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  1. May I ask you what lake you were fishing
  2. Its the same when you hit 60 thankful for the great year & finding a beautiful younger woman to spend the rest of my life together
  3. Merry Christmas to you too Hank stay warm here in sunny Florida see you in spring
  4. Merry Christmas to all & a Happy New Year May will all have a great year on the Great Lake called Ontario & our beautiful Finger Lakes, May will all brake our personal best fish or one that leaves us long lasting memories also all join to keep theses lakes fishing for many generations to come
  5. If this boat is not sold it is now
  6. Then why do the Atlantics do so well in the waters in the Detour Passage of Lake Huron the University of Michigan has the best stocking program anywhere maybe New York State could learn something from them
  7. The boat has a I/O so that is not a problem
  8. We the Fishermen need to fight for these things & not allow them to just brush us under the table like they always do UNITE
  9. I am replacing my Transom on my StarCraft Islander 26 with coosboard does anyone know if it is glued to the transom or is it just bolted to it only. This boat is also having the engine replaced with a 5.7 liter engine & a new floor replaced with non-wood. Thanks for all help
  10. Happy Holiday to the best dam Marine man in the Great Lakes
  11. You can never replace the knowledge & wisdom these old fisherman had but you sure remember the lessons they taught you as we walk though this life may you rest in peace Jim RIP. Prayers to his family a Legend has returned to heaven.
  12. Wake up New York look what Wisconsin is doing for there Charter Captains on Lake Michigan they are promoting their fishery not trying to kill it Stop trying to take away fish from us but improve it or we are going to see our fishery taken somewhere else like the other Great Lakes.
  13. I loves these lakes & Ontario too will do anything to improve the great fishing we have here had the chance to fish these lakes since the late 70s & have been fish them ever since have seen many changes over these years some good some bad but still the best there is.
  14. Will you people stop fighting with each other if you spent as much time bickering about stuff things would get done
  15. Heading to Florida for the winter but we will get together in the spring for sure
  16. Ps I will buy you that beer or that cup of coffee
  17. WE shall unite & get our steelhead back & get a great Atlantic program going like Michigan has.
  18. Gambler I did not mean to unite with TU but all Charter Captain across Lake Ontario & Lake fishermen need to unite so the word gets out there that we are not going to take this lyning down. I would be happy to help unite our call.
  19. Just my two cents but if we charter captains do not like what is going on we must unite & follow through we spend large amounts of money in this state & that is what drives this whole thing.
  20. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well Hank the best boat man in all of New York & then some , on my way to the Keys for the winter talk to you soon
  21. You are one member that I would love to meet we both have the love & passion for this great fishery we have here in the Finger Lakes & western Lake Ontario may you have a great winter on my way to the Florida Keys for the winter see you in spring
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