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  1. Was not a student working on a pheromone that would draw in the lamprey to the traps thus catching them
  2. Why can they not build lamprey traps at these two locals to trap them are they not on public streams
  3. Question since Seneca & Cayuga are connected by the canal is that why they cannot rid the lakes of them can only control them to a point
  4. Bigfoot can you repost that experimental device that was installed
  5. This lake will only get better as we go later into the fall the rainbows really take off
  6. Was your cheater at 50 feet or half way
  7. Has anyone installed a livewell in a Starcraft Islander 26. I have a Islander 26 & would like to install one in this boat is it a difficult job the floor is out at the moment.
  8. Hope that sob went back in many pieces for everyone you kill that does not make it to spawn
  9. what do you put on your outdrive to draw them to you
  10. Sk8man you & me are both so knowledgeable about these things, we will get together one of these days to talk fishing
  11. The best way to collect them is get yourself a seine & find yourself a slow moving stream you should be able to collect plenty for fishing
  12. The trick with rainbows is bright colors like pinks, watermelon, reds & others bright colors. Kick your speed up like 2.5 to 2.7 do not troll in a straight line & do not be afraid to troll over very deep water also stay in the upper fifty feet also do not be afraid to use cheaters. keep line back 75 to 100 feet back of your boat with a least 10 of fluorocarbon line.
  13. It sure looks like you know what is working on Owasco Lake beautiful group of fish
  14. These Finger Lakers give up monsters all the time just have to be out there to catch them very nice fish
  15. How big was your rainbow length & weigh if I may ask thanks
  16. Nice fish hopefully to make more babies
  17. Is that a HDS 8 you have

  18. I have a question what are the size of the alewife/herring in the Fingers lakes to the ones found in Lake Ontario
  19. wow that is one beautiful Atlantic what was its weight
  20. Is that a Lampery in the picture if so hope he went back in pieces
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