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  1. God always seems to take the good people to fill Heaven so that we that are left have something good to look too when we go
  2. So sorry for your loss Tawny I am sure he is watching you & smiling
  3. This is why we as Americans must vote in November for republicans' so we can enjoy our boats long into the fall so we are not paying these high costs for fuel.
  4. Where have all you finger lakes fishermen been lately have not seen any fishing reports in a long while you all hiding
  5. What we must do as fishermen is go to the meetings in numbers & voice what we want to see. We are the ones paying for this fishery so we are the ones that should be the ones who reap the rewards. We pay large amounts of money to this economy by taxes on all our gear from boats, gas & tackle so go out to these meetings & voice your opinion
  6. I agree with alot of your points but nothing will change until us fishermen stand up & do something about it
  7. The reason for the failure they were not raised right just look at the work the LLSS has done with them in the past
  8. Yankee Troller why do you laugh do you know nothing about the species you fish for
  9. There is a supply house here in Orlando Florida if you need it I can bring it up too you
  10. Neither do the Atlantic Salmon they keep getting bigger & bigger need more of these & steelhead
  11. We do not need any Stripers this is a salmon & trout fishery
  12. I would use the COOSA Board you would not be sorry
  13. Good Luck see you out there on the water
  14. Go with a Suzuki you never will be sorry they are the best motor out there
  15. If I were you I would try around the mouth of streams entering the lakes the brown should be holding here waiting to enter when rains come
  16. Please tell us that your dogs were found & returned home
  17. There may be some in Naples creek possible
  18. Is anyone having any luck catching landlocks or rainbows on the lake lately just trying to see if its worth taking the boat over
  19. Bass Pro in Auburn They have all you need
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