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  1. Mine have always stayed in the garage. No issues.
  2. Any of them can be good. BT fishing in the Spring is the same it always has been. Generally, you'll find fish around the mouths of creeks and rivers. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Hit the water around 8:30am with my brother and a buddy. There was no shortage of color from recent winds. We stayed off the beach hoping to get into some cleaner water, but that didn't really pan out. We had no shortage of bites, and the ones we landed were all part of a nice class. Most fish were in that 5-8lb range. We pulled Offshore inline boards with Bay Rat Short Shallow sticks from 60-100' back. Chinook divers out 10-15', and our Cannon downriggers back 40' down 6-9'. White cupped spoons were best on those presentations. Bay Rats that went were Green Frog, Citrus Shad, Ghost Wipe, and red with black squiggles. If this weather stays decent we'll get back out there! Sent from my Pixel 5 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. I sell all the major brands and have a great installer.
  5. I always liked Steve, and I tried to view things from his side of the fence when a lot of anglers had nothing good to say about his science/perspective. I tended to agree with most of his science, and I think he had a lot of tough decisions on our fishery. That being said don't get me going on last years Steelhead regulation for the Lake anglers. Enjoy retirement Steve!
  6. We've been running the Daiwa Great Lakes diver rods for a few years now. No complaints here. We've run their wire rods with rollers and they are a bit beefier and much heavier in the hand, so we sidelined those. The models we're currently running are GL902MHR and GL962MHR You can buy them at FishUSA - fishusa.rv5k.net/knnaL
  7. I'd put at least two divers out before I ran any copper/leadcore.
  8. I've been running the Daiwa Great Lakes Telescopic 8'6" planer board rod the last few seasons for Browns and Walleye behind in-lines. They work great, and are very reasonably priced: fishusa.rv5k.net/knnaL For a reel you can't beat the Daiwa Sealine. It's been a Great Lakes workhorse for many years. I'd recommend the 27 size with the power handle - SG27LC3B: fishusa.rv5k.net/bRrDx
  9. I've had both. Big Johns are nice, and cheaper. The Cisco's are built really nice, but more money. My Big John's lasted about 6/7 years before I had a motor go in one of them. I still have the set, but I have to get the one motor fixed still.
  10. I like to run the junk lines that run higher in the water column on the outside, and the ones that run deeper to the inside. For example this May/June we were running a 2/5/10 on each side. The 2/5 ran fine on Offshore OR12 in-lines. The 10 color ran much better on the OR-37 (mag board). This past September we ran a similar spread, but with 150/200/300 coppers.
  11. I have brand new Yacht Club trailers at Krenzer Marine that we are putting under our new Starcrafts. If you'd like a price let me know.
  12. Launch on 14 is open, but it's not in great shape with the low water. Coast Guard launch is closed from road construction.
  13. Nice, they're a little overkill for what we need them for, but you can't pass up a good deal!
  14. John, What made you go 8612 over 1243 or 126?
  15. Excited to get mine! I think some of our experienced clients will really enjoy this reel. Trying to figure out the rod now. Great video as always Dan.
  16. Unless you want to head over to the Niagara Bar they are an incidental catch. They seem to consistently be there every spring. Some years are better than others. There's plenty of threads and YouTube videos on spreads that will catch them, but they like Orange.
  17. That's awesome! We all appreciate his service. As for the YT we're adding '50 coppers. Been a 100' guy since we got into copper fishing, and want to expand on it. Looking at adding just 250' and 350' right now. Also, putting down some PlasDECK on the swim platform and back deck. Lastly, adding a Mooching reel for clients looking to add a little fun to the fight.
  18. We went with Lumitec Caprera2's on our boat. We went a cheaper direction when we first bought the boat, but the sun made the housings real brittle and they didn't last long. These have been on for about 8 years now and look and function like the day we bought them. We opted for the white/blue version. We went with 4 and I'll be honest with you it's overkill. 1-2 is sufficient for most boats. If you are interested in any Lumitec products let me know I can ship them right to your door.
  19. They track nice and are available up to 16lb's I believe.
  20. We're running a 9' ML action rod that Fat Nancy's has made. A lot of guys run this for Spring Brown Trout on planer boards (not in-lines). They are a great rod and very fun to catch fish on. Almost no control if a King hits, but fun as heck! I think they're Riversides? Call over and ask for Dave if you're interested. Tell him I sent ya and he'll know what rods I'm talking about.
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