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  1. Wow. That is strange. Cataracts?
  2. Sounds like a hungry muskie to me
  3. Kevin, saw a post whete rather than filet, cut head off gut and scale, fry the whole fish
  4. I just talked with people that fished bridge at Ogdensburg, sunken ship and starch factory. Said lots of people from NY fishing Canadian waters with no troubles. Never saw any law from Canada on the water. Fishing was very slow. People think the fish may have already spawned
  5. I would trust border services more than transport Canada. Border services is in charge of the border.
  6. Thank you for the clarification. I would have thought your government would have spent more time clarifying that statement. My brilliant legal mind also interprets that statement as being directed toward Residents of Canada. Time will tell
  7. Soooo, is there any actual statement supporting this banner?
  8. 😊. I am not giving legal advice, just stating my opinion. BTW. I am well aware where the border line is located, i was speaking generally.
  9. I still think it only applies to when you are landing. I.e. How are they going to deny you entry if you float across an imaginary line in the middle of the river? And, if you are on the water and do not touch land or anchor, you do not have to call. Will see what happens this weekend, i could be proven wrong 😊. I thought i was wrong once but i was mistaken, as they say, eh? The other issue is, it depends on what agency you talk to in Canada, like here in the states, there are inconsistencies.
  10. Kevin , i posted the same question On the qunite web site. Not ifficial, but opinion seemed to be that uf you can get your boat in the water, all their launches are closed, you can fish
  11. 😊 Glad I never did anything like this πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
  12. Awww. Come on Kevin, you know you cant just sit at home. I imagine mr walleye is going nuts without opening weekend plans
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