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  1. what did you catch in the bottom right photo
  2. i think we changed from free fishing day because it falls on bass opener ????????????????????
  3. it is my understanding when talking to zack and the last meeting anglers to boat is unlimited (as long as the boat limitations are met) and all anglers are registered in tournament. but 6 rods max to boat so you can have 6 caster or 2 trolling
  4. bakers nothing better imo
  5. baker is now ch 69 tournament director and this topic was brought up contact him on this question
  6. ask baker every time i handle one of his baits i stick myself
  7. try lure parts online jans netcraft barlow tackle
  8. trevor put that line tie a little higher on that proto bait and jig it lol on second thought maybe not it might raise the water level
  9. got to side with with fish junkie and ronix 51 on this one i was there the day they stocked fingerlinges were basically bait would be surprised if 10% make it the guys that fish this alot how many sub 30S fish do you catch a year i have seen differant catch and release teq and not are all good not on the same scale but how many of you know the differance between pre internet trib fishing (70s & 80s) and post internet fishing(90s to present)
  10. outstanding
  11. thank you all for your service
  12. play videos on youtube any body have one or seen one work
  13. believe so