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  1. I sure hope they all went back to the lake in pieces
  2. We as fishermen need to make sure we kill everyone that we bring aboard
  3. Locate fish first then troll your lures in them you do not need to have your downriggers on the bottom they suspend in this lake most of the time
  4. I have never meet you but so sorry for your loss no one should lose that love so short in life
  5. Do you run a fish hawk & if so what speed & what temperature ranges are you getting on them
  6. Thank you so much for that respondence thats' how I catch mostly them in Canandaigua, spoons back around 75 feet off my downriggers & then sliding cheaters off of them 8 to 10 feet
  7. Dlott when you are catching the bows are they coming from the top 40 feet of water & the Landlock did you also get it from that same range area Thank you
  8. I caught a king in the 90s in the 46lb range & it only was a believe sixth in the derby that year would love to see them that big again
  9. Was anyone doing anything with the salmon if so on what may I ask Thank you
  10. So you are saying that the alewife has declined so the atlantics should have a better time at it now yes
  11. Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow fishermen have a great holiday & spring is just four months away
  12. Why does the Landlocks do so well in Cayuga Lake then is not their baitfish the same as Ontario
  13. Gambler we also have a diverse diet here our fish are feeding on different baitfish populations just look at the stomach contents of the fish you catch
  14. All you have to do is look at the Lake Superior State success rate of Atlantic's salmon into the upper great lakes maybe they can learn something from their program long live our great lakes fishery enough said on this subject
  15. About how big were those bows I have done great on that lake right up to Thanksgiving fishing the top 20 feet for big bows so do not give up so soon
  16. Ben I would go south of Deans Cove down to around the point. Are you trolling or jigging that will decide where to fish
  17. It is * like you who are destroying America enough said
  18. You are a **** go down in flames with the rest of your stupid people
  19. IF you are like me please go vote tomorrow Republican & save our great State of New York from the radical democratic run government trying to destroy our freedoms. Thank You & God Pless You
  20. It is time now that we change the Regs in the Finger Lakes to allow the taking of 2 rainbows in the western fingers as there is more then enough to support the taking of. what do you fishermen think
  21. Vote Republican on Nov. 8th & save New York we must take back our state from these radical democratic nuts
  22. This lake is by far the king when it comes to Rainbows can not be beat great lake for some very big ones
  23. Did you sell your boat if not can you tell me what motor you have in it
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