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  1. Before I released the smaller fish I made sure it was in good shape. It was a cloudy day with temps in the low 30s so it wasn’t freezing on the ice. Under those circumstances fish can remain viable out of water on the ice for a fair length of time but this one wasn’t out of water for long. I can assure you it strongly swam away or I wouldn’t have released it as it was legal size.
  2. Looks great! I know your not short on fish😀
  3. Prof T and I tried the perch yesterday at Long Point and only got a few. Switched it up and tried pike on SLR bay today and had a slow morning catching only 3 released bass, a perch and a just keeper pike. Prof T decided to pack it in and I stayed as I had just caught the pike on a jig pole. Wouldn’t you know right after he left the pike turned on. Ended up culling the small pike and landing three good ones and a small one in about an hour. Easy to release fish with the todays temperature as they weren’t freezing. Two caught on tipups and one on the jig pole. To make it worse it was at his spot! IMG_5270.MOV
  4. Generally I’m on the ice or chasing ducks after deer season ends. With the warm temperatures I’ve been hesitant to go on the ice. The last couple years I’ve been going back to my deer hunting area and hunting squirrels on nice days. It’s a great way to sharpen your still hunting skills and requires precision shooting using a .22. They are very tough and requires a head or chest shot. It also allows you to scout your hunting area and you can gather a great deal of information on the deer without worrying about disturbing them. Lastly squirrels are great eating somewhat like rabbit but are much harder to skin.
  5. Not sure how all the snow wind and cold have affected things. Might be tough to get a boat in.
  6. I do fine using straight 12 lb Big Game. I do often use 6’ of 12 lb fluorocarbon. Even 15 lb Big Game is fine especially in colored water that I generally look for.
  7. I second using Blackhorn 209 powder. Works well, easy to clean and no big smoke screen so you can actually see the hit and deer response. Regular rifle solvents or use their solvent.
  8. 3 rifles and a pistol cleaned and stored. Muzzleloader ready to go as we’re down to late muzzleloader season.
  9. Amazingly I found my old buck knife in the field half way to where I shot a deer. Must have fallen off the truck. It has served me well for nearly 50 years and was a gift from one of my first basketball teams. Ryan Legg gave me a new replacement one for Christmas. I also took down 3 blinds and a trail cam as the end of the season is approaching. May try to get out a few more times as I have a either fun loving muzzleloader tag left for late season and several doe tags. Doubt if I’d shoot a doe at least on the property I’ve been hunting.
  10. Good advice. I love being able to harvest things nature provides. Some are very good, some ok, and some not worth bothering with.
  11. Got out for a hunt in the snow this morning. Not much activity but interesting to experience the snowy river.
  12. After helping others take a couple doe off the property and not having much daytime trail cam activity I finally had a buck dogging a doe last evening. Was a long poke for me at 300 yards but he dropped in his tracks. Had several trail cam pics of him.
  13. Set out to perch fish but after a slow morning decided to give the pike a try. My wife hooked this one on a jig her first cast and her sister di a great job of landing it. 32”
  14. Let a spike go this morning. He was scent marking on brush up through the field. Even stood up on hind legs a few times to reach up higher. Tonight I had several does and fawns out in the field. The photo through the scope was very difficult to take.
  15. Scouting and work paid off for opening weekend of Muzzleloader. I shot a doe first evening and more importantly got my sister in law one the second morning. Only her second deer.Now I have some meat I will be looking for a good buck. My shot looks like it was back but that’s the exit. Bullet entered farther forward so both were good shots. Now I’ll be looking for a good buck and will try to get my wife and son one.
  16. Still getting plenty of photos but bucks are all at night. Tomorrow muzzleloader opens.
  17. Maybe because they are now shooting them in Canada.
  18. Grady 95, Great information. I tried the tooling pin but had better luck pushing down with the heel of my hand to flatten. It worked well. I was fortunate that both of mine had the solid thump and were good.
  19. I was able to get a couple puffballs. My favorite way of preparation is dredge in egg, season with garlic powder, salt and pepper and fri in a pan spayed with Pam. After flipping I put on thin layer of spaghetti sauce and a sprinkle of parmigiana cheese. Puff ball tends to have little flavor and this gives it a pizza like twist. Also since very little egg sticks and almost no oil is used it is low calorie and healthy.
  20. I ground a bunch of turkey and goose thighs I’ve been saving. It is more time consuming than just breasting a bird but I hate to waste anything and it is very tasty.
  21. Unfortunately I didn’t get to hunt the early goose season but did head to Canada yesterday for the opener of ducks. It was a bluebird day but we managed to get a mixed bag.
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