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  1. I think many topics are started by asking a question. Many members including Professionals chime in with information & tips on the subject. Members often add to reports if they have fished the same port on the same dates. I have found many members to be very helpful & informative. These same members speak at the various seminars & salmon schools around the lake. I have had many great learning experiences when I have attended. These guys are good guys & will help anyone who asks!
  2. The concrete ramps have been under water. We were backing straight down with a guy in the boat. Fired her up & idled while I parked the rig. Walked to floating docks just to north of ramp & hopped in!. Debris was the only issue! We moved a few logs that had floated up to launch!
  4. Like I stated, I never met the guy. I have watched some of his you tube videos, but I have also watched dozens of videos put on by various other charter captains & posted Tournament videos. I'm all for punishing anyone who is caught breaking laws. As an individual I respect those who deserve it! I have seen many practices & behaviors on the water I don't agree with. I don't come on an open forum to publicize this to"hurt his business" or "cost them sponsors". To attack someone on an open forum only gives more ammo to the anti outdoor lobbyists. I don't make a dime off fishing or hunting but spend 1000's on boat upkeep,fishing/hunting gear & supplies. I'm smart enough to make my own decisions & do my own research when choosing or recommending an outfitter. So I only recommend or give my opinions on products & people I have personally dealt with. I would bet a finger some of the people who have attacked this guy, have in some way at sometime bent the rules or done something questionable according to the law. JMO
  5. DQ'd for cheating & can no longer participate! Don't matter. The bashing hasn't been limited to his offense. It clearly is personal to a few who fish that end of the lake. But I know karma has a habit of biting one in the backside. So have at it.
  6. Not circular logic. 1) He broke the law? 2) He was arrested or ticketed. 3) He was punished. The outrage is that he was a licensed & trusted member of the outdoor community? If this is the case,why has no one started a campaign on LOU to run down Charter Captains who were DQ'd from tournaments? I see that posters didn't care for the guy before this happened. If this was someone that they liked the cry might not be as loud. JMO
  7. If you read comments made by the posters mocking videos & outdoor shows done by this company, you would see that there is was no "love" for these guys prior to the offense! You are correct. Everyone screws up once in life. He will take whatever punishment that is handed out. No one has addressed my original question about skippers. I know they are undersized & must go back even if dead. But for a charter to continue to troll through them , killing multiple undersized fish,to pick up an occasional keeper to put in the "cooler" Is this not done for $? The answer will be "It's not illegal " Great we use the laws on the books! Then we should also abide by the penalties imposed on the people who break those laws!
  8. So it matters what kind of criminal act is committed? It's convenient & dangerous to use your own personal biases to decide an offenders punishment. My point still is that the law should handle it. YOU fail to understand that using this mind set We should encourage LOU members to show up at your workplace with signs urging the employer to fire any member who is arrested. If you want tougher laws, take steps to make sure it happens. It's far too easy to sit behind a computer & call for blood.JMO
  9. Weren't you the guy who recommended a guy not become a charter Capt on this site because there was no $ in it? I don't agree with your math & attempt to count charter fees as all profit!We all know that they don't get rich on charters & $15000 isn't weekends picking up trash along the highway. This in addition to all legal fees & lost business!This isn't a death sentence but I believe this is a sizable penalty.
  10. So answer the question! Is any member subject to the wrath of LOU members or just the ones you pick? I gotta figure rallying the troops to attack sponsorship may have repercussions! I don't think the site should be put in that situation. If you want to run a Facebook campaign go for it! JMO
  11. Updates on State Launch closing?
  12. You are missing my point! At the beginning of my post I clearly stated what he did was wrong! I don't condone what he did. If I read correctly it will cost him $15000 total $5000 fine+ $10000 donation to waterfowl charity & 2 years no waterfowl hunting. While still facing possible further court actions. Not the death penalty but $15000 isn't weekends doing public service. LOU isn't about airing "grievances" or personal attacks! But I will ask you the same question.Do you feel any member should be fair game? DWI, domestic violence dispute.. etc ? Wife beater vs poacher? Who's worse? Because this also sounds personal!
  13. Then you feel any member should be fair game? DWI, domestic dispute? Because this sounds personal!