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  1. Thanks maddog. I will get some lighter line. I was going to bring 8 and 10. I can pick up some 6 though. I will be out of my comfort zone with 6. I fish 8 quite a bit in open water but most of our stuff here is 12-20 lb fishing pretty heavy cover. I am really pumped about getting up there. Thanks again for all of your help. Jack
  2. Thanks a ton Greenboatluke. I will surely check out all of the areas that you mentioned depending on the wind. Again, thanks a ton!! I'll try to post pics if I catch anything worthy of posting!!!
  3. Greenboatluke. I do not have the Navionics map for the great lakes. I do have the Navionics web app for that area on my computer so I can look at it before I go out. I am not sure if my Humminbird electronics have any default maps for that area.I thought about buying the Navionics map for the great lakes but hate to spend $200.00 and never use it again. I understand that the wind plays a huge factor there. I will be in a 21' Skeeter bass boat but I don't want to be in any boat if the swells get to the 5' plus mark. What direction is the wind predominantly out of on Ontario this time of year?
  4. Chowdire great idea. I will look it up and see if there is any available info Thanks
  5. Thanks maddog. I am really looking forward to getting up there and fishing the world class small mouth waters. I envy you for living there and having the opportunity to chase them regularly. We have them here but, not in the numbers or size that you do there. I have a bunch of 3" tubes in various colors with 1/8 and 1/4 ounce heads. I've heard that the drop shot and shaky head are effective there as well. I am assuming that due to the water clarity, natural colors like watermelon red, green pumpkin and smoke would do well but, i'm not sure. Thanks for the heads up on the wind. I have heard that the lake can be pretty nasty when it blows hard. Again I would assume that under normal conditions that windblown points should hold fish. What is the prevailing wind direction this time of year? Knowing that may help me find some stuff on google earth. Thanks again for your help maddog. Jack l
  6. I will be bringing a 21' Skeeter bass boat. I guess I am a little late for the smallies but I am going to give it a shot.I have been waiting a long time to to get on the great lakes for some of the best small mouth fishing in the world and can't wait. I will look at the islands and shoals for sure. thanks for the heads up!!!
  7. Texan needs help HELP PLEASE!!! My wife and I are driving to lake Ontario on 7-10 to fish for small mouth in the Henderson bay area. I obviously have no Idea where to start. Would any of you be willing to give me some general ideas on where to start, what depth, techniques, lures etc. that may get me bit. Thanks
  8. Texan needs help HELP PLEASE!!!! My wife and I are driving to NY on 7/10 to fish for small mouth on Lake Ontario. We will be in the Henderson Bay area. As I am from Texas I have absolutely no Idea where to even begin looking for small mouth on the lake. Any help on where to start looking, techniques, baits, depth etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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