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  1. Nice goin Boys. Cool pic with the twinkie rig.
  2. Thanx guys, I am hoping to find some near the Rochester area.
  3. Had a couple balls find the bottom this summer, looking for used 10-12 pounders. Thanx.
  4. Was slow for us got a couple
  5. Thanx whaler too bad about that fish
  6. Nice we r gonna go in mornin how deep
  7. Plastic rods holders don't work well for salmon trolling, I used some for a while but switched. Plenty of used ones out there.
  8. Thanx for the reports but they are making work unbearable. :lol:
  9. Great Morning Reel Drag. I went out last nite on a solo trip and got a few fish 120-150. Trolled out to 200 fow. I never marked a fish or bait. I don't have a probe just kept lines deep 80-100. Good luck to all fishing the upcoming Sandy Derbies.
  10. Thanx for the updates. I am working so no fishing, but too rough for my boat anyways.
  11. Way to go Nick. Heard fishin was good. I was out of town campin. Figure I miss it when it gets good. :-(
  12. Nice. I was at Hamlin last nite riding my bike around wishin I was out there fishin instead.
  13. I agree with Rob get one. I can't believe any charters are run these days without it