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  1. there is a bridge at the mouth if they wanted to write you they could unless there are special regs for the bay
  2. search you tube for tube flys there is a tool you put in the vise to hold the tube
  3. Brian caught 4 fish Jeremy caught the 50 so he also takes big fish travis caught 1 fish he took 3rd by 3/4 " all n' all everyone was resondsible at lanuch so looks like we might run the big baller at chautauqua
  4. bass technique easier to just google it than explain there will be utube videos
  5. thanks looks like i need that app
  6. does anyone have a dive chart on these the web site is not working
  7. still need that 6' or greater distance
  8. Buffalo area is second highest infection in the the state I belive
  9. In California 7 people were just fined $1000 each for non essential travel. In NY the fine can be up to $10,000
  10. you people that do not like the stay at home order and are violating it, and are such stand up people you are going refuse your check right
  11. I think before you make post like this or break the order, stop down and talk with doctors and nurses that are living with this. They are risking their lives daily. Or the first responders (police and ambulances divers) Your big stress is not going fishing." Psychologist and Other doctors have said recreational activity is healthy, and relieves stress" you are trying to rationalizing this. In this context I am sure that would not be their recomendation Why not donate some time at the food kitchen. So you can grasp the problems. Go look your wife, children,parents brother & sisters and their kids in the eye tell them you know more than the medical professionals and your willing to chance it. Even if it small chance and you contact it and pass it on to them. Yes I would say that is self centered
  12. The problem is not you getting it but you may transmit to some one else.
  13. Check the stats, past five years with flu deaths, really a lot, how many now? Not close, But they didn’t shut the country down, did they, I lost two friends in the past month not from from the virus, I wonder if they added them? It’s not good but shut the country down, testing positive doesn’t mean your dead, a lot have had it and life’s going on, Keep watching Coumo news and CNN, Check your hospital locally how many dying from it. Wear your mask ,wash your hands, if you want to stay home do it be safe, Will see in two weeks 2-300 thousand dead, then I’ll stay home if it’s true. Edited 14 hours ago by thork9
  14. Fishhawk give you water speed takes into context any current. GPS gives you speed over bottom. You would be best to use Fishhawk speed as that would be what your lures are reacting to
  15. can not find the post where to send the okuma coldwater reels for drag update can someone tell me where
  16. It seems like there a lot of apologies first the vertical hold then this. first the fish should not be taken out of the water to unhook. Do it in the net boat side ( watch any video you will see them do that) would have given you a lot more time side cutters are not the best to use should get yourself a pair of knipex but if you leave them at home pinch the barbs the hooks come out easy and hooks are cheap Should check on equipment before you leave the landing so you know where every thing is that is another part of preparation you have a lot to learn before go out again maybe spend more time learning less posting
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