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  1. Just wanted to give a heads up that Brown Trout stocking in Lake Ontario is currently underway. Due to Rome Fish Hatchery having Zebra Mussels in their water supply, those fish needed to be moved out early to waters that currently have ZM populations. Brown Trout stocking is usually done in May. Several Hatcheries are helping with the stocking to get the fish out of Rome. As you fish for Browns this spring, you may notice an increase catch rate of 8 inch Browns.
  2. Great video. Your kid did a great job, can't say the same about Dad. Thank you for the spring bobber tips.
  3. We did a quick trip last nite out of Sandy and did pretty well. Lots of fish and marks 100 to 150. Flasher and Flies did the trick. All King bites. Wish I could fish this weekend.
  4. Did ya get him? How deep of water r ya fishin? A guy in Sodus is getting into them pretty good in 550.
  5. May not hear much, couple derbys goin on this weekend. Start at 100 and go North.
  6. I was out Sunday mornin and not on plane but was kicking a small wake and Border Patrol told me no wake zone slow down, Wed. nite no cops around and boats and jet skis were on plane.
  7. FISHIN AGAIN? Braddocks 7/19 We went out last nite for a couple hour trip and found a few nice Kings. Fished 100 to 200 with the action in the 150 range. We had a pig on that jumped 3 times and I had it on for close to a half hour when it came unbuttoned right near the boat. Was a great nite to be out and got the fishin juices flowing again.
  8. Nice Brian. What were the waypoint numbers you forgot to post them?
  9. Sandy Creek Launch I probably know the answer but is the ramp open yet, I am going to finally get my boat wet somewhere. Smart A-- comments welcome.
  10. Thanx guys, I am hoping to find some near the Rochester area.
  11. Had a couple balls find the bottom this summer, looking for used 10-12 pounders. Thanx.
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