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  1. Yes there are guys that don't use them. I however do and I run clear Dreamweaver snubbers on all my Dipsys. Total Chaos
  2. This is just my experiences for boats from salt water. I've bought 2 in recent years and both showed no issues. I bought a 23ft Trophy that was like new. It even smelled new. No issues and ran great. No corrosion, no electrical issues, no nothing. The owner after me loved it as well. That boat came from CT. I bought a Baha that came from NJ and it was slipped all the time. Again no issues from the salt water. I did change out the zincs when I got it home and had to pressure wash some barnacles off it but other than that, again no issues. It clearly will depend how it was maintained and you just have to be smart about what you're buying. Both of the boats I bought were OB's, I'd be more skeptical of I/O's and inboards from salt. Best bet is to get a surveyor. May cost $500 or so but will be well worth it. I chose not to use one for the last 2 boats and I was lucky. Total Chaos
  3. I use that rod for a few things. First it makes a great rod for copper. I also use it as a downrigger rod. If you like a longer rod for downrigging this is the one. I also use it for leadcore. Lastly, and I don't know many guys using the technique now but it makes a good thumper rod. The soft tip shows every little movement of the dodger. Total Chaos
  4. I trailered mine for years with a big heavy 4 stroke. I used a ratchet strap around the motor and went up to a downrigger base or a cleat. I would ratchet it up tight so the bracket didn't bounce or have any movement. Never once had a problem. Total Chaos
  5. It looks eerily similar to a website that I got scammed on a few years back. I googled it and the reviews look sketchy. The site that scammed me had set up there own reviews with videos like this one. They were done from a different website so it looked legit. Only after a few months did the real dirt start showing up. It looks to me like the site was just set up in January. Give it some more time and see if anything pops up on google. Literally 1 week after I bought from the site that I got scammed at, bad press started showing up on google. If I had only waited. Total Chaos
  6. 2008 Baha Cruisers 252gle with twin 140hp Suzuki OB's Total Chaos
  7. 20 miles west of Delmar in the Helderbergs.
  8. Got this pic on my trailcam near Albany NY. And yes I know the time is wrong but the date is correct. Anyway, you can see the similarity with a Wolf and with a Coyote. I posted it on FB as well and the debate is raging on. So which is it? Total Chaos I added another pic!
  9. So much can go wrong and not enough testing to prove either way! Swackers are a flawed head as well. If they don't get thru the other side you'll have a bad blood trail as the blades are full inside the animal before deploying. They may not deflect but they have problems just like the rest. JMO Total Chaos
  10. Nautitroller, I think your theory is flawed. With a Rage the blade that would have opened first (if perpendicular) would have been the blade away from the body. The blades cross thru the head. That said the head would continue into the body until the other blade would contact the hide. By then it would be in far enough to not cause the cam effect. An over the top mechanical for sure would cause the cam effect as it has happened to me long ago with a crappy Rocket broad head. I still believe the Rage contacted bone somewhere. The arrow flopping isn't a concern to me because if it doesn't make it out the other side the blades fold back so there's nothing to hold the arrow in. For the few that I shot that didn't make it thru the arrow was always flopping and ended up flying out thru the air as the deer ran. As I write this I'm still questioning all the possibilities for the lack of penetration. As I push a Rage tipped arrow thru a piece of scrap carpet with just the tip of my finger on the nock I don't see any cam effect happening. Who knows what happened, all we can do is speculate. Well as I try this more the arrow actually wants to turn into a quartering target rather than away. As the blade releases it causes less resistance on the body side of the head and it wants to turn into the body more resembling a broadside hit. Just my observation playing around here in the house. Still thinking and typing. I wonder if 1 blade deployed in flight??? That would definitely cause lack of penetration! I wasn't there but did the arrow possibly contact grass or weeds before impact? Just some thoughts Total Chaos
  11. You said you hit high?? How high? Look at the anatomy of a deer and the spine will be 3" to 4" down from the top of the back. Then take the rage Hypo with a 2" cut, take half of that, 1" and you could hit 5" from the top of the back and still catch the spine and stop the penetration. I shot a doe last year almost straight down. I caught part of the spine and the shoulder blade with my Rage Extreme and the penetration was not great. I was shooting 70lbs and my 500 gr arrow. Amazingly the deer ran, it didn't break the spine or even damage it. I got the deer but was amazed that the arrow didn't get thru. Deer react and things in the body move and what looks like a decent shot really isn't. I don't know what happened with your buck and since you didn't recover it you won't know either but you hit something that caused it to stop the arrow. Meat and hide won't do it. Every experience is a learning one, good or bad. Total Chaos
  12. Go to www.lemproducts.com and they have one (# for $100. Very similar to the one I have and I've ground on average 3 deer a year for the last 20+ years. If you aren't doing more than 1 a year this would be more than adequate in my opinion. I've done kielbasa with it and it worked fine. Total Chaos
  13. I checked today and I'm on the light side for FOC. 15% by the calculation formula. I suppose if I bumped up to 125 gr heads it would help my situation more. Could also change the inserts. Total Chaos
  14. I honestly don't know what it is. I'll have to check. Total Chaos
  15. For all the Rage haters, here's a pic of the bear I shot yesterday with my 500 grain Carbon Express, Piledriver arrow and a Rage extreme chisel tip, 2 1/4" cut. That knife is 4" long. That was the entry hole and it was a complete pass thru and the bear only went 40 yards. Rage for me until they stop making them. Total Chaos
  16. On/Off is what I use as well. Works great. I use it every year on my boat. Comes out brown and ends nice and white. I don't even bother covering the trailer or asphalt driveway. Just was everything down good. Total Chaos
  17. These are vertical cowbells. Meaning you connect the downrigger cable to one end and the ball to the other then run the lure off of the release like normal. No front blade needed.
  18. 1 Hammerhead Vertical Cowbell size 4,brand new never used. $10 shipped paypal preferred. Total Chaos
  19. 9, 13" whip flashers with the box. 1 of them is a Blue Angle from Kingston tackle the rest are Oki or John King flashers. $60 includes shipping. Paypal preferred. Total Chaos
  20. 11 flashers for sale 7 are Pro Chips 1 is an Oki Little Shooter and 3 are Spin Doctors. All are 8". 5 have uv tape on them. $50 and that includes shipping. Paypal preferred. Total Chaos
  21. I hang mine off the hook on the rigger boom. Cannons have them and so do scottys. Total Chaos
  22. I don't think there'd be a problem running it as a free slider but I like to have it in the fish zone. Usually this time of the year the band of cold water is pretty tight so running a free slider seems like a waste of time. As for stacking, I do it the same all the time. I run 2 riggers and they will be angled back and to the side. Therefore my rod on the bottom will be to the outside and the stacked rod will be to the inside. The bottom rod will always be run shorter. Sometimes the bottom rod will get caught in the top rod when a fish hits but not very often. It's actually a standard setup for me to stack rods even in the spring. Total Chaos
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