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  1. Oak Orchard on Ice

    Feb 15, 2018 - Warmer weather today made me curious about the boat launch at Pt. Breeze so I took a ride down to the Black North. There is still plenty of ice on the creek. There were four guys ice fishing about 200 yds. south of the launch. I didn't see any ice north of the ramps to open water but its impossible to guess what may be just under the surface. The ramps are currently closed to trailers .
  2. 42# Brown Trout out of New Zealand

    Glad I didn’t hook him, probably would have pulled my little boat to Canada .
  3. Seneca 1/28/18

    Nice goin. That’s two more hits than I got sitting on the couch. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Sodus Bay Cisco’s

    Just expanded my vocabulary by two words. Of course I’ll forget them in 24 hours.
  5. Sorry for the confusion but I thought I deleted the add. Guess I did something wrong. Yes it was sold. Thanx for the interest. I’ll try to learn how to remove it tomorrow- rob
  6. Sodus Bay Cisco’s

    Is there solid ice on the bay?
  7. Scary Boat Accident Last August

    Got my first inflatable last winter. (Mustang Survival) - wear it all the time. Hardly know it’s on.
  8. Is it spring yet??

    Looks like you had a great time. Thanx for sharing. Good times ahead.-rob
  9. Scary Boat Accident Last August

    This might be the the video on Fox this morning. Dead on hit with no attempt to maneuver. Google- oregonlive boat crash
  10. April 2nd-5th spring browns

    Fort niagara - no Contest
  11. Dunkirk?

    Good to know thanx and merry Christmas
  12. Dunkirk?

    Hot spot maps give great insight into the bottom. You can see the rock piles of Dunkirk and the dunes of Barcelona. Both are excellent. Accommodations are hands down better at Dunkirk. Barcelona has a KOA and that about it. Best of luck! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. Thinking ahead to spring

    A 2 stroke 9.9 merc on my 22ft Starcraft proved to be a little too fast because it wasn’t running in the power band at trolling speed. The worst part of it was that when the wind was behind us it pushed fumes over the transom and made us nauseous. A longer shaft is seldom a wrong thing but you may find it unnecessary. And if you fish rockpiles it could prove to be a disadvantage. Keep in mind that if you opt for the newer power props you will need comparatively more horsepower than traditional props. It would be nice if you could borrow a motor for a day to be sure you get a good fit
  14. Yes, it’s a nice plastic tank that I bought at a marina, (plastic no rust particles) but I don’t remember the size 2 or 3 gallons I think.
  15. Smart man. Back during the love canal era there was great concern about e.d.b.’s in the lake system. Studies revealed that almost all the toxins in fish were concentrated in the fat of the fish. Smoking them removed enough toxin that made it safe to eat a few of them without concern. Probably wouldn’t want to eat them three times a day though. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United