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  1. http://www.marinetechproducts.com/pages/EZSteerHome
  2. Looking for a shift lever for a 1970 Johnson 6hp, model #6R70B.
  3. Great question as I have my own collection of a '47 Champion 4hp and a '54 Elgin 5hp. It's fun to get them running but they get no use. Best to do a search on the internet.
  4. Yep. I had checked 307, they have them. Just trying to beat the 20 bucks with shipping. I'll probably bite the bullet and chalk it up to lesson learned....Keep way to the inside of gunnels with anything you don't want to loose. Reminds me of the time my brother lost a buck knife off a gunnel while trolling chautauqua.."I had that knife for 20 years!!!"
  5. Need a used Cannon swivel head assembly for an old Mag 10A. Cannon #3770135. Lake Erie ate 1/2 of mine while attempting to put cable back on roller after it skipped off. Geesh, I thought I was far enough over the gunnel when splitting it! Anyone have one laying around?
  6. Yep. That's pretty much what I figured. Marine hose it will be. Thanks for all the replies/advice.
  7. Time for fuel hose replacement on the boat. 1988 original is dry, hard and beginning to check. Do I need to replace with 3/8 marine fuel hose or can I replace with ethanol resistant automotive hose? I'm thinking I need marine hose but not sure what the difference is. Engine is a 3.7 merc I/O. I'll be replacing line from tank to fuel/water filter then line to fuel pump. All advice is welcome.
  8. We were out amongst the fleet of 40-50 boats out of Sturgeon yesterday. Approx 53 FOW. The perch bite was light and we had to work for them. Some did well, some did not. We struggled to put a dozen in the cooler but there were some 14" slobs. The highlight of the morning was the 7# bonus eye my wife jigged up on a perch setup. Gotta love Erie!
  9. Keep the advice coming men. I'm gettin smarter all the time. Mama was checking flights to Anchorage today. Talked to one of my buddies that was up 10 years ago and he raved about not only catching halibut but the eating and size of the fillets.
  10. Thanks for the replies. Still doing our homework and most certainly will check out all referrals. As always, looking for the most bang for the buck.
  11. Thinking about maybe friday, would be nice if docks were in.
  12. We were there today and the eyes are really stacked in the inlet. Quite a show. Lots of northerns above the dam too.
  13. Thanks to all for the advice. Looks like I have some homework to do.
  14. Finally planning a bucket list trip to Alaska and am looking for reputable halibut charter recommendations. My wife/fishing partner is in full agreement on this trip and will be by my side. Seems Alaska catch limits on halibut are slot limited. Thinking maybe a 1 week cruise culminating in a few days fishing. I'm open to any advice, thoughts and experiences.
  15. They had spoons for sale this fall during Naples Grape Festival. Always stop there when we're in Naples. Old-timey sporting goods store, step back about 50 years.
  16. Geesh, just got the registration renewals for my boats. SURCHARGE $12.50!! That's on top of the registration fee. I don't think that was on my renewals 3 years ago. I suppose the surcharge goes into the general fund, after all this is ny. I wouldn't complain if it went to better Erie access. I also agree that we need more access to Erie. This state nickle and dimes you to death. Small wonder retirees leave.
  17. The finest of eating. Just finished a hot perch samich for lunch. Nice catch.
  18. While fishing Branchport today my wife mentioned to me that she saw "a cute little girl" on the ice. Well she just recognized that little girl in your great pic. BTW my wife caught her first ever ice laker today. I think you were set up to the north of us.
  19. Hoping to make the 2 hour run to Keuka sometime this week. Would be great to put the missus on some fish. Tubes and bucktails ready to go.
  20. Great show. Love seeing the open (not frozen) water and the boats, especially during this winter. No doubt my favorite show. Hard Merchandise is my favorite of the fleet. Just something about Dave that is real. I too don't care for the aerial spotting/harpooning, just doesn't seem like fair chase.
  21. Those are true slobs! Whereabouts down south?
  22. SIGNED. As for corruption in ny, Preet is doing a good job, Silver's gone, Skelos and andy are next. "Stay tuned".
  23. Same here. Still huntin' with the .22 just ain't the same.
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