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  1. When it comes to electronics all the major brands do great with traditional sonar. That technology has been around for a long time. The key is buying the right transducer and proper installation. I can help with both. We probably sell and install more electronics at Krenzer Marine than any other marina on Lake Ontario. I have one tech that installs electronics M-F all year long. The other thing to consider is do you plan to network electronics down the road, but more importantly do you want to add radar at some point? Some models do these things better than others. Being a fly bridge boat networking a fish finder is a great idea. The guy in the back of the boat can't see what's going on below. A simple network cable and you can share your transducer data to other units. As for the Raymarine AP. The difference between the 150 and 200 comes down to the hydraulic steering cylinder size. You need to see how much fluid the cylinder in your boat pushes. If I had to guess you will need to go EV-200. Give me a call at the marina, or shoot me a message on Facebook and I can help steer ya. I don't push one brand. I deal in them all, so whatever you're comfortable, or familiar with, I can sell ya.
  2. We fished 28-31N lines at the Oak. We were over 400'+ the whole time.
  3. Morning - We had a gang from PA join us today for some offshore action. This was Jerry's retirement gift to himself. It wasn't easy to find a spot out there when you're all alone, but we fished up a program and had a nice catch by end of day. Our catch consisted of mostly Steelhead, but a couple nice 2yr old Salmon also made it to the box. The amount of bait offshore is the most I've ever seen this time of year. At no time was the screen void of a school. The Humminbird side imaging was peaking out 400' on either side of the boat and the amount of schools on that was impressive. 5-10 schools on it at all times. It was mostly a spoon program for us on our Cannon Optimum downriggers. We fished them from 70-110' down. Carbon 14 was the man for us, but other spoons that took fish were Rodfather, Glow Roy Boy, and Glow Green Alewife. A DW Spin Doctor in Marv's Fatty pulling an A-TOM-MIK Glow Blue Hammer was good for a few fish on a diver as well. Afternoon - Tonight we had some local people joined by relatives from North Carolina. There was a lot of fishing talk going on between bites! We checked the inside waters on the way out, but the screen didn't impress us. We quickly decided to head offshore, even though it was a short trip, and played in the piles of bait. It was a steady pick of fish this evening. We kept two nice Steelhead, and quickly released everything else back. We're looking forward to changing up gears and transitioning into Fall Walleye fishing. Keep an eye on this page for some Oneida Lake reports soon.
  4. We run 3 on the Trojan and 2 on the Lund. On the Lund we get extra board lines or divers in the water to make up for a missing DR.
  5. Very nice. I have some charters next month that want to troll for them. This is good info even though it'll be a few weeks still.
  6. They're all pending payment. If that falls through I'll reach out to you. Thanks for the interest.
  7. I will have 4 of these reels loaded with 45lb A-TOM-MIK copper for sale after September 19th. Two have 400' of copper and two have 500' of copper. There is 300yds of 50lb backer on the 400 copper, and 150yds of 50lb backer on the 500 copper. $100ea (does not include rod). Link to Daiwa's website - https://daiwa.us/collections/saltwater-conventional-reels/products/seagate-levelwind Rugged, corrosion-proof composite frame 4 bearing system (1CRBB +2BB +1RB) Dual system Infinite Anti-Reverse Ultimate Tournament carbon drag (UTD) Oversize line guide aperture for copper wire line Loud spool click Fast 6.1 to 1 gear ratio Oversize Soft Touch handle knob
  8. September 11th - We had a quick morning charter with some locals that found us via our social media outlets. With the wind forecast and short trip we didn’t want to go fish offshore, so we targeted stagers. First thing this morning 100-120’ held the fish. As the morning went on cold water started rolling in and those fish slid into 80-90’. Our count for the morning was 3/5 on Salmon, 2 Lake Trout, and a Brown Trout. One fish ate a Carbon 14 on a 500’ A-TOM-MIK copper, one fish ate a two face flasher/A-TOM-MIK Hypnotist, and the rest all ate meat rigs loaded with Deep Rig Tackle strips. September 11th (afternoon)/12th (morning) - Our guests yesterday evening and this morning were from Williamsport, PA. They were troopers last night in 3-5’ waves and that’s how this morning started off as well. The West winds drove the temps deep. 120-140’ was a common depth on our Cannon Optimum downriggers to get our baits in the cooler temps where our Humminbird SOLIX’s were showing fish. 500’ A-TOM-MIK coppers took a few fish pulling mag spoons, but meat rigs were our best presentations. All of them loaded with Deep Rig Tackle and Soco Prime Cuts.
  9. You took it wrong. The guys complaining of terrible stager fishing in Aug/Sept are West end guys who have it great all season. All they have to do to catch fish is spend a little money in fuel later in the season.
  10. Don't ya just love those guys Brian? If they had to fish Oswego for a year they'd have a change of opinion. The best part about those guys is all they have to do is go offshore and pick on the great Steelhead fishing and 2yr old Salmon.
  11. Shhhhhhh.......isn't Olcott bad enough with the out of town traffic in August? Do you really want more? LOL I mean the OH guys are tolerable, but those East coast guys may not be.
  12. What a great weekend! Tom and Rob from PA are no strangers to our operation. They've been chartering us for close to 10 years now. Their charter was booked a year in advance like most clients. However, during the Spring a local Big Boys tournament at our home port was announced on the weekend they had booked. We gave them the option to buy in on top of their charter, or just pay for the charter they had booked and we'd put up 100% of the entry. They choose to go 50/50 with us. Result, a win for all of us, and their charter paid for by their winnings! Day 1 (Saturday) - we started the morning in 40' right out front looking for some stagers. Fridays recon trip found some nice ones in there due to some cold water. We found warmer water had moved in, so we worked our way out until we settled into 65-80' where temp was good, and our Humminbird lit up with fish. The morning started good and the bite never let up for us. We ended the day with two dozen Salmon bites, most making it to the boat, and a Lake Trout. All but one fish took meat rigs fished on our Cannon Downriggers, divers, and 300/400' A-TOM-MIK coppers. 1/3 of those fish took Herring strips, the other 2/3 had fake bait in them. Some were rigged with Deep Rig Tackle strips and others had Soco Baits Prime Cuts in them. The amount of fish we landed on day one allowed us to have a really nice box. By the end of the day we were sitting in second place after our fish hit the scales. Day 2 (Sunday) - we found the cold water slid out even further when we set up in the morning. So, back into search mode again, but we figured we wouldn't have to go far. Our first 4 bites were on 300' A-Tom-Mik Mfg. coppers pulling Plugs, and we landed 0 of them. Not to mention we cracked two off. We'd go on to have a slow pick in the morning that turned into an awfully slow pick the rest of the day. We threw back two Skippy Salmon, and turned 12 other good Salmon bites for the day only landing 4 of them. Again, other than one fly bite, and the first four plug bites it was a meat rig program for us. That 1/3 real meat and 2/3 fake meat was the tally again. However, today those fake meat bites were mostly on Deep Rig Tackle strips. We didn't think we'd even have a shot at money, but when we got in the weigh in line and watched most teams weigh one or two fish we thought maybe there's a chance. When it was all said and done no team weighed their six fish in day two. We were one of two teams to box four fish and that was enough to take home the win. Winning tournaments are always great, but doing it with a charter makes them even more special. Our guys did great, and they had a blast! Maybe they'll defend their title next season!
  13. Depends on the wire brand and diameter. We use American Fishing Wire. It's the thinnest 30lb wire on the market. According to our smart troll the ratios are about: 0-100' - 2:1 100-200' - 2.25-2.5:1 200-300' - 2.5-3:1
  14. Some locals joined us today to celebrate a birthday. It was a short trip and given the ice water inside from Fridays blow we headed right offshore to the 29N and trolled it North. We never took a mature bite out there, but there was no shortage of 1 & 2yr old Salmon to play with. We kept a few, and put back more. Carbon 14 was good most of the day on the deep Cannon Downrigger. Our "man" today was definitely a DW Wonderbread spoon. On the divers it was going at 200' out on a 2 setting. We also had it go a few times on the 300' A-TOM-MIK copper. Chrome UV, Glow UV, and the standard all took fish. Other spoons to mention that took fish were DW Glow Roy Boy and Rodfather.
  15. Less than a 150yds, so not a good idea. On a Saltist 50 we can get 150yds on the reel with 300' of copper. The Accudepth 57 looks to have a smaller line capacity.
  16. Mature Salmon aren't a size. Some mature at 2yrs old some mature at 4yrs old. The term "mature" is used very loosely.
  17. You can link them together via NMEA2000, but it doesn't work as seamlessly as using the Reactor 40 with a Garmin MFD. There's not much functionality you're going to gain linking them. We install a lot of Reactor 40's with hydraulic and mechanical steering.
  18. You're seeing stragglers in these systems. It's not where the majority of them are. 99% are still in the Lake. These stagers the last 4-5 years have become lock jawed in August up and down the lake. I'd love to know why. I remember never leaving that inside water the last half of August and pulling some nice full boxes.
  19. A couple of our top spoon colors this season, which are custom colors for FishUSA, are back in stock in all three sizes! Head on over and get you some! fishusa.rv5k.net/0JmmEY
  20. More and larger flasher/fly or flasher/meat rigs. Throw in a few plugs.
  21. They're there if you are derby fishing. We have to put fish in the boat for multiple customers, so grinding out a few big ones isn't always the case. Offshore fishing is so much more consistent, and to be honest the big dark Salmon don't do it for me anymore. IMHO they look horrible in pictures. I also can't look a customer in the face and tell them that this fish, who is shutting down it's digestive system and starting to decay, is great table fare. That being said a lot of people eat Salmon from the rivers and enjoy them. It comes down to what the customers want. We'll deliver whatever that is.
  22. We fished the Reelin' For A Cure woman's fishing tournament today in Niagara County. We tried to defend our title from last year, but came up really short. This morning I picked a heading out of the harbor and took it to the 29N line. Although our first fish was 23lbs we got dinked up with small Salmon and medium Steelhead the rest of the day. It just came down to a bad spot picked by the captain. I'd like to give a huge thanks to Stephanie Moot-Pierleoni and the entire tournament staff for volunteering and putting on this event. It continues to grow every year, and there's a reason for that. We can't wait to come back next year and do it all over again. For the event we had some shirts made up to help raise money to donate to the events benefactor. Proceeds from shirt sales, some extra money from our team, and help from ITZ Pro Fishing Apparel allowed us to donate $1500 to the tournament. We still have some shirts left. Sizes are limited, but we have S, M, and L left. Pics of those shirts are below. If you'd like one you can Paypal us @ [email protected] Shirts are $30 and if you want it mailed to you add another $5.
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