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  1. If anyone needs an observer for Sodus, we have willing volunteers on our website. Please scroll to the bottom of the page and contact directly. http://sodusproam.com/tournament/?page_id=268
  2. We would like to announce the much needed return of The Come Back Award to The Sodus Pro Am for both the Pro & Am divisions!! Also, we will be giving out a top 5 Team trophies for youth big fish, so please get your kids involved !!! (more details to come) The website now has a place to sign up as an observer. Click on the observer tab. We just sent out a newsletter today with a lot of new information , if you are not signed up for our newsletter, you can do so on our website @ www.sodusproam.com/tournament
  3. After talking this through, we have decided to set the Entry deadline at 2 weeks before the tournament for accepting checks. So, the deadline for entering is July 6 th. One exception we will make is we will also accept cash at The Oswego Pro Am. It helps us out greatly if you send it in early so we can gauge participation and prepare accordingly. We realize most teams wait until the last moment, we do it ourselves sometimes. We will have some type of early bird drawing to award the teams that enter early. I will post more on that within the next week.
  4. Registration form is now active http://sodusproam.com/tournament/?page_id=133 Thanks to Krenzer Marine and The Sodus Bay Sportsman's club for handling the Money and registration for us ! Time to start signing up and lets get this party started boyz !!!!
  5. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that registration form for the Sodus Pro Am (July 20 & 21) is now up on the website. A bunch of volunteers have been putting in a lot of hours in their already busy schedule and this is going to be one of the coolest tournaments of the year! Thanks to our sponsors and Wayne County Tourism, it looks like we have a 100% payout event. The more teams...the better the payout! Entry Fees fee's are as follows: Pro Division $700 Amateur Division $250 Registration will be by Check or cash. Register form and info will be on our website @ www.sodusproam.com/tournament
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