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  1. can not find the post where to send the okuma coldwater reels for drag update can someone tell me where
  2. It seems like there a lot of apologies first the vertical hold then this. first the fish should not be taken out of the water to unhook. Do it in the net boat side ( watch any video you will see them do that) would have given you a lot more time side cutters are not the best to use should get yourself a pair of knipex but if you leave them at home pinch the barbs the hooks come out easy and hooks are cheap Should check on equipment before you leave the landing so you know where every thing is that is another part of preparation you have a lot to learn before go out again maybe spend more time learning less posting
  3. in an overtaking situation no matter what the boat power is the vessel being over taken must maintain speed and direction and the over taking vessel must give way a lesson learned by a blow boater on chautauqua after he called the popos on me he explained the situation i did not have to say a word and he was given a ticket
  4. looking at the law zinger put up rules of the road I believe fishing vessel is a fishing trawler like you would find in the ocean or possibly a commercial netter the rec fisherman or even a charter boat (6 pack license) is not considered a fishing vessel. (trying to remember from when I had my license back in 85) maybe some of the captains can chime in. If this is true you can see why the courses are needed (never liked the blow boating crowd)
  6. not the last time i was there
  7. rougarou

    dipsy spread

    from my limited exper. with jet divers i think they are more suited to back trolling
  8. thanks i saw that on their web site
  9. thats them can you still buy them
  10. back in late 80's they use to make a setup where you long lined a 1# ball off a release that let it go when a fish hit does any body know what the rig was called and are any around
  11. honesty all comes down to what you think about yourself
  12. rougarou

    dipsy spread

    thanks what would you use straight off the stern for straight down
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