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  1. This spoon/color worked well on a buddies boat a year ago, so I grabbed a few from the guys over at Bay Rat Lures. It was our hottest spoon behind a Chinook Diver this Spring. You may have read about it in our reports. Anyhow, it's back in stock at FishUSA. Get it while it's in stock! - Bay Rat 3.5 Black Flash
  2. Saturday: Another great day on Lake Ontario with long time clients Doc, his son, Kurt, and Joe. The early morning Brown Trout bite couldn't have been any better! We also mixed in a Pike, a couple of Lake Trout, a Coho Salmon, and dumped a Chinook Salmon that headed for Niagara County. If you followed our page this morning you saw our starting line up. All Bay Rat Lures in SS and S3. Ayu, Ghost Wipe, Green Frog, Can't Afford It, Citric Shad, and Jail Bird all took fish. The riggers and divers were pretty quiet. After we took our only King bite, and learned of a few others, we upped our program to hunt down more King bites. We switched over to all Bay Rat LS baits on the boards and added in some slide divers. A 16 rod spread! Unfortunately, no more King bites were taken, but we did get a few Lake Trout and some bigger Brown Trout with that spread. Sunday: Make that four Sundays in a row fishing nasty conditions and snow. Thank God for our 10 Meter Trojan with camper top and heat today! Doc, Kurt, Joe, and Doc's son Nick from PA fished the last two days with us. They're regulars in the Spring chasing Brown Trout with us. We knew today might get cut short so we fished longer yesterday. For the first few hours it was great. The wind was manageable, but when it came it was wicked! We probably stayed and fished longer than we should have. Our typical Brown Trout spread consisted of eight board rods, two Chinook Divers, and three Cannon Downriggers. 98% of our fish came on board lines today. Bay Rat Lures S3's were the ticket as we had to put the boat in 7-9' of water with leads on our baits 125' back. The king took a Citric Shad. Other colors that worked today were Ayu, Ghost Wipe, Coho Crusher, Ghost Face, and a new Modified Green Frog.
  3. Sorry, I'm not a Raymarine guy. Not many guys using that brand anymore that I know of. All the different types of sonar have their place on the Lake, but most people don't get out enough to understand when to use each. Traditional sonar is enough for 80% of the people out there. CHIRP is not recommended due to its narrow cone angles and price. People have enough trouble understanding/tunning traditional sonar. When you get into side/down imaging and live sonar they get much more complicated and require more settings adjustments. Most people don't have the time to dedicate to that.
  4. I believe it's all diet related. The fish in the lake eating Gobies, Smelt, and Alewife are the ones that are nice and orange. The ones coming out of the stream are generally white, and they've been on a bug and egg diet for months.
  5. A buddy took one a week ago out of P-Ville. Saw one taken off Jordan this weekend and one out of Sodus.
  6. April 2nd - It was a tough day due to the amount of chocolate water. Strong NW winds last night churned up the shoreline making it almost impossible for the fish to see our baits. We made a move mid morning putting some miles on the Yankee that didn’t really pan out, but we tried. At 2pm we were 4/5 on cookie cutter Brown Trout, but right at the end a 19.5lb Chinook nailed our Chinook Diver. It changed the mood on the boat very quickly! April 3rd - When we broke the pier heads this morning we decided to try the opposite direction from yesterday. We were hoping the water color was cleaner. After getting set-up we had two people get sick on 1-3’s from the North, so we picked up and headed back to the marina. Once everyone felt better, and hit the head, we tried it again but stayed close to home. The clients were testing the waters to see if they could handle it. The lake seemed to have laid down a little, and everyone felt good, so we picked rods in unproductive water and headed to yesterday’s water on a whim. What a difference a day made! We proceeded to whack and stack the Brown Trout in 10-13'of water. Most fish were cookie cutter 16-20" fish, but we did get a few decent ones. Bay Rat SS’s back 100’ in BT Candy, Green Frog, Citrus Shad, Ayu, Coho Crusher, Can’t Afford It, and Ghost Wipe. On our Chinook Divers we ran a DW SS Rasta Goose and a Bay Rat 3.5 Black Flash 10-12’ back. Our Cannon Downriggers fished spoons back 40’ and down 5’. Glow Frog on one side and Mulatto on the other. Everything took fish!
  7. Beagler hit the nail on the head. On our Lund we are propelled with the kicker engine and steer/Auto[pilot with the Minn Kota. Shoot me a message if you're interested. I have some trolling motors in stock.
  8. Ya, not sure why the drop backs were so prevalent last weekend.
  9. Morning - Our group today was a family from Avon, NY. Other than some pond hopping there wasn’t much experience catching fish for them. We wore their arms out, and everyone caught the biggest fish of their lives. We were supposed to have the Yankee in for the weekend, but the upcoming forecast wasn’t desirable. Therefore, six of us piled on the Lund. We targeted 8-15’ today. The water was green and natural colors seemed to work best. Behind our Offshore OR12 inline boards our best Bay Rat colors were Ghost Wipe, Ayu, and Mustard. On our Cannon Downriggers we ran 30’ back/5’ down with UV Green Jeans being our best. Our Chinook Divers were fished 10-15’ out. Our best spoon was a Bay Rat 3.5 in Black Flash. However, UV Sea Sick Waddler held its own on the other side. Afternoon - The second trip for the weekend was with some guys from PA, and everything went back to play again another day. Bay Rat S3’s were the ticket in skinny water. Gold Finger, Ghost Wipe, Ghost Face Killer, and Ayu all took fish 60-100’ behind Offshore OR12 inline boards. Our only downrigger shot was on a DW SS Sea Sick Waddler back 40’ & down 10’. Our Chinook Divers fished 8-12’ back with Bay Rat Lures 3.5’s in Black Flash and Frog.
  10. I've only run these reels on two charters thus far in 2022, but I really like them and feel you should add them to your list of possibilities. The 400 size is a great Walleye/Spring BT reel and we're pulling in-line boards with them. Daiwa Lexa Linecounter FishUSA sells them. However, as of 3/24/22 they are currently out of stock -
  11. Are you talking OR39 Sam's Pro release, or the red OR16? https://www.offshoretackle.com/planerboardsreleases.html
  12. A couple of the charters out of P-ville are: Joe Pastore - Set-N-Ready Sportfishing Jerry Snyder of Dandy Eye;s.
  13. Saturday: It felt great to be back after it this morning! We pulled out of the harbor in the fog and fished in it the entire morning. Lady O greeted us with some healthy rollers from the NE, but she flattened out as the morning rolled on. Water temps ranged from 37-39*. Fishing was good. We found a great mix of year classes, which is a good thing after last Spring. A typical Spring Brown Trout spread was deployed. We ran 6 flat lined sticks behind Off Shore Tackle Company OR12 inline boards anywhere from 70-120' back. Our Cannon Downriggers fished spoons down 5' with 30' leads. Lastly, the Chinook Divers pulled spoons back 10'. Both natural and colored lures caught them this morning as we trolled in and out of dirty and clean water pockets. Our top producers, however, were Bay Rat Lures SS in Ayu and Can't Afford It. Our best spoons were UV Green Jeans SS and Bay Rat's 3.5 in Black Flash. Sunday: I'm ready for 80's and ! One picture is all we need to sum up today. This father and son team joined us from Utica, NY and they were faced with some miserable weather. It was cloudy, windy, and rainy, but they hung in there. The reward was quality Spring Brown Trout, and memories that will last a lifetime. Bay Rat S3's were today's baits of choice. Ayu, Black/Gold/Orange, and Jail Bird were our best colors. They were run 50-90' behind our Offshore OR12 inline boards. Chinook Divers out 10-12' only took a couple fish, but they were our biggest fish of the day. A Black Flash Bay Rat 3.5 spoon was our best behind those divers.
  14. We've got April 23rd and 24th available fishing from Shumway marina on the Genesee. You can click on the links below to visit our website for pricing, and our social media outlets to follow our fish catches starting in a few weeks.
  15. Are you not afraid of get cross talk between the transducer on the transom and whatever other transducer you're using for when the boat is running? Yes, mounting a transducer on a twin inboard boat can be done. Usually, guys put them in the center of the boat.
  16. I'd buy the transducer before I buy a new unit. It'll be cheaper.
  17. We exclusively use Dreamweaver swivels. Size 2 on our spoon rods, 3 on our flasher rods, and I believe we run the size 4 on our wires.
  18. Don't do it! The less those fish get hooked in the tribs the better they'll fight in the lake.
  19. Ya, if you had 83khz, which comes on the Sonar/GPS models (not SI or DI models), we wouldn't be having this conversation. A lot of guys buy the DI models becasue they are cheaper, or places blow them out at special prices. My recommendation is to pick up an Airmar P66 if you want a transom mount transducer, or a B60 if you want a thru-hull transducer. Use 50khz when trolling, and 200khz while on plane. Losing bottom with 200khz sounds more like an improper install more than anything.
  20. I've seen a lot of DI units not offer a medium frequency option. If that's the case with yours I'd assume you've only ever ran it on 2000khz or high chirp? My recommendation is to go with an Airmar P66. It's a transom mount transducer with 50 and 200 kilohertz. You would use 200khz when running out in the morning to look for bait, and when you settle in to fish switch over to the 50khz. I sold out of these transducers, but I think I have 2 on the way this week. I'm at Krenzer marine, and live in Webster if this is something you want to grab.
  21. Another question I had is about the strain that certain species put on the Alewife population. In tough years, like most of the lake experienced last season, A LOT of Lake Trout get taken out of the system. At what point does this decrease in bottom vacuums help us to get those Alewife numbers rebounding? Does it even help?
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