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  1. I’ve shot at least 30 deer with rage heads never had one fail! I’ve only lost 2 deer with them. Both were broadside. One I hit in the neck, god knows how, and he survived. I started getting pics within 3 days of me shooting him and the other, you guessed it, shoulder. Every head has opened and none ever opened prior to contact. You guys can use whatever you want but stop bashing something that works fine. I bet the majority of the times it operator error that causes the fail. Just like everything in life. And the crickets is because Gill-T had nothing to say about the quartering shots that obviously resulted in dead deer that he was sure I couldn’t show him. I can say rage heads have made me look a lot better than I am because I’ve made some borderline shots that resulted in quick, easy to find kills that with a cut on contact head would not have been easy if ever recovered. I shot thunderhead 125 and Ricky mountain razors back in the day and lost deer with both. They’re only as good as the person behind the bow.
  2. The video file is too large but here’s a still just as I shot. Not broadside.
  3. This is why Rage fail!! This came from the deer I shot thru the back. Can’t push it thru bone.
  4. And what about these?? 2 quartering to hard shot between the neck and front shoulder. Then another down thru the back!! The only guys losing deer to rages shoot them in the shoulder blade. I’ll add another pic as well if a rage I found in the deer I shot thru the back. Stop trying to put a broad head thru the shoulder.
  5. Really?? That deer was quartering to really hard. Enough that I got gut.
  6. Another Rage kill. Most lethal head ever!! Look at that hole.
  7. I'm running a 498gr Pile Driver arrow with both Rage Extreme 2 blade or the Tru Glo Titanium 4 blade out of a 60lb Hoyt Nitrum. Not the fastest bow but the arrows drive thru most anything. No issues! I'll take slow and heavy over fast and light.
  8. Assorted spoons. Most hardly used. $65 shipped. PayPal preferred.
  9. Mixed lot of spoons. Not much use on them. $25 shipped. PayPal preferred.
  10. A mix of spoons. Some used, some like new. $45 shipped. PayPal preferred.
  11. Mags and standards, most hardly used. $65 shipped. PayPal preferred.
  12. I had a 200 set up with the 19 strand wire. I let the steel out and then 300ft of the 19 strand at 2.5 mph with a flasher fly and it did not hit bottom in 100 fow. A 500 copper would be hitting down to 110ft. Again it's not the same dive curve. It's also an expensive setup and 1 rod crosses it and that's the end of your 19 strand backing. To me the cost did not out weigh the benefits. I have since ditched the 19 strand backing. I rely on my 400 steel with braid backing and a torpedo weight of 4-8oz to get down where the copper would be. I will say the steel is much more user friendly then copper. That said copper still has a place in the water. They both have there good and bad.
  13. It absolutely does not sink 22ft per 100' ft. I have a 200 and a 400ft and the 400' at trolling speeds around 2.5mph with a flasher fly only gets down about 73ft. Best you can do is head out and drop it down and see where it hits bottom.
  14. I have a 57LC with 300 yards of 50lb Power Pro and 200 ft of weighted steel and its full. 300ft won't fit on a 47 LC.
  15. I emailed Daiwa a few weeks ago and it doesn't look good for anytime soon. Supply chain issues. I originally contacted them in November when they were supposed to be released and they told me January. I've since emailed 2 more times and it keeps getting pushed back. Last email said maybe June. I got tired of waiting and bought 2 Penn Fathom II. Same price and I got them, although stock looks low on them as well. Very nice reel. Spooled them up for wire divers. Hopefully they hold up good. Nice smooth drags and a decent gear ratio.
  16. I’ve run mine for 3 years now. I won’t be getting rid of mine any too soon. Not a single issue.
  17. I’ve got 5 people that messaged me for the okumas so I’m going down the line in order of who messaged first. Thanks for your patience.
  18. 5 Okuma CV20D, good to very good condition, $30 ea. 1 Shimano TR100, $20. 2 Garcia 5500C, made in Sweden, $25 ea and 1 Okuma Classic 452 with 10 color leadcore, $25. Buy 1 or all it doesn’t matter. Message me with what you want and we can go from there. I will add a minimal amount for shipping when you let me know what you want. The Convectors and Garcias are sold.
  19. I have one that’s in good shape. It’s an 8’. I also have a 9’6” heavy that I made a diver rod. Text me 518-779-4254
  20. Rod Buster, try loosing the drag and half hitch 2 loom bands or similar rubber band around the wire then go to the reel handle. I've been doing this for years and it works great. When the fish takes it the wire cuts the bands and your all good. Total Chaos
  21. Ok. I’m not getting or able to send pm’s. I tried earlier. I want them. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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