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  1. 21 used J Plugs with 12 harnesses. $65 shipped. PM if interested.
  2. New 40 inch diameter Drift Control Drift Sock with storage pouch. $45 shipped. PM if interested.
  3. 5 New J Plugs. All with Harnesses. $35 shipped. Pm if interested
  4. Two Proos 12 inch swivel pedestals. Located in Penfield NY. $75 PM if interested
  5. Two 24 inch Proos manual downriggers. They are missing the counters but come with swivel bases. Located in Penfield NY. Local pick up only. $125
  6. 2 planer board masts. Each one is 42" high and comes with bases, backer plates single rod holder and has line on it. Bases are 5"x5" and hole pattern is 4"x4" Located in Penfield NY. Local pick up only. $300. PM if interested
  7. After a few days of slow fishing off I-Bay decided to take the run to Braddocks bay area today. We ended 3 for 7. Not great but at least the rods moved a few times. Fish came from 140 to 190. Had hits on a slider with the downrigger down 35, diver out 75 and 4 color leadcore.
  8. Still very tough fishing for us today. Clear water inside so headed northeast out to 400 feet looking for anything. Marked a few fish in about 135 feet laying on the bottom. Other than that, a pretty clear screen. We only managed one Coho 35 down over 250 and one hit on the board. Very frustrating!!!
  9. Sounds familiar to our day. Started in clear water in tight then moved out to deeper water. Ventured out to about 250 and back. Only one small coho to show for it. Slider on a rigger down 35. No idea where to start but Going out again in the morning. Not expecting the water conditions to change much overnight.
  10. When out of I-Bay yesterday. Gin clear water until almost the river. Mostly muddy water around the river but there was some greener water as we headed west. It sounded like most action was west near Braddocks Bay but we never made it that far. Fishing has been slow near the bay the last few days.
  11. Would a check valve work on the main gas line? I thought it might be easier than having to go into the bilge to turn off the fuel every time. I would keep the shut off valve but have the check valve closer to the t fitting.
  12. Ran it again today. Turned off the gas to the main engine and it ran fine for an hour then sputtered and quit. Started right back up but quit again pretty quickly. I don’t know if it has an anti siphon valve.
  13. The bulb is firm when I pump it. The motor will start right back up. Not really sure how long until it stalls again but its several minutes. I don't know how old the plugs are. could this be the problem even though the motor seems to run fine for a while?
  14. I have a new to me boat that came with a 1997 9.9 Yamaha kicker. The motor seems to run fine for a while then will chug for a little then stall. I can start it up again and run fine for a bit then the same thing will happen. I thought it might not be getting fuel so I tried priming the bulb when it would start sputtering but it stalled anyway. the gas line is connected to my main fuel tank with a tee fitting from the main line. Not sure if it has a low oil or overheating sensor. Oil levels are fine and I changed the impeller a couple of weeks ago. I'm not familiar with 4 stroke outboards so any help is appreciated. Thanks, Rick
  15. Can you post the Pictures he sent to you?
  16. There’s oil weeping out the small hole in my outdrive. Just noticed today and I’ve never seen this before. Any thoughts?
  17. I'll have to check the transducer location again. This unit is about 6 years old. Maybe it's time to upgrade to a Chirp unit.
  18. Rick, Thanks for the reply. I'm not real knowledgeable about how the fishfinder frequency works. Mine is not a chirp unit. I usually keep it on 200kz. when it loses bottom. These are my transducer specs. Down Imaging/DualBeam Plus 75 degrees/ 45 degrees 455/800 kHz (DI) 25 degrees/16 degrees 200/455 kHz with built-in temperature 20' Cable
  19. I have an older Helix 7 DI fishfinder that seems to mark fine when I'm at slower speeds. At higher speeds It doesn't mark anything and usually loses the bottom and depth reading all together. It came with the HUMMINBIRD XNT 9 DI T TM TRANSDUCER - 710226-1. I have tried changing the angle and location but no difference. Is this a transducer problem and is there a better transom mount transducer that would work better? If it matters I don't really care about the DI function.
  20. Long Time, wondering if you have tried to get a hold of John Mann yet. I've left him a voicemail and also texted him but haven't received any reply. Just curious if What his situation is.
  21. This guy joined the site Aril 30 2021 to advertise the boat and hasn't looked again since May 28 2021. Probably Sold
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