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  1. Good Fish. Careful out there looks pretty rough.
  2. Did ya get him? How deep of water r ya fishin? A guy in Sodus is getting into them pretty good in 550.
  3. Olcott

    May not hear much, couple derbys goin on this weekend. Start at 100 and go North.
  4. I was out Sunday mornin and not on plane but was kicking a small wake and Border Patrol told me no wake zone slow down, Wed. nite no cops around and boats and jet skis were on plane.
  5. FISHIN AGAIN? Braddocks 7/19 We went out last nite for a couple hour trip and found a few nice Kings. Fished 100 to 200 with the action in the 150 range. We had a pig on that jumped 3 times and I had it on for close to a half hour when it came unbuttoned right near the boat. Was a great nite to be out and got the fishin juices flowing again.
  6. Sandy 7/10/11

    Nice Brian. What were the waypoint numbers you forgot to post them?
  7. Sandy Creek Launch

    Sandy Creek Launch I probably know the answer but is the ramp open yet, I am going to finally get my boat wet somewhere. Smart A-- comments welcome.
  8. My first 30lb king

    Nice goin Boys. Cool pic with the twinkie rig.
  9. Wanted to Buy Cannonballs

    Thanx guys, I am hoping to find some near the Rochester area.
  10. Had a couple balls find the bottom this summer, looking for used 10-12 pounders. Thanx.
  11. Was slow for us got a couple
  12. Sandy 8/8

    Thanx whaler too bad about that fish
  13. Sandy 8/8

    Nice we r gonna go in mornin how deep
  14. Plastic rods holders don't work well for salmon trolling, I used some for a while but switched. Plenty of used ones out there.