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  1. 265 Penn Yan Pro-Hunter .... Show me a boat ,,,that has more "flat" floor room, economy operation, room in cabin area, and take "Sporty" water any safer??? ....and be affordable for most anglers! (aprox: $15,000)
  2. Capt. John .... Is and always has been a "class act"! Respect is due for this professional. Have a great day on the water today, ...John. (Capt. Earl - bag Lady)
  3. I need to do more research ...(prop dumb)
  4. Thanks for the info ....will do
  5. Mercury Props - Deal! 3 - Props ...real nice shape (not chipped up) - I think they are for the ALPHA series? Came with some of my previous boats. I don't know the pitch- size? Can send you a pic - or you can see, in the Elmira - or - Williamsport area. Call for questions, or appointment to meet. 570-439-1009 (Bag Lady)
  6. Let me get this straight: You know nothing about Lake Ontario (weather/waves/fog) - you don't have a GPS or knowledge of port settings (lat/lon) - no lake Ontario: spoons/flashers/flies/rods/reels - no knowledge of local launching access & routine? Allow me to suggest an approach to the goal at hand: Leave the boat home! Travel up to the Port of your choice, ...visit the local tackle shop and ask "lots of questions"! Also, plan ahead and book with a "local" (recommended) Charter. Again, ask lots of questions and observations! As I read what you have posted ...I find a lot of safety consideration and wisdom missing. Lake Ontario is a different world, from inland lakes and offshore style fishing. I wish you well ... Capt. Earl ( Bag lady Charter)
  7. 2014 - Electronic camper awnning. 21 ft - used 1/2 season. (did roof-over) Asing - $550.00 Call for other info: 570-250-5862, ... John. ( Located in Sayre, Pa area. )
  8. 21-1/2 ft. ...2014 (used 1/2 summer) - "electric" extend/retract. Excellent shape, ..... went to a roof over. Asking $600.00 Call: 570-439-1009 (no pics)
  9. "Insecurity" ....I had the same exact event happen to me, at the Oak! (a while back) Every year, it seams that some Charter does a territorial post their section of L.O. ...and guards it with bully tactic. I agree with the others: ...get the vessel numbers-Gps location-time/date - turn the bully over to the athorities! Let me tell you ...one thing a Charter does not want, ...is the C.G. investigation! My wife and I Chartered out of the Oak, (retired now)..and we never subjected or clients to such poor sportmanship. How about the "danger factor"? You two were concerned for your safety ...what about the client's on the Charter? Suppose you - or - the Charter, could not correct in time? Enough said, ...sorry for the Blow! (none of my business now) Good fishing, Earl
  10. According to an old Indian - put the Laker in an old Gum boot, ...boil in a metal, ...20 minutes, ...pour water off, ...dump the laker out, ..."and eat the boot"!!
  11. "North to Alaska" ..... I'll let you know! (answers, to your questions) My wife and I are leaving pa. ....the end of May. (2016) "Roadtrip" ... going to stop in Whitehorse (NWT) ...hear the breakfast is fantastic, at a local diner! After NWT - off to Anchorage! Wife refuses to wear the back pack I got her, ... writing on the back ... slow moving lunch! Hope you two have a great trip. Earl & Doris - (Bag Lady)
  12. Thanks Guys, ...all is well, that ends well. I have no pics ...call me or John for appointment. (Saryre - Elmira area) Will make someone a great ride. Earl
  13. Absolutely, "just right" for Fishermen & Hunters! See following: 1994 Chevy (G-20) High top conversion van. Two tone silver/Grey-3/3 ton chassey-89,000 miles-350 engine-brand new Michelin tires-inspected (Pa) til 8/16-"no rust"-interior is excellent-everything works as new! if you have any interest in a "get-a-way" vehicle... you need to see this! No Pics- contact me, Earl (570-439-1009) Or the owner, John - (570-250-5852). PRICE: $ 4,950.00 Trust me, ... its worth the call!
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