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  1. I have 3 CuddeBack Ambush IR trail cameras for sale. All in good working condition. They have been used for 3 years now. $40 each plus $10 to ship or all 3 for $110 and that includes the shipping. PayPal preferred.
  2. I have 2 Okuma Catalina 55W, conventional reels that I used for a 500 and 600 copper. One has 300 yards of 50lb Power Pro backing. These do not have level winds. However nobody ever had issues reeling in fish with them. Asking $50 each plus $10 shipping for the pair. All in good working condition. PayPal preferred.
  3. Here's a pic from thurs or Friday.
  4. It must be open as one Capt. posted on Facebook he went out of there earlier in the week. Total Chaos
  5. 400 and 500 for me. With a 500 you can run any length you want.
  6. I use a 30-06 and it works well. I bought it with the notion I could use it for any North American big game. If I was just buying a deer rifle the 270, 280 or a 7mm-08. JMO Total Chaos
  7. I've owned 2 Trophy's in my time and currently have a Baha 252 GLE. All had outboards as I prefer them. My Baha has what I feel is probably the best motor for the money and I wouldn't trade them for the world. That said, I have twin Suzuki 140's on my Baha. They start instantly, run super quiet, sip gas and are easy to self maintain. They don't have all the bells and whistles my Merc Verado had but anytime there was an issue with that it was back to the dealer who usually couldn't fix it and then they would have to link in to Mercury and they would identify the problem. My Suzuki's are from 2008 and I've never had to take it back to the dealer once. When I researched the Suzuki's I was told they're 600hr motors. That's impressive if they last that long. I'll be dead and buried before those motors quit. I've been on Lake Ontario for 28 years and the last 2 years I'm seeing more and more Suzuki outboards. Prior to that I never saw any. I went to Maine on vacation last year and I'd say 1/3 of the boats were running Suzuki. As I said before, I wouldn't trade them for anything. I'm very happy with them. Total Chaos
  8. Since nobody has used them I figured I'd post. Last week I went out on a limb and bought a Magnum Metalz rigger. I had talked to the owner before buying. One thing that sold me on it was something he said to me. He said "buy the rigger and use it for a week, if you don't like it send it back and I'll refund your money". That's something you can't turn your back to. So I got it in a week and brought it up with me and installed it. It was an easy install on my Traxstech swivels and I put it through 5 days of hell fishing the LOC derby. There's a lot of options when buying it and the speed of the motor was one of them. I have Cannon mag 10 STX and they're fast. Too fast. They're 250ft a minute. The MM's are either 140 or 200fpm. I bought the 140's because to me there's no sense the rigger sitting there swinging while I reel my line in. I could reel my line in and the rigger would be just coming up so I was happy with the 140fpm. The rigger is small and all aluminum. No junk plastic. No broken rodholders. I could swing on them and they won't break or bend. I bought a 2 piece boom and it doesn't flex with a 16lb Shark weight. the swivel head is designed so the wire can't foul in it. The motor is whisper quiet which is a pleasant surprise. I know everyone wants a short stop. Their design for that is to have the clutch slip when the weight comes up. I was a bit nervous setting it up with the probe on that rigger. So at my dock I played with it. It's flawless. The weight comes up, the spring takes what little shock there is and the clutch slips. No issues with the setup on the lake. I'll have to see how the clutch holds up after time but so far it's works great. All I can say if you're looking for an alternative to what's out there than this might be it. I love mine and I'm buying another this week to replace the other Mag 10. Total Chaos
  9. I have a set of Amish Outfitter, redwood planer boards for sale. The green board is the only one I've used. The other has never been in the water. They come with the shock cords as well. They're are collapsible too. $125 Pick up in Westerlo NY. I have a slip on the Little Salmon River. Paypal or cash when you pick them up. On a side note, don't bother asking about the boards if you really don't want them. Had 2 people from this board say they wanted them so I brought them up to the boat only to bring them back home because I never heard from them again. Only reply if serious, thanks Total Chaos
  10. I caught one like that about 20 years ago. It took a silver bullet J-plug and the plug was hanging out of the hole in the lower jaw. Looked identical to that one, Total Chaos
  11. I run 2 and do well. When they're on a rigger bite 3 would be nice but I have twin OB's so it's not an option. I'll stack rods if I have to. Total Chaos
  12. I just looked there. $99 is pricey. I can get brand new off ebay for $75 and I thought that was high.
  13. R&R used those blanks as did HiTech. The latter usually taped them though so I'd say R&R. Total Chaos
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