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  1. Still getting small bucks mostly at night.
  2. Hunted Canadian side this morning. Got 5 geese, a mallard , and a pretty green wing.
  3. Got a nice mix on the Canadian side this morning.
  4. Kevin J Legg

    SLR Perch

    The perch bite is on.
  5. Got my sister in law her first buck. Had it patterned
  6. Hard to believe she was breathing very slowly when I got to her after at least 10 minutes following a neck shot at 75 yards. Touched her eye and nothing. Thought of slitting her throat but figured she'd had it. Touched her eye again and she tried to get up but could just skitter across the ground. Shot her again behind the head from 3 feet way. They are tough. Now that I have meat in the freezer I can relax and look for a good buck, duck hunt, and perch fish.
  7. Just fill pint jars with raw fish (no liquid added) leaving 1/2 inch head space. Add tsp. of salt and put on lids and hand tighten. Placce jars in pressure canner with water just covering jar tops and process at 11lbs of pressure for 100 minutes. Let cool and remove from pressure canner, jars should seal pretty quickly. You can add any herbs or spices that you want but I add seasoning when I use the canned fish. Any bones are softened so you don’t need to worry about them. Probably any fish will work but I use trout and salmon which are oily. Can be used just like canned salmon or tuna.
  8. Took some frozen fish and canned some and smoked some on this rainy day.
  9. Got out this morning for a decent shoot.
  10. I believe slot limits could greatly help walleyes and even northerns. I’m not thinking strictly of bass.
  11. I have contacted several politicians, Save the River, TILT, 1000 Islands International Tourism, Bass Masters, DEC, the professor in charge of fish research on Governor Island, Chamber of Commerces, and several other websites. I plan to attend the upcoming St Lawrence River Fish Advisory meeting. I’ve already received much positive feed back. I think following Canada’s lead and delaying smallmouth season till July, opening a cormorant season, and initiating slot limits on walleyes would be a good cost free starting point.I really wouldn’t anticipate much opposition to those suggestions by locals.
  12. With the exceptional fishing bringing unprecedented fishing pressure to the St Lawrence River and Eastern Lake Ontario wouldn’t it make sense to start stocking bass, walleye and pike. Perhaps revitalize the old hatchery at Cape Vincent. There is a tournament every weekend and bass boats from throughout the country continually buzzing around. Yes, we have a great fishery with big fish as seen by the last two Elite series. That said, the media exposure has brought tremendous fishing pressure. I realize most bass fisherman are catch and release but there is certainly some mortality, particularly when they transport fish to a weigh in. This publicity is a double edge sword. It’s great for local economy and business but what about our fishery. Those fish are not an endless resource and supplementing the population only makes sense. With the amount of money being spent by sponsorship wouldn’t it be reasonable to have them contribute to a hatchery and stocking program? Seems like a win win as it would benefit the resource and put tournament fishermen and sponsors in a more environmental friendly light. Any thoughts on this idea?
  13. Picked up 8 walleyes and kept a limit and managed to shoot 1 goose this morning.
  14. Exciting story. I caught one two years ago trolling solo at 4:30 am while fishing walleyes. Very thrilling experience!.
  15. I’ve heard the same thing. Most new crossbows don’t fit the NYS regulations but I also heard DEC doesn’t check bows.
  16. I catch them around Alex Bay. Actually fished last night and caught a nice limit and released 9 others and 4 bass. Nice moon out. The Snyders boys have been guiding for 4 generations! Good guys.
  17. Plessis is near Alexandria Bay. We lived in Dansville and Phelps when I was young and I went to Hobart College. So I spent time on the Finger Lakes.
  18. Here’s one my dad had from 1960s
  19. We got my grandsons out for a quick evening on the river. They certainly had a fun time.
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