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    Love to fish, watch my 7 year old play football.
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  1. Has anyone had problem with Familar Bite cut bait I am just wondering if anyone else has had anyone problems with the Familiar Bite cut bait. I want to see if anyone has used the Dreamweaver cut bait and see if they think it is better than the Familiar Bite.
  2. Thing about fish in Wilson NY I using fish out of Point Breeze but thing of hauling our 23 ft boat up to Wilson on Tuesday. We never been there so looking for some help where to go out there and depth where they are catching them. Should we go over towards the Niagara Bar or no never been there either. Also where can we launch our boat out of. Thanks for your time
  3. Is the state lunch at Point Breeze open yet or just the one by the Black North.
  4. Speed do you run flashers I always been told when you run flashers with meat or flies and if they are 8 inch pro troll flashers or the bigger flashers you have to run slow like 2 mph or under and that would be the speed at the cannon ball. Can you run flashers faster. Also can you run spoons on the down riggers when you are running flashers especially going slow.
  5. Hey I am looking at one of your wire pole where are you located would like to look at them before I would get one thanks
  6. 1973 20 foot Wellcraft boat for sale I have a 1973 20 foot Wellcraft boat for sale. It has a 115hp mercury outboard motor. It comes with 2 Manual cannon downriggers and 4 pole holds. We are ask 1,500 or b.o. Pm me if you would like to know more.
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