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  1. I was at Seneca Saturday, and at first had the same problem. I noticed a HUGE school of shiner, I mean millions of them. Figured they'd rather eat free minnows, so I switched to nighcrawlers, and did get a few. Had to move to a different spot, then came back to the original spot and got a couple. Sometimes, if you can see them, they can see you and are real hard to catch.
  2. Couldn't go, life and a car in the shop got in the way. [emoji20]
  3. Gonna try Wellelsly Island tomorrow I'll let you know how we do.
  4. Beautiful fish! And way to land it in a canoe
  5. They have them here in Irondequoit Bay. They kill all the trees they nest in as well. They have been trying to control the population by shooting them. I was boating near that, and then decided to move after the shooting started! Doubt this will do much to the overall population though.
  6. I've launched my little Uncle Buck's Pond prowler in the channel launch and caught a nice Laker in front of Camp Corey, around that time last year. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  7. I have an electric, but I switched to the Bubba Blade and I love that. Great for crappies too, really any fish.
  8. Anyone with experience with propane ourtboards? Thinking of a 5-HP. They sound great, I like the idea of the clean, no-gasoline engine, but the reviews weren't great. Thanks.
  9. It's "Y Guy's Boat" kinda a play on words & one of the kids calls me "the Y guy"
  10. Thanks for all the replies! I asked my kids at the Y for suggestions too & I decided on "Y Guy's Boat". I brought the boat in & we put the name on it. The kids enjoyed that.
  11. Purchased a fishing license on-line this year. Did it in early September, plenty of time I thought, so I never printed out the receipt. Oct 1st and no license. e-mailed the DEC and they gave me a receipt, which is good because I STILL do not have my license! .E-mailed to complain but got no response. Any one else having this issue?
  12. Got a couple at Fineview on Welesley Island. A few near boldt castle. Missed a real nice perch too.
  13. Got a few. Not in black lake but the St. Lawrence.
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