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  1. http://www.marineengine.com/ has helped me out multiple times with my older '67 Johnson 6hp kicker.
  2. How far back from the spinnie to the cut or whole bait? I want to run meat off one of my wire divers instead of the standard fly. I know the rotation of the bait needs to be 1-2 revolutions per second. Haven't run much cut bait over the years and figure it's time to give it a run. Advice always welcome, thanks.
  3. Standard, I believe 8' handle, ,non-telescoping. Bought it from a fellow LOU member here after our first was donated to lake O.
  4. get the free golden pass if you're an old timer like me. We like the state launch as there is more trailer parking. It seems to get congested on the east side.
  5. Love my Beckman, it was working for us out of the Oak today.
  6. North end of Conesus on RT20A has a good shop, used to be called Ted's, now I think it's called fingerlakes bait . There's also a shop on east lake road off Silver lake, Higgins bait.
  7. Time to replace my frayed cable to the Moor 900. Where can I find replacement 200'? Thought I could strip off the bad areas but I'd be short cable. The Moor site is shut down and ebay shipping is outrageous. Thanks for reading.
  8. Looking for a locking pin for a walker swivel base. It threads into the base is spring loaded and locks the base/rigger to different angles OR possibly a complete swivel base. I believe the rigger that mounts to this base is an old walker tournament. Thanks for looking.
  9. We had 14 degrees last night. Luckily I haven't run the I/O yet even though closed cooling system.
  10. I've ordered weights multiple times from Harvey. The torpedoes run great and are of good value and quality. I will continue to order from him again in the future. His shipping is prompt and NO, I do not work for Harvey or personally know him. I'm just giving credit where it is due. I would not hesitate to recommend his product to anyone.
  11. I have an Okuma Blue Diamond BD-TR862MH wire dipsey rod with a loose reel seat. I get rotation from the 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock position. I'm not sure how to approach the repair as I am not a rod builder. Can I split the foam handle to remove the handle and then slide off reel seat then apply epoxy or adhesive to blank and then reset seat? I really like this roller rod and don't think Okuma makes them any longer. Advise please and Thanks in advance for any comments.
  12. Yeah. We call that special effect "swim head". I kinda enjoy it. Sort of like the lake staying with ya.
  13. Thanks for the replies gentlemen.
  14. Anyone know how the state launch west side is? Should I bring waders to launch? Possible shakedown tomorrow.
  15. Here ya go bro.....23"W (doghouse to gunnel panel) X 18L (cockpit to transom) Port and starboard are identical. Thickness of cushion is 3" at transom side to 3.5" towards bow side. I wouldn't go thicker that 3" at transom because of backrest. These jumpseats don't get used much cause they're in the way when working the riggers AND people tend to stand on them AND they slip forward which could cause the standing person to go for an unintended swim. We use them when fishing is slow and we have more than usual on board. Can't help with the starter issue as my 22' 1988 HT is powered by a 3.7L.
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