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  1. If you are interested in enjoyable tackle to fish with just leave out dipsies. As mentioned above dipsies just require more rod. It doesn't take much rod for copper or core off big boards. Light copper and light suffix 832 leadcore both have impressive dive curves and neither requires a huge reel. The Denali Myriad 8'6" walleye leadcore rods are fantastic to fight fish on and plenty of backbone for inlines or big fish. Last year they ran a black friday special for the general public 50% off the $130 retail price. A quality rod will definitely up your landing percentage as well!
  2. I made custom keels with long angles on the front leading edge out of aluminum and only used 1 full weight. I was able to get them to pull much harder, handle large weed mats, and they float fine. Otters are easily customized to get them to float and pull hard
  3. no prob! I certainly don't need more gear! I don't have an application for the rods.
  4. I'll take the fat az holders and the saltists....reels only.
  5. Nice work bud! That's an absolutely beautiful young walleye there! Seems like they either age gracefully in your lake or reproduce? lol Im still hoping to do an eastern fingers walleye tour next week, but it's awfully tough to leave eyes to find em! I'm certainly not keeping eyes on Owasco or Skaneatles, but I'm getting quite a bit of interest in fishing for em on both lakes. I can't get over how many people are willing to release legal walleye, but they are now that they realize these walleye are completely self sustaining. I'd have to say populations of all 3 lakes are definitely growing... especially Skaneatles!
  6. the app is a great tool! Its a little optimistic and I think the 10# mono numbers are closer to what you get from 30# braid. I'd love to see more lures with the leadcore and 2 ounce data and 1 ounce would be more useful as far as I'm concerned, but you can't do much here on Otisco without it. Definitely don't switch from droid to iPhone or vice versa after you purchase the app or you are screwed.
  7. I went with 12 of the brand new Tekota "A" s this season and they are the best trolling reel in the market. The 500 and 600s have the loudest, strongest clickers I've ever heard, and the 300 and 400s are really light, palmable, and castable too! I do run the little Daiwa Lexa lcs on the riggers, and like them for their size, but nothing like the new Shimanos.
  8. The DEC is 0-2 in determining whether there is natural reproduction of walleye in a finger lake, and didn't know another was full of them. Just need a flashlight and a little ambition to figure it out! Only took missing one stocking for me to figure it out here. I'm sure they spawn right in the lake as well as streams. Most of the successful reproduction on Otisco is in the lake.
  9. It will be tougher to figure out next time!
  10. I had the halogens for 2 -3 seasons before I bought LEDs, and the halogens are worthless compared leds
  11. Nice work bud! It's been a great summer in the eastern fingers! I have a a couple pleasure fishing openings this week so far and I wanna get out casting! Let me know if you get a night fishing window?
  12. Thanks for the kind words guys, but Im just a guy who loves a challenge and as soon as I'm no longer challenged I'm not interested. This walleye fishery cannot IMO be figured out for more than the short term, and therefore I'll be here for the rest of my life trying. Ive had my butt kicked and been skunked here more than any other 10 people put together. As far summer trolling goes, no lure works every year, no color works every year, no technique works every year. Every summer I start all over building a viable spread, and every year it's different. The technique and style I started with, high speed, aggressive reaction bite trolling, hasn't been effective in literally years. In 8 years here I never had more than 1 maybe 2 leadcore setups and those seldom were even on the boat. I have 9 on the boat right this minute. Earlier this season I had 6 braid setups with jets.... currently I have ZERO. By next week I might be back on copper...I'm always staying, open minded to be versatile and I'm always testing new ideas instead of assuming I have anything figured out. I'm learning and teaching at the same time every day. To say I'm dialed in is an overstatement, but I don't get out worked on the water...
  13. So I was right there is solid bite today... good bite on spoons off 3-4 color core!
  14. Any other morning I'm off the dock 530 at the latest
  15. If you use the campground launch I'll be on the dock by 6 am at the latest and off by 7 am. If you come see me I'll send you out with some stuff that has been productive in the last few trips. Basically there was no bite today...I did 3 total in almost 9 hours... yesterday I did 11 in 7 hours. You put down the right stuff adjust by fishing your graph and keep the boat on fish. There is nothing you can do to make them turn on so you have to troll a viable spread and be patient. I've had some amazing trips where I didn't get into em till 10 am and every other boat trolling was done and on the dock. I'll be on the water and you will know if they turn on...I'm guessing it will be a good bite...once the fish realize Bill and Tommy are gone it will turn right on...lol! They didn't get skunked but they have managed to see me get my butt kicked both times they have come to stay with me....we did hit some real nice smallmouth on nearly every part of the spread at least and ran 10 rods without any issues so all in all it was a relaxing morning which I desperately needed...thanks for the easy morning Bill!!! I've fished 21 out of the last 22 shifts and weather permitting I'll be out 19 of the next 20.
  16. Tdd11s are identical just smaller. The 11s are a fine lure and my best walleye have come on them historically. If you can put your hands on 13 s for $20 having 1 or two is well worth it. I've caught a couple thousand walleye here and no bait I've used is comparable. I have a ton of the new 14s but deep hjs just won't pull any fish here this season.
  17. Im using the whole line of Denali walleye rods and I especially love both the leadcore and braid trolling rods. Last year for Black Friday Denali had them 50% off for the general public and I like them enough to pay retail
  18. I picked up a few dozen last year from Europe and they were expensive but not quite $25 a piece. It is my understanding that Rapala has no intention of releasing them any time soon in the USA. I wouldn't be surprised if CNY tackle has more of em for sale. I could part with a few but regardless of what I paid I'd want enough to replace them. I pretty much have a lifetime supply of every lure I use
  19. I can certainly get you out if the summer troll holds on...
  20. Those units served me well! I never had any issues with either unit! Hope someone enjoys them!
  21. Troll bite was always good for me there....it's too good here tho this year!!
  22. I released my 100th and 101st walleyes of the season this morning! If I had only known sooner Otisco wasn't a put n take fishery I wouldn't have ever kept so many.
  23. It's been fun over here all summer! Absolutely no idea if it's gonna be plugs or spoons or even what depth! I put a dozen lines out and let the fish pick! I pulled some really good fish on the new deep taildancer 13s. If you are looking for a big fish lure I don't think I've caught a fish under 7lbs on one yet
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