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  1. I have fished with Justin a couple of times X2 what whaler said
  2. there is a bridge at the mouth if they wanted to write you they could unless there are special regs for the bay
  3. search you tube for tube flys there is a tool you put in the vise to hold the tube
  4. Brian caught 4 fish Jeremy caught the 50 so he also takes big fish travis caught 1 fish he took 3rd by 3/4 " all n' all everyone was resondsible at lanuch so looks like we might run the big baller at chautauqua
  5. bass technique easier to just google it than explain there will be utube videos
  6. thanks looks like i need that app
  7. does anyone have a dive chart on these the web site is not working
  8. still need that 6' or greater distance
  9. Buffalo area is second highest infection in the the state I belive
  10. In California 7 people were just fined $1000 each for non essential travel. In NY the fine can be up to $10,000
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