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  1. I 2nd the Garmin. I have 2 units on my boat and they both work great. I bought a 441 last year as a backup and its flawless. As Jeff said the maps are already in it. The contour maps were a big help. First unit didn't have them. Total Chaos
  2. 6- Lil Ripper Reef Runners- $15 12- Thin Fins- $20 4- J-11 Rapalas- $10 6- J-7 and 1- F-7 Rapalas- $15 7- F-9 Rapalas $20 6- Saltwater Rapalas and 2- J-9 Rapalas- $20 I'll pay the shipping if you buy them all. If not add on another $5 to the price. All are in good condition Total Chaos
  3. Ray, I wanted to show you this picture of what a Rage broadhead will do. I shot this buck yesterday. It was 6 yards from the tree at a severe angle down and quartering to me bad. Not the best of shots but having not seen a single deer all season I wasn't passing on it. I trust the Rage, so I let it fly. It caught the shoulder plate, entering the chest and put a slice in 1 lung, going straight thru the liver and exited out the bottom of the chest. Game over. I know you have a bad feeling about them but I'm telling you they are the deadliest head out there. Even on borderline hits they do so much damage recovery is usually a given. Total Chaos
  4. It's all about shot placement. If you don't put it where it needs to be you don't kill them. Doesn't matter what head your using. Even if you shot a fixed and it got thru to 1 lung you probably still wouldn't have killed that 4 1/2 yo buck. 1 lung ain't going to do it. I hunt IL and my outfitter has killed enough bucks missing 1 lung to prove it. I switched to Rage as soon as they came out and they are by far the most lethal head I've ever shot. Just my opinion. I'd say he'll be back at some point. I wouldn't switch heads, I'd up the arrow weight. There's no substitute for a heavy arrow. 400 grains plus is the minimum I shoot. I've killed 3 IL deer over 4yo so I know. Total Chaos
  5. I would agree with Keith. Try before you buy. Had I done that I would never had bought the Lone Wolf. The Summit also set up quicker than the LW. I spend 10 hrs a day in mine in IL and its very comfy. To comfy, I find myself sleeping in it sometimes. Who knows what walked by me when I was sleeping. Last year I woke up once to find about a 120" 9 point standing infront of me at 30 yards. Good luck with whatever you choose. Make sure you practice with it before you hit the woods. Total Chaos
  6. I love my Lone Wolf hang on stand but the climber i sold after the first season. Didnt like the way the belt would twist akwardly when climbing. Didnt look safe. Also the outfitter I go with in Il. had a guy forget to lock the belt in the stand and got halfway up the tree and the belt pulled out. Operator error I know but could happen to anyone in a hurry. I now have a Summit and I love it. It gets plenty of use without any problems. Climbs quick and safe. The new models fold down flat and have the dead stop material which makes them quieter than mine. With those 2 new upgrades I would really look hard at the Summit stands. Plus you'll save some money as the Lone Wolfs are pricey. Total Chaos
  7. Encore Thumbhole stock and forearm for muzzleloader. Excellent condition. $80, $10 to ship. This is not a Prohunter stock, it doesn't have the rubber anti vibration in it. 518-872-2052 or pm me or [email protected]
  8. Good luck finding these around here. 6 UV Lil Shooter flashers. new $30 518-872-2052 or pm me or [email protected]
  9. 7 ProChip and 1 mini Hot Spot. All in very good condition. $45 518-872-2052 or pm me or [email protected]
  10. 7 Spin doctors hardly used. Like new condition. $49 518-872-2052 or pm me or email [email protected]
  11. We smear the rigger weights with anchovie smelly jelly. Sometimes I'll even tie a rag soaked in smelly jelly sticky liquid to the cable just above the weight. Also put sticky liquid on the spoons and flashers. Putting it on the fly ruins the fly. I know it works. We tried doing half the spread with and half without and you can see the results. You're missing out if you're not using some kind of scent. Been doing it for 20yrs now and I'm not changing now. I even have a video from years back to prove it. 1 side scented, 1 side not, same lures, same depth. Scented outfished unscented 13 to 1. I'm not saying it will always be like that but I know it works. Total Chaos
  12. Headed up after reading the lake forecast and seeing 1-2ft waves forecasted. Should have know with a front coming thru that would be wrong. Struggled to get to 220fow with the 3-4fters building. Set up and 15 min. later had a double. The 110 riggers goes with a gator stingray and the 140 rigger goes with a green Protrol and green crinkle ATOMMIK fly. Got a 14lb King on the gator and dropped the fish on the fly. Now the waves are pushing 5ft so we turn a go with them. A bit later the 400 copper goes with an albino gator blade and hammer fly. It was gone before I got to it. Then we took a skippy on the green Protrol and green crinkle fly down 120ft. By then 3 out of the 5 crew members were chumming so we headed in. It was 8:15. 1hr of trolling. worth the trip up, NOT. I wish they could forecast right. Total Chaos
  13. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: Total Chaos ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):6/18 Time on Water:6hrs Weather/Temp:hazy/sunny Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: 65 Location: High Rocks to the plant LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 14 Total Boated:9 Species Breakdown:Browns, Lakers Hot Lure: Gator Stingray Trolling Speed: Down Speed: 2.5mph Boat Depth: 50-300fow Lure Depth: 28-75ft ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Started off the High Rocks in 50fow and headed west. First rod fires 32ft down with a MS Stingray gator. Nice Brown. The gator ended up going numerous times. Also took one on a Dipsey back 125ft with a glow frog ss. After getting 4 Browns we picked up and ran out to 275fow. Plenty of bait out there but the hooks are few and far between. Did manage 3 lakers out there and lost 3 fish which at least one was a King. They came from 35-75ft down. Trolled back in to 90 fow off the High Rocks and finished with 2 more Browns and lost 2 more fish. Glow frog and gator were the best. Browns came from 28-55ft down with 25-35ft leads. Total Chaos ====================
  14. I started with the old 840 FishHawk and then got the Depth Raider and now I have the new FishHawk. Hands down the new Hawk is the best unit I've ever had. In short it works flawlessly. Haven't had a problem with it yet. Great battery life as well. Readings stay consistent and it works down deep. I've had it to 180ft with no problems. As far as the Depth Raider goes it does work nice. Very consistent and great battery life as well. However for me it was not user friendly. I ran them on Big Jons and the coated cable took a beating. My Big Jons never retrieved evenly on the spool so the cable would build up in one spot on the spool. When it built up enough the cable would fall off the high spot and continue spooling. That alone caused the cable to frey. I also stack a lot on my riggers and that would frey the cable as well. Also there's a lot of drag assoiated with the coated cable so plan on using 15lb rigger balls. The hassle of the coated cable was enough to make me switch and I'm glad I did. My vote is for the Hawk. Total Chaos
  15. Thanks Vince, I've got a Mercury Verado 225 that cruises around 26mph. With a 125 gal tank the thing is supposed to have a 300 mile range so should be able to make it there without stops. I could trailer but thought it might be nice to run the lake once in my life. Total Chaos
  16. Got a question for the guys who run their boats to Niagara county by way of the lake. How long does it take you by water to get from Mexico or Oswego to Olcott or Wilson? I've always trailered my boat but was thinking about taking the lake this year. Total Chaos
  17. I have 52 ATOMMIK Flies for sale. Most are new and the ones that aren't are like new. Many colors. Monkey Puke, Goby, Glow Goby, White Glow, Blue/Silver, Green/silver, Cold Steel, Glow Frog, White Hammer, The rest I don't know what they're called. It's a real good assortment of what's been hot the last few years. All are unrigged. $75.00 with shipping. Thanks
  18. It would take a lot for me to get back in that one. I was one of the guys that got screwed. Maybe this one will be different. Total Chaos
  19. I don't know about them being new. Maybe from Pro-Troll but we've been using those colors for years on LO. I'd say at least 8yrs ago we had that tape. They do work good though. Total Chaos
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