as good as it is especially when we have adjustments to the stocking numbers.
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