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  1. Nice work bud! At least someone is catching! Things have dropped off dramatically here with the cast bite. I'm gonna slide out tonight and give up on the topwater bite. Bounce n troll along some keitechs on 1 oz heads just inside the weedline in 15-17 fow. As long as you fish em slow the Keitech swimbaits are very versatile on jig heads from 1/16 to 1 ounce.
  2. Nice work guys! Best start to a season I've ever had.
  3. That's walleye fishing! If it was easy it would be called bass fishing or trout fishing! Lol.
  4. Nice job guys! Struggled here last night but got a few. First 7 lb smallmouth ever on my boat and broke 22 inches! I've never seen it any flatter or any clearer. I was spooking them with the nav lights even.
  5. Apparently nobody told the walleye! The finger lakes are not just trout lakes! In fact, panfish and bass are the most popular fish in the finger lakes and in the country. Cayuga is an awesome bass fishery and one of the top bass lakes in the country and it has a walleye run that improves every year. Skaneatles is absolutely a phenomenal smallmouth and perch fishery and the walleye are easier to catch there than Otisco so I'd say they are there to stay and again don't blame me I had nothing to do with the stocking. Owasco is producing it's own walleye and the state started them so don't blame me. Otisco is producing it's own walleye and is stocked. Conesus is stocked with walleye and I'd guess produces its own as well. Furthermore, I'm not pushing anything! I have never asked or lobbied NYSDEC for walleye stocking anywhere, but Otisco. I think I'll just stay right here in the finger lakes and keep catching walleye as they are here to stay as well! 😀
  6. Quite a few walleye getting caught... awesome! Nice job!! Quit stocking trout for a dozen years and see if there are fishable populations.... the evil finger lakes walleye are pretty resilient!
  7. Absolutely Bruce! Anyone that is running trips and isn't following the guidelines is putting ALL our livelyhoods at risk. We are supposed to be professionals and set the standard. I really hope these people are singled out rather than all of us pay the price. It's gonna be hero shots that ruin it...seems like if we took away everyone's cameras they wouldn't even wanna fish. Give a nice fishing report if you want take an appropriate pic or 2, but don't give anyone a reason to make our situation worse!
  8. For those of us that need this to work and earn a living, I can't say it enough... everyone of us has a bullseye on us and cameras are everywhere. Nobody's perfect but we have to put our best foot forward and follow the guidelines to a tee...no exceptions! Im focusing on my semi local regulars till June, and then assuming I can do lodging I'll consider my out of state customers, but that isn't an immediate priority for me. Save social media and pics for pleasure fishing and let's just do our jobs without antagonizing those who would rather see us at home. I generally don't post many pics from customer trips anyways unless they are on LOU also, but pics are what will attract the naysayers and open us to being shut back down.
  9. I don't normally get involved in promoting tackle, but in this case I've been using these a few years and as good as the blue bombers and white hjs are as night casting baits these are a difference maker. Im not fishing Oneida where everyone does things completely different and everybody catches. I'm fishing where even good walleye anglers come back to the dock empty handed trip after trip. I've not had a casting skunk in May or june on these baits other than the short opening nights in 2 years. The flat bright nights are zeros far more often than limits but not anymore. Last spring lyke2fish brought his boys up for a night casting trip. He went for the full moon week and picked the night with the most wind. Turned out dead flat gin clear and Kevin was very frustrated as he figured he wouldnt get to see his boys first casting walleyes yet. I said I think we are gonna have to work but the Keitechs will work. I think they landed 4? Both outfished one of the best night stickbait casters that ever existed...and he was right he got skunked with sticks! This is another 5.8 fat which is much bigger than the 4.8 in profile and length... choked! Thats a fish that was totally fooled...not some tiny tick of a hit on a stick. How often do you catch a fish on a hj14 and it isn't visible...just isn't fair not to share these!
  10. Normally a big walleye hookset leads to loose hooks in torn mouth, but you just are hooking them deep in the hard roof...just watch a bass fisherman and do that you seldom ever loose a fish and you will struggle to get the jig out! No wimpy rods and braid!
  11. Did see some big girls but never cracked the 7 lb mark. Kept 3 for the 3 of us.
  12. It's baffling at first how you can lose a fish when they slam it three times as hard as an hj....roof of the mouth is hard! I actually sharpen brand new jigs too. That being said my buddies tonight dropped 3 or 4. I stayed away from my bread and butter and just worked all the water I could trying to find some isolated pods of fish that are in spots where my experience says you can find some fish but I've never seen anyone else fish at night. Ended up 3-4 on the evening troll. Casted several hours and never got on any pattern whatsoever and the action was too spotty so we quit casting going 2-4 I think. I slid out to 12-15 fow and trolled 2 handheld rods with 1/2 ounce jigs and keitechs at 1-1.2 gps and went 4-6. Normally I'm against double hook sets or hooksets trolling, but even trolling you have to have a real hookset. Unlike stickbaits you can be late on the set no prob cause they don't let go. Next time you filet a walleye cut apart the head and just see what it take to get a hook in the roof of the mouth. I use the hardest set I dare without breaking 15 leader and I usually only drop 1 fish every other trip tops and it's always my stupid mistake. I just didn't have enough walleye in any area I went to grind out casting 6-8 fow. Crystal clear water and dead flat makes the fish that are in tighter super spooky. All of the eyes I was watching with a light were neutral at best and none were actively cruising. Only place I even saw a pod together was on a stringer tied to rnsurfnturf's dock. I caught 3 sets of eyes in my nav lights right on surface and thought here we go until I realized they were not in play! Almost played a mean prank but didn't! He went 3-6 in a prime spot early. Never took a pic but my buddy took a few I can post later.
  13. Takes a good hook set to drive in the roof of the mouth! I'm working some water that's not really ready yet but needs a thorough scouting. Struggling casting got 2
  14. 2-3 so far and a couple swing n miss trolling staging eyes with deep huskys and deep jointed huskys. Casting soon
  15. Gonna lay right down I think. Perfect for a tough test of the Keitechs Bosco. Good luck...I'm confident but curious! Lol
  16. I'm heading out tonight myself! I'm absolutely certain other colors will work and in some water better. For clear water at night where alewives are the forage hard to beat sight flash. I'm gonna throw the 5.8 fat all night. I'll take a pic or 2 and post live if they cooperate!
  17. Lots of trollers... lots of casters...best guys can do both! I like jerk trolling from area to area to give my casters a break from casting and change it up. Usually troll a full spread at the end of the trip when guys are beat. The ability to fish the entire water column is key and you can't do that without trolling AND casting!
  18. For the outside edge of the weeds in the finger lakes it hard to beat a Minn kota talon, but spot lock will also work except you will be casting into the wind not with it.
  19. I didn't even know trolling was an option old man! I feel like you were holding out on us!!!
  20. Wasn't any doubt in my mind where they were from.
  21. I have used them, but not with much success outside of the river. These baits fish slower than any paddle tail I've used and they swim upright with only a 1/16 oz head with a 3/0 hook. The bait is made of 2 different densities so a big hook doesn't flip it over without head weight.
  22. I could do shore or boat if I was at the lake, but I'm home and it's probably not warm enough for the effort...but never know!
  23. I'm trying to motivate myself enough to try it tonight! Doesn't look to appealing out!
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