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  1. Thanks. I have heard of dryer sheets before. I also remember my parents using moth balls in a boat stored in a Boat house. It did seem to work but the smell lasted long after the moth balls were removed.
  2. In the past I've kept my boat on the side of my house with no issues. This year I'll be storing it in a three-sided cover and concerned about rodents. I'm wondering what anyone does to keep mice out of the boat during winter storage. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  3. I used to love the smallmouth fishing off of hedges in Webster. It got so bad years ago I stopped fishing for them. Maybe it's time to give it a try again. Are you using a drop shot rig to keep the Gobies off?
  4. Both the slow fishing and the low water level made me decide to pull the boat early. Hit the bottom twice with the prop just going to the launch last week. It's going to be a long off season.
  5. Older unit but worked when it was removed a few years ago. Transducer with Speed and Temp. Free if you can pick up in Penfield NY. Pm with any interest.
  6. 2 short arm manual Proos Downriggers. Missing counters and no bases. Been in storage for years so If anyone can use these, you can have them. Pick up only in Penfield NY. PM me if interested. Found a set of 12-inch risers you can also have. Just need them gone. Going to the scrap bin if no one wants them
  7. It was the best thing going years ago. Gave a good idea where to start and where not to. It hasn't been used in years. I was hoping someone could use it.
  8. Anyone interested in an old school Temperature gauge. This is a Fish Hawk 520. It has 200' of cable with a foot counter. Hasn't been used in years but I put a battery in it and seems to work fine. PM me and make an offer if at all interested. I'm in Penfield NY.
  9. Wondering if anyone can use this. Came on the boat. There’s no identifying numbers on it. Hate to toss it if it can be used. PM me if your interested. I’m located in Penfield NY
  10. We thought Cisco but have never caught one. Thanks for the info
  11. Caught this today out of I-Bay. Looking for a positive ID.
  12. Great pics. Sounds like a good couple of days. How deep is the water at the 34 line? We've been fishing out to about 300' off I-Bay the last couple of trips with some success but no big fish.
  13. Not sure what the model number is but it's a 10-foot medium heavy. It has to be at least 25 years old and the guides weren't designed for wire and are grooved to the point the wire gets pinched in them when being let out. I'm looking for a replacement that the guides will hold up to braided wire.
  14. Looking for suggestions for a good wire dipsey rod. It's time for my thirty year old 10' Eagle Claw to be retired.
  15. 2 Proos manual riggers. I have 2 low swivel bases and 2 12-inch swivel bases. The riggers are missing the counters but I'm sure they can be found online. I I got these from a friend and don't need them. Open to any offers. Pick up in Penfield NY
  16. 3 vests ( 2 medium and one large) 2 boat hooks home made planer boards (not collapsible) Large net. Measures 35" across. Handle is 1 3/16 square tube. Anchor. measures 18" across and 24" long Pick up in Penfield NY
  17. Any ideas on the proper way to dispose of outdated flares?
  18. Set up in 90 feet straight out of the bay. Found mid 40's temp down 75'. Worked between 100' to 200' between the Bay and Webster Park. Boated 7 fish and lost one. 6 small kings and one decent Brown. 3 kings on a Carbon 14 Moonshine down 80', Two on a Mixed veggie stinger on a slider, and the other on a white Moonshine with Green dots at 75'. The Brown came on the same Carbon 14 as the 3 Kings at 80'. Couldn't find the bigger Kings but at least the rods were moving.
  19. Heading out again Tomorrow. Hopefully the temps aren’t as deep.
  20. Stopped in 125' and found 45-degree water still over 100'down. Fished between 130 to 250 foot of water. Boated 4 fish. Two kings, one a little over 20 lbs, one about 12lb and 2 high teen lakers. Dropped 2 others that I'm pretty sure were kings. 2 releases with nothing there. One King was on an NBK Stinger 115 down and all other hits were on Carbon 14 Moonshine 115-120 down.
  21. That is a great idea. I always wear an auto PFD when I'm alone. I also want to look into this. FELL Marine MOB+ Wireless Kill Switch Basepack - TackleDirect. At least I could get back to the boat if I had too.
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