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  1. Price drop $900 This is 40% off retail and basically brand new
  2. I love mine and I have 28 of em....I'd make it 30 if those were right handed!
  3. Like new in the box mega live $1000 plus shipping prefer to meet I purchased the unit in mid October and only used it 5 times. I was too busy to really dial in the settings and become proficient with the unit. I've since picked up the new Garmin livescope and a 12 inch graph for it so I'm selling the mega live. The unit works fine.
  4. lyk2fish is the guy you want on Owasco. He is one of the best anglers I know and I fish with him all winter. I don't meet many guys with the passion I have and he has it!
  5. I wasn't going to keep any fish tonight but now I have to keep 1! I already released 2 perfect 6-7 lbers before I saw this but should be interesting.
  6. I find the smallies here on Otisco are under the walleye and below the thermocline. They will come way up to hit tho unlike the walleye. I used to run Seth green rigs to see how the different species and different sizes stack in the column.
  7. f18 rapalas....they do a good job of culling fish!
  8. Top water walleye fishing is even better over rolling spawning bait. I do it from mid June till the end of the night bite, which is still going this year. Here is a couple from this week.
  9. Plenty of deep crankbaits to choose from but not fun to fish as they pull so hard. I've casted deep tail dancers in open water for walleye and got it to work, but again not fun to reel in. I have taildancers and bass crankbaits that go to 40 feet of depth. I'd use a heavy jig and a keitech swimbait. Find a 20 foot flat and count down further each cast till you are bumping bottom and subtract 1 second and that gives you a way to fish that approximate depth for suspended fish. If your fish are on the bottom just let it fall to the bottom and slow roll it in or dropshot as mentioned above. The Ned rig is effective dragged on the bottom as well
  10. Motor has high hours and has only been used commercially and professionally maintained for it's entire life This motor never let me down once. Compression is even across the cylinders and it starts every time. I recently replaced the trim assembly and put in a new impeller. I'm replacing it because new motors are too hard to find and I need the boat to make my living. Asking $2000 call or text me at 607 349 1750.
  11. I had enough of that myself...now all my boxes lock on my table....thank you Milwaukee!
  12. I have thousands of hours on my 36v terrova and have been using them for a decade trolling and it's excellent. I use the cruise control with most of the thrust provided by the gas motor. Add Dakota lithium ion batteries and you'll run out of juice long before your batteries. I'm about to buy my third minn kota but I'm going with the ulterra this time....save me easily a thousand walks a season to the bow! I wish the remotes werent touch screen now but I'll get used to it! Rick, can I program my old terrova remote to a new ulterra? I have 3 remotes and I definitely don't want to use a touch screen remote!
  13. Warriors are solid producers too but the paint is worse than stingers...walleye chew the paint off 1st day usually. I really love 1 of those colors too John! I have a cool version of it I do I can send you a pic...it's one of my private patterns, but I'd share with my favorite tracker! Plus I know you aren't a walleye guy! lol
  14. My favorite are the Jr silver streaks from wolverine tackle as far as retail goes. I paint almost all my spoons I run on my charters and I too will be selling custom spoons here in the fingerlakes. I can sell any of the silver streak sizes and colors as well as the custom stuff. I have 500 2 1/4" copper blanks in smooth, hammered, prism, and chartreuse back hammered and smooth that will be here any day now and currently have about 200 Jr streaks in 20 + patterns. My emphasis will be on proven walleye patterns but can paint any pattern and again all of the silver streak patterns I can get. I'll have more info and lots of pics by may. Any questions on spoons or walleye/tiger trips pm or call or text anytime 607-349 1750 Justin Okrepki Otisco lake guide service.
  15. Absolutely ridiculous and they are laughing at us... they will wipeout every fish they can just to spite us. This should not be any one person's decision whether or not to enforce the law. Those walleye are not property of the DEC and they shouldn't be allowed to decide for all of us what happens to our public resource. Just as stupid as attempting to eradicate walleye in skaneatles where they are 100 percent self sustaining and thriving in favor of stocking more trout with hardly any return on investment. Let's just waste the resource and spend more money on a species that is not native to the area in any way and then wonder why they are cyclical in these lakes that aren't suited nearly as well for trout as they are walleye. Oh and on top of it they will never get those walleye all out and they reproduce like crazy there. Not too mention if the DEC can't even figure out whether or not there is walleye reproduction in a lake how are they gonna eradicate them....Seems like some basic walleye knowledge would be necessary which obviously they do not possess! They could net every tributary and that won't get more than half of the spawners as walleye lake spawn very effectively.
  16. Keitech has tungsten jig heads and their website has the recommended hook size for each size of each bait. use the lightest head you can get to the desired depth for working as a swimbait as the slower the better and fish rod tip up. They make all the different weight heads with all the different size hooks so weight doesn't dictate hook size. The vmc boxer jighead in 1/8 ounce is an excellent all purpose choice as well. The easy shiner in the pic does work fairly well, but I prefer the swing impact or the fat swing impact. The swing impact has a slower sink rate and therefore can be fished slower which helps on walleye for sure. The swing impact is a dual density bait also so you can fish it on a just a hook and the bait won't flip over. If you are actually jigging and not using it as a swimbait then I would use the easy shiner. I use from 3.3 up to 5.8 depending on the fishery. 4.5 and 4.8 are my goto on Otisco. Im on the Keitech prostaff and have a coupon code for you if you or anyone else wants it pm me as Im not supposed to open post it but I can share it as that's what it's for. If you have any other questions is be happy to help.
  17. Fight your fish rod down and figure out a way not to use a net. That's what I do on my boat when. on my own time to get left alone. Nothing I can do when it's a customer trip but on my own time pulling a train of boats around sucks and I go to great lengths to keep it from happening and if it does I reel up and go to the other end of the lake and just sit there if they follow me.
  18. Nice work, and good report! The cast bite is very addictive, and it's difficult for me not to go 7 days a week when it's doable and I'm always doing 5 nights all fall at a minimum. If you know what you are doing and catch it right 10 casts in row isnt that rare. Ive had excellent fishing this fall so far and I'll probably even go after hunting most days. As mentioned it's all about the thump! When you set up on a 10 lber after the lightest of bites it pretty surreal.
  19. Its my own lease I hunt on so I don't see why it's really anyone's business what I wear and I do wear orange when I'm moving or if I leave my lease, but inside a box blind you can't see me anyway. I just think why more laws that aren't enforced and if enforced the individual gets off in court. Not too mention in my area being spotted near the road leads to wasted time talking to an ECO. Just because it's an easy way to check people. My lease is right on the same road as a bunch of state land so they drive by 2 to 4 times a day. All you have to do is drive down the farmers road to the main road even if you arent hunting and you are getting checked. I support the concept of wearing some orange just don't think we need another law. Certainly not as bad as a law limiting xbow axle length!
  20. I have a new optimum TS I'm trying to get fixed and have called screwy Louie's 3 times and I never got a call back. Mine is warranty work and I wanted to schedule a time I could drop it off and find something to do for a couple hours and then pick it up to save a bunch of driving, or if I had to come back and they were uncooperative and never called back though I kept calling. I don't think I can give them my business and guess I'll have to ship it somewhere else. You would think it would be easier to get it warranteed, but it hasn't been. Brand new rigger lasted 2 days.....
  21. About 4 years ago weed cutting efforts increased and limited the deoxygenation that occurs from all the decaying weeds because they stayed submerged and alive longer. This has created many problems, but the result is that the browns survive now long enough to get to the 7-10 lb range. the problem is we don't get any state stocking just the 300 12 inches the local rod and gun club pays for. I'm going to tryna to get the club to get the ok to double that at least. I can easily raise the money to stock far more fish assuming the Dec will allow it. I have many customers who like myself have no prob donating for the browns. I'm sure I could not just double but quadruple the budget if it's allowed. Rainy days in the first half of the season produce some quality fish. these are a few fish from this season and 1 from last fall.
  22. It's been ripping here on Otisco as well, but I've had it to myself at least!
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