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  1. I can't believe that's even in question. The person reeling it in. The fall LOC derby winner came off my boat last year. It was the guys first trip to LO and his first fish of the day. It's proudly displayed in his living room and I went to see it the other day. Nice replica. I thought about getting one but I didn't catch it so why should I have one. I do however have the trophy because he wanted me to have it. I also have a nice framed picture of us with the check and trophy and of him holding the fish. Total Chaos
  2. I have 2 new Cannon low profile swivel bases for sale. They came with downriggers I just bought and I had Traxstech swivels on the boat already. They've never been mounted. They are the 16 position bases. $125 shipped to your door 2nd day Priority. Total Chaos
  3. I've been using eagle claw dipsey rods with twili tips for the past 15 yrs and I'm still using the first one I ever bought. Save yourself the money. I think I have about $50 in each of the 4 rods I use. Total Chaos
  4. I have a 2002 Venture Torsion axle trailer for a 23-25ft boat for sale. It has rollers (some will need to be replaced) it's galvanized with no rust, the rubber is good, it has brakes on 1 axle but the brake line got ripped out (I have a new in the package replacement line) takes a 2 inch ball. The trailer is in good condition. It came with a boat I bought but it was underrated for it. All the info on the tag is faded and can't be read. Best as I can tell it was rated for 5925 according to the Venture website. Asking $800. pm if interested. Total Chaos
  5. Price gouging at it's finest. Plenty of other lures for a lot less will catch fish. Try these: bayratlures.com Total Chaos
  6. You didn't reply to mine. I sent it at 4:11 pm and you read it at 6:29 and 10:19pm. Thanks Total Chaos
  7. Here's one, took a friend out for the first time during the fall LOC and he caught the winning King 36.8lbs. Total Chaos
  8. Anyone running a fish finder that uses chirp technology? I wan't to get either the Raymarine Dragonfly or the Garmin Echo 551 DV but I'm concerned there will be interference with the Fishhawk. I did email Fishhawk and he didn't seem to think there would be a problem but the frequencies are real close. Total Chaos
  9. Mine would be the 500ft copper. I asked this same question years ago and that was the recommendation to me. The 500 gets down over 100ft for the deep summer kings. However you can let out shorter lengths if the fish are up higher. Mark the line every 100ft for this application. This was my first copper setup I had and it's my most used every year. I have every section from 50ft to 600 ft and the 500 gets the most use. It's also the one I used to win the fall LOC derby last year. Total Chaos
  10. Look on ebay. I saw someone was selling 2 new for $49 for the pair with many available. Here's the link. http://www.ebay.com/itm/261388107243?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_2809wt_1360 Total Chaos
  11. How soon do you need it? As soon as I put my boat in the water in April I'll have a decent Venture galvanized roller trailer for $800. PM if you're interested. Total Chaos
  12. What an amazing thing to come across. I saw a 6 pointer out in Mexico Bay once but he wasn't trying to get on anyones boat that's for sure. Total Chaos
  13. I run 15lb sharks. one is black and the other is chrome which I painted black. The chrome has it's moments but sometimes I think it turns fish away and black always works. One thing I do see is as the black wears off and the chrome shows thru it actually looks good. The best of both worlds I guess. Total Chaos
  14. I run them all the time with flasher/fly and it works just fine. I run the Spin Doctors as close as 6ft with good results. Don't hesitate to buy them they work well. Total Chaos
  15. I agree it's possibly an R&R spoon. Dave changed spoon blanks many times over the years. He also did prototype stuff that he would give to charter Capt's to run. That red tag on the hook end of the spoon is something he did all the time. Just because you don't see it on the website now doesn't mean he didn't make them. I would send a pic to him and see if it is one of his spoons. Total Chaos
  16. There's better bullets on the market. I used the power belts for a few seasons and here's what I found. They load easy, they're fairly accurate but they don't expand. I shot 2 deer, 1 with 2 pyrodex pellets and 1 with 3 pyrodex pellets. I got both deer with short trails but neither bled and the hole coming out was the same as the one going in. The size of the bullet. I was able to recover one of the bullets from the ground and it was intact including the aero tip and it was hardly deformed. That didn't really concern me. What did was on a real cold day of hunting with my father who also used the pb's noticed something green at the end of his barrel at the end of the hunt. After inspecting we found the the pb had come loose from the plastic and the bullet slid out to the end of the barrel. That could have been devistating had he shot at something. At the time we were both using knight rifles. I now have an Encore and I've been using it for about 10yrs now. I find the 200gr shockwave with 110 gr of Blackhorn 209 to be the ultimate for NY deer. It's flat, low recoil and knocks the crap out of a deer. There's almost always blood at the impact and the trails are easy to follow. However I haven't had a deer go more than 30 yrds. If I were you I'd be looking for something other than the pb's. Total Chaos
  17. Tamiron lure co. Honeybee spoons Total Chaos
  18. I run a single hook with a 3 bearing bead chain in front of the hook. Pull the chain up to where the line goes into the body and put the rubber band around the bead chain. That holds it tight to the body and the hook stays free behind the bait. I never had a problem with hook ups. There are some youtube videos on how to do it. That's where I found it. Total Chaos I added a pic.
  19. I have a bunch of them hardly used that I'll sell you. 2 different sizes and good colors. When I get a chance I'll post a pic and a price. Total Chaos
  20. Thanks guys. Took a guy from work and it was his first time ever on the lake and it was the first fish of the day. I don't think he will beat that one for a while. He's hooked now and came back up and fished Monday. That day was more like reality with 6 mid 20's Kings. It was quite stressful watching the board every day to see if we would get bumped out. Glad we didn't. It is hard to believe we finally won it. It's been a great experience to say the least. Choo-Choo I'm glad you wished the win on me. Brian
  21. I'm selling my Trophy, here's the details: 2006 Trophy 2302 2006 Mercury 225 Verado with Smart gauges 2006 Karavan trailer, tandem axel, tandem brakes Garmin 498 graph (color) Garmin GPS FishHawk X-4 Jensen am/fm/cd-awesome sound has remote VHF 4 rocket launchers on the hard top. The 8 launchers aren't there anymore because it was to hard to reach them. However there's 4 on each side of the hardtop that aren't in these pics. That makes 12 holders on the roof. 2 rodholders for copper on the transom 2 clamp on rodholders on each bow rail for planer board fishing Sink Fridge Portapotty with pump out Shower on the transom Raw water washdown Cockpit lights Wipers Full enclosure Shorepower Battery charger Trim tabs Has 2 Cannon Mag 10 HS 2 Big Jon Quads 2 Big Jon Planer reels Motor still under warrantee until June of 2014 I think. It's sometime next year. This motor sips gas. Some examples are; last trip out I ran 12 miles north, trolled 7 hours and then ran 12 miles back on 12 gals of gas. For a normal spring BT trip I run to Catfish troll 6 hours and back to the Little Salmon river on 8 gals. It has a fuel management system so this is accurate. If you are familar with smart gauges you know that it has troll mode and you can change the rpm's by 10 at a time from either your tach or speedo. excellent speed control for trolling. Smart gauges monitor every mechanicall asspect. This is an awesome boat and I'm only selling because I'm moving up. $26000 with everything or $25000 without the riggers and quad holders. I would really like the riggers and holders but understand you might want the boat fully rigged. This is turn key and in a slip on the Little Salmon river right now and will be there until the 2nd week of Sept. I will winterize it for free if you buy it at the end of the season. Actually the dealer will. This boat has been dealer maintained from day 1. It has 421hrs on it. I also have a full canvas cover for trailering or storage. It covers the whole boat, hardtop, motor everything. I wouldn't run it faster than 55mph though. Any questions let me know. Brian Total Chaos
  22. The fish you ask about was a tagged Laker. The tag is in the nose and the DEC guys cut the nose off to keep.
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