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  1. Nice morning. Even HOT beats working. How were the fleas and cottonwood this morning?
  2. We fished from 100' to about 150'. Went 14 for 17 in about 4 1/2 hours. Kings and steelhead with everything coming 60' and above. All on spoons.
  3. Went out Sunday morning. Didn't see much in the way of fleas but did get a lot of cottonwood on the lines. It's even harder to get off then the fleas! Hopefully that will clear up soon.
  4. Is there a big difference in the quality of Lead core by brands. Looking for advice on what brand to use. Thanks
  5. Makes sense that that would be a problem when trolling. Thanks.
  6. I had an overheating problem with my 260hp 350 merc that I tried to figure out for a couple of years. Mine was running hot while at low, trolling speed. I did everything I could think of to fix it. Changed the impeller, thermostat, water pump, temp sensor and even the temp gauge. After a long, time consuming couple of years If found an article about the check valves in the cooling system. it's just a couple of nylon balls with springs on a threaded rod. I'm not sure what they are designed to do. I bought a set for under $15 and took care of my problem. I think the some 4.3s have these. Your problem sounds a little different than mine but might be worth a shot. You can actually adjust them by tightening and loosening the balls. Maybe Hank can tell us what these are.
  7. Without breaking the bank, what is a good dipsey rod. Running 9 1/2 Eagle Claw, Starfire now but the reel seats have loosened up over the years and need to replace 2. Running Braid on one and wire on the other. Thanks For the input.
  8. https://www.prorebuilders.com/pr/ This place rebuilds downrigger motors for some local Charter Captains. I haven't dealt with them personally but have heard good things.
  9. The Pics aren't opening for me. Says I must sign in but I am already signed in. Not sure if the problem is on my end.
  10. Looks great. What did you use on the teak?
  11. If the deal falls through for some reason let me know.
  12. Just saw you were from Adams Mass. Were these used in Salt water?
  13. Any idea on what shipping would cost to area code 14625?
  14. Usually using it on the backing but on the lead or copper would help if I didn't want to let it all out and it didn't damage it.
  15. Wondering what was the preferred planner board release for Copper and leadcore. I'm using Cannon offshore releases I happened to have but figured there must be other releases that will hold them. Thanks, Rick
  16. This is what I used on my batteries. Cleaned them up nicely. Not sure if this will fit your needs. Just be sure to use in line fuses. http://johnnyraysports.com/terminals.htm
  17. Southbay on Empire Blvd has a good assortment of Michigan Stinger, Mioonshine and Dreamweaver lures. https://www.southbayboatandtackle.com/fishing-tackle-rochester-ny
  18. Transducer angle I don't seem to be getting true "hooks" on my fish finder. I was thinking maybe my transducer is angled a little to much forward. I also lose the downrigger balls on the screen when I'm fishing deeper. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks.
  19. Caught this off Rochester yesterday. Has a hooked jaw but no spots anywhere and a brownish color to it. Weight is about 10 lbs. I've never seen this before.
  20. Another fish ID http:// Caught this off Rochester yesterday. Has a hooked jaw but no spots anywhere and a brownish color to it. Weight is about 10 lbs. I've never seen this before.
  21. Thanks for the info. I'll Shorten the cable and see how that works.
  22. Nice video but it's killing me watching it at work
  23. Coaxial cable length for VHF Does the coaxial cable length for a VHF radio antenna matter for reception? I've research a little and found different answers. My radio is only 4 or 5 feet from the antenna but my cable is the original length that it came with and reception doesn't seem to be very good.
  24. Wondering if you went east or west from port. Going out of I-Bay in the morning if the wind cooperates. Haven't been out in 3 weeks so starting blind. Thanks
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